Exercises English 8

A. THE PRESENT PERFECT TENSE : (Thì hiện tại hoàn thành)

1. Formation :

Affirmative form : S + have / has + V3 (past participle) [ have  I, you, we, they ; has : he / she / it ]

Negative form : S + have / has + not + V3 [have not = haven’t (‘ve not) ; has not = hasn’t (‘s not)]

Interrogative from : Have / Has + S + V3 ?

E.g. : She has been the Prime Minister of Vietnam since 2000.

 They haven’t finished the exercises given by the teacher last week.

Have you ever been to Hanoi before ?

2. Usage :

Thì hiện tại hoàn thành được dùng để diễn tả

- Hành động vừa mới xảy ra, đi kèm với từ just, recently, lately hoặc mới vừa hoàn thành (đi với từ already) hoặc chưa hoàn thành (đi với not yet)

E.g. : I have just seen my old friends on the street. George has bought a new car recently.

 They have already done their homework. She hasn’t cleaned the floor yet.

- Hành động đã xảy ra trong quá khứ mà người nói không đề cập đến thời gian hoặc không cho biết rõ thời gian mà hành động đã xảy ra.

E.g. : I have visited Hanoi. They have won several awards.

- Hành động xảy ra nhiều lần trong quá khứ và được lặp đi và lặp lại trong hiện tại và tương lai, đi kèm với các cụm từ : this is the first / second / third times ; once, twice, three times

E.g. : I really like the film Titanic. I have seen it eight times.

 My sister is a writer. She has written many stories.

- Hành động đã xảy ra trong quá khứ nhưng kết quả của nó vẫn còn ở hiện tại, có thể xảy ra rất lâu rồi (sẽ đi kèm với từ for ages nếu diễn tả khoảng thời gian đã lâu lắm rồi) .

E.g. : Tom has had a car accident. Now he is staying in the hospital.

Where is your keys ? I have lost them.

- Hành động bắt đầu trong quá khứ, kéo dài đến hiện tại và có thể tiếp tục ở tương lai, thường đi kèm với các cụm từ up to now ; up to the present ; so far hoặc sau các giới từ for, since

E.g. : Mary has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for 10 years. This director has made four films so far.


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E.g. : for 10 years / a long time  ; since Tuesday / 2010 / two o’clock
Mệnh đề trước since chia thì hiện tại hoàn thành, mệnh đề sau since chia thì quá khứ đơn.
E.g. :	We have been pen pals since we were eight.
	My sister has taught in the school since she graduated from the university.
Nếu các hành động xảy ra như trên đã hoàn toàn chấm dứt ở hiện tại và quá khứ thì động từ sẽ được chia ở thì quá khứ đơn.
E.g. :	He worked in a bank for 10 year. But now he is an engineer.
	Shakespeare wrote the play Romeo and Juliet.
Transformation :
 S + have / has (not) + V3 / Ved + for / since + time
= S + stopped + V-ing + time + ago / in + time
= The last time + S + V2 / Ved + is + time
= It is / has been + time + since + S + last + V2 / Ved
 S + have / has + V3 / Ved + for / since + time
= S + began / started + V-ing + time + ago / in + time
= It is + time + since + S + started / began + V-ing 
E.g. : 	She has learned English for 8 years.
Ä	She began studying English 8 years ago.	E.g. :	The last time she wore that dress is 9 months ago.	
	It is 8 years since she started studying English.	Ä	She stopped wearing that dress 9 months ago.
How long + have + S + V3 / Ved ?
= How long is it + since + S + started / began + V-ing
= When + did + S + start / begin + V-ing ?
	She hasn’t worn that dress for 9 months.
	It is 9 months since she last wore that dress. 	 
S + have / has + not + V3 / Ved + before
= This is the first time + S + have / has + V3 / Ved
E.g. :	How long have you used this computer ?
Ä	How long is it since you began using this computer ? E.g. :	She hasn’t eaten lobster before.
	When did you start using this computer ?	 Ä	This is the first time she has eaten lobster. 
COMPARISON with like, (not) as as, (not) the same as, different form : (So sánh) 
(not) as / so  as : dùng để so sánh hai vật, hai sự việc
E.g. :	Cathy is not as good as Mary.	Cathy is not as good a player as Mary.
like + noun / pronoun / V-ing phrase.
E.g. :	Her hair is dark brown like mine.	I want to do something nice, like going to the party.
the same + noun + as + noun / pronoun 
E.g. :	I want the same shirt as my friend’s. 	She was born on the same day as me.
different from noun / pronoun :
E.g. : 	Maria’s hat color is different from Joe’s.	Our sons are very different from each other.
Fill in the blank with for / since :
My father hasn’t met my uncle ______________ last month.
My uncle left our house three years ago, and we haven’t seen him ______________
I have been playing computer games _______________ 8 am this morning.
Their son has cleaned the floors ______________ three hours.
This machine hasn’t been used ______________ ages.
It has been raining ______________ lunchtime.
My boss will go away ________________ the next ten days.
I’m staying in London ________________ a year.
She has lived in London ________________ 1985.
Please hurry up ! We have been waiting _______________ an hour.
I have known her ________________ January.
Nam’s father has worked in that company _______________ 20 years.
Have you learned English _____________ a long time ?
I haven’t seen Tom _______________ we left school.
The house is very dirty. We haven’t cleaned it _______________ ages.
Use the correct Present Perfect tense :
This is the first time I _______________ Texan beefsteak. (eat)
Our family _________________ in Hanoi since 2000. (live)
Mrs. Vui __________________ the housework yet, so she can’t go shopping. (not finish)
I _____________________ a crueler person than she is before. (not meet)
My close friend _____________________ to take part in this competition. (encourage)
______________ you ______________ your homework yet ? No, we haven’t (do)
Pete __________________ in the water for over 4 hours. (swim)
For centuries, poets, writers and musicians __________________ the ao dai in poems, novels and songs. (mention)
____________ they _______________ married ? I think they haven’t. (be)
 Trang ___________________ the first prize of the English-speaking contest. (just / win) 
Use the correct verb tense : Past simple or Present perfect :
__________ you ___________ all the housework yet ? The floor isn’t very clean now. (do)
He _________________ a novel for many years (write), but he _________________ it yet (finish)
Mr. Quang __________________ (teach) Math at this school since he _____________ (graduate) in this university in 1989.
My brother ______________ my house 10 years ago (leave). I ________________ (never / meet) him again since then.
My younger brother _________________ in Chinh Nghia School, but now he is studying in Hong Bang School. (study)
Albert Einstein _______________ a person who _________________ the theory of relativity. (be / develop)
Is it the second times you __________________ pasta ? (cook)
My family ________________ in Tien Giang since the August revolution __________________ (live / finish) 
Martin ________________ to Greek five times. He loves the place. (be)
 It isn’t a good day. Many people ___________________ home. (already / go)
Use the present perfect tense to rewrite these sentences :
I started writing the letter 2 days ago. 
ð I have 	
My father stopped drinking wine last year. 
ð My father hasn’t 	
She last read a newspaper on May 12. 
ð She hasn’t 	
Jack’s job as a reporter started in 2010. 
ð Jack has 	
Mary has learned English for 6 years. 
ð Mary began 	
We went to the city 10 years ago. 
ð It’s 	
His father has taught for 5 years now. 
ð His father began 	
She hasn’t written to John since 2008. 
ð She stopped 	
My uncle hasn’t taught in this school for five years now.
The last time 	
 I have worked for an international bank for ages.
I stopped corresponding with John a long time ago.
I haven’t 	
It’s many years since Linda last talked to me.
 You have taken part in this English-speaking club since last month.
You started 	
 We haven’t seen Mary since we left the university.
We last 	
 You haven’t helped me since you graduated from the college. 
You last 	
Use “not as / so  as” to rewrite these sentences :
Lipton tea costs 10$. Oolong tea costs 9 $. 	
Vinh is 1.65 meters tall. Hai is 1.7 meters tall. 	
Mary isn’t big. She was very big last year. 	
You are happier than she looks. 	
My bicycle is more expensive than yours. 	
Tom doesn’t try hard. His brother tried hard. 	
The boy doesn’t run fast. He used to run very fast. 	
Mai is the best violinist in her family. 	
The summer isn’t hot. Last summer it was hot. 	
She is active now. She didn’t use to be active. 	
Jimmy is clever. We think he is clever. 	
This boy doesn’t help me much. He can help me much. 
We don’t export much wood this year. We exported more wood last year.
Miss Duyen’s house is the oldest house on this street.
The exercises are not difficult. I thought it was very difficult.
The students write less papers than they did last year.
The paper mill puts out more products than it did two years ago. 
Miss Huong Tram is the best student in her English class.
This boy doesn’t spend much money. He spent much money last month.
She doesn’t get up late. She used to get up very late during her holidays. 
Complete these sentences, using the word given :
John is more intelligent than Bill. (as  as)
Bill isn’t 	
Her hair is black. My hair is grey. (different)
My hair color 	
My bicycle is nice but yours is nicer. (so  as)
My bicycle isn’t 	
My sister is wearing a blue sweater, and she is wearing a blue sweater, too. (like)
He is wearing 	
Minh and Hoa are both 14 years old. (the same  as)
Minh is 	
The like pizzas. I like hamburgers. (different from)
My taste 	
Lan is pretty, and her cousin is pretty, too. (as  as)
Lan’s cousin 	
Mr. Brown is 40 years old. Mrs. Brown is 40 years old. (the same  as)
Mr. Brown has 	
Hung has a harsh voice, but his sister has a sweet voice. (different from)
My blouse is as expensive as yours. (the same)
Your blouse 	
Mai is fifteen years old. Linh is fifteen years old. (the same  as) 
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others :
A. notice	B. comment	C. contact	D. socket
A. selection	B. convenient	C. academic	D. memory
A. proud	B. scout	C. discount	D. resources
A. tasty	B. last	C. fast	D. master
A. excited	B. contacted	C. faced	D. hatred 
A. match	B. mall	C. bank	D. hat
A. price	B. tired	C. nice	D. humid
A. cook	B. food	C. too	D. pool
A. soccer	B. notice	C. photo	D. grocery
A. meeting	B. cheap	C. weekend	D. weather 
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others :
A. convenient	B. residence	C. selection	D. condition
A. discount	B. comfortable	C. parcel	D. enrollment
A. pancake	B. parcel	C. comfort 	D. product
A. unite	B. surface	C. market	D. produce
A. contact	B. notice	C. upset	D. injure
A. notice	B. surface	C. effect	D. marriage
A. humid	B. airmail	C. discuss	D. pancake
A. area	B. comfort	C. market	D. concern
A. customer	B. delicious	C. grocery	D. resident
A. organize	B. discussion	C. restaurant	D. neighbor
Choose the best answer :
This type of machine is very ________________ from the old one.
similar	B. same	C. different	D. difficult
Do you want to send this letter airmail or ___________________ ?
usual mail	B. ordinary mail	C. surface mail	D. normal mail
It was a great _____________ to have a market and a school near our house.
convenient	B. convenience	C. comfortable	D. success
They offer a 10% _________________ on bus travel for students.
discount	B. term	C. fund	D. comfort
My mother was __________________ last night, so she went out for dinner.
tired enough to cook	B. too tired to cook	C. very tired to cook	D. tired for cooking
________________ have you lived in this town ? For nearly 20 years.
How much	B. How many	C. How far	D. How long
Customers can shop in _______________ in the new shopping mall in town.
concern	B. convenience	C. comfort	D. community
I am looking for a ______________ to send this parcel to Hue. Can you show me one near here ?
public phone	B. travel agency	C. company	D. post office
The clerk always _______________ your letter or parcel before telling you the change.
measures	B. weighs	C. counts	D. gives size
Remember that surface mail is always cheaper than ___________________.
airmail	B. ordinary mail	C. airplane letters	D. stamped letters
The restaurants ________________ food from Hue.
orders	B. supplies	C. provides	D. serves
Nam is a soccer fan. He usually goes to the ______________ to watch soccer matches.
cinema	B. theatre 	C. park	D. stadium
The weather today is _______________ the weather yesterday.
like	B. different	C. same	D. as
He would rather ________________ than play chess.
to study	B. study	C. studying	D. studied
I like _____________ activities such as walking and camping.
outdoor	B. indoor	C. outside	D. inside 
Choose the word or phrase that needs correcting :
I (A) ‘d like (B) sending these (C) postcards (D) to America.
(A) The new shopping mall (B) is quite (C) different with the present (D) shopping mall.
(A) Shopping in the mall is (B) more comfort (C) than (D) in the market.
I (A)’ve studied English (B) since (C) I’ve (D) started high school.
Patrick doesn’t (A) run quickly (B) as Lee, (C) but he can run (D) farther. 
Everyone (A) in the neighborhood (B) are (C) pleased with (D) the new mall.
My father (A) has worked in (B) that company (C) since (D) more than twenty years.
Today seems (A) as (B) hotter (C) as yesterday, but the humidity is (D) lower.
(A) Is surface mail (B) much (C) more cheap (D) than airmail ?
My father (A) has lived in London (B) for ten years, (C) but now he (D) lives in Bristol.
Use the correct preposition :
David has lived in Springfield __________ 8 years.
The country has been independent __________ 1948.
Michael waited __________ the bus stop for over fifteen minutes.
Her husband is very famous __________ his works of charity.
A new shopping mall will be different __________ the present shopping mall.
The residents have been concerned __________ the new mall for a few months.
__________ the end of the film we all cried.
There has been a considerable increase in sales of mobile phone __________ 2005.
__________ last, we have found a pair of jeans that actually fit.
Would you like to go out __________ my birthday ?
My sister has been a teacher of Le Hong Phong highschool for the gifted __________ 1995. 
Rita moved __________ this town last year.
I woke up twice __________ night.
Jim has stayed in Hanoi ____________ six months fifteen days. 
Lipton tea is different __________ Dilmah tea.
Use the correct tense or form of the verb in parentheses :
A few days ago I (learn) ______________________ that someone plans to knock down the White Horse Inn. This pub (be) _________________ the center of the village life for centuries. It (stand) ________________________ (stand) at our crossroad or 500 years. It (be) ____________________ famous in the old days, and Shakespeare once (stay) ____________________ there, they say. I (live) ________________________ in Brickfield all my life. The villagers (know) ____________________ about the plans for a week and already there’s a “Save Our Pub” campaign. Last week we (be) ____________________ happy, nut this week we are angry. We will stop them, you (see) ___________________.
Her cousin used to ______________ stamp when he was a boy. (collect)
Children enjoy _____________ picture books. (read)
She used a pencil ________________ this letter. (write)
Maria ______________ studying English for 5 years, now she ______________ it yet. (study / master)
The card catalogue is helpful in ________________ the books you find. (find)
Nam ______________ a gold medal in the chess tournament last week. (win)
The rocket ___________________ around the Earth for 30 minutes. (fly)
The weather _______________ terrible since yesterday. (be)
All the students are looking forward _________________ summer vacation. (spend)
In recent years, life in the countryside __________________ dramatically. (change)
I’m afraid we __________________ the window. (just break)
My brother _________________ at Pho Thong Nang Khieu School from 2014 to 2017. (study)
Justin said he _______________ the following day. (return)
The teacher ordered Tom _____________ to the blackboard. (go)
 Tam’s mother advises her _____________ (not spend) too much time on ______________ computer games. (play)
The floor isn’t very clean now. Jane _______________ it for 2 hours. (clean)
It doesn’t stop raining. It _________________ the whole day. (rain)
This is the first time I ___________________ this museum. (visit)
I used __________________ long hair when I was young. (have)
Hurry up ! The train ____________________. I don’t want to miss it. (come)
When I got to bed, I ____________________ asleep immediately. (fall)
Last summer, I ____________________ swimming every weekend. (go)
What ______________________ when I phoned you yesterday ? (you / do)
In the last twenty years, space exploration ___________________ great contributions to weather forecasting. (make)
Use the correct form of the word in parentheses :
These houses belong to ________________ owner who live somewhere else. (reside) 
My father works in a ____________________ office. (air-condition)
We have just had a ___________________ journey to Long Hai. It’s great. (comfort)
He enjoys going to the seaside, ____________________ Nha Trang. (special) 
When would it be a ___________________ time for us to meet you ? (convenience)
Things made from milk are called dairy ___________________. (produce)
Mr. Long has a ____________________ of popular folk songs. (select)
They do a really ____________________ chicken and mushroom soup. (taste)
There has been a ___________________ difference in his behavior recently. (notice)
The food was nice, but the __________________ was bad. (serve)
They are both ___________________ of this village. (reside)
It’s very ___________________ to have a phone call with teacher at midnight. (convenience)
My alarm clock didn’t go off, so I ___________________ this morning. (sleep)
He is one of the best ___________________ in the world. (photograph)
Their first public __________________ was not very __________________. (perform / success) 
Hoa and Nien used to be next door ___________________. (neighborhood)
Surface mail is much _________________ than airmail. (cheap)
Despite the _________________ in their backgrounds, they are still good friends. (different)
The government has __________________ the street since there was a lot of traffic jam. (wide)
Well-structured teaching _________________ learning. (facility) 
She says shopping can be very _______________. (tire)
Are you going to attend the ________________ tomorrow ? (discuss)
Tuoi Tre and Nguoi Lao Dong are ________________ newspapers. (day)
Mr. Hoang __________________ more rice last year than he does now. (production)
Coffee is a __________________ of Tay Nguyen. (special)
Read these following passages and choose the best answer :
	A new shopping mall is opening in Nam’s (1) ____________ today. It is very different from the present shopping area. All the shops are under one (2) ______________. That will be very convenient, especially during the hot and (3) ____________ summer months. Customers will shop in comfort and won’t notice the weather.
	Some people in the neighborhood, however, are not about the (4) ___________. The owners of the small stores on Tran Phu Street think the mall will take their (5) ___________. Some of the goods in the new stores will be the same as the ones in the small shop, but the stores in the mall will offer a wider selection, some at cheaper (6) ____________.
	The residents and store owners have been (7) __________ about the new mall for a few months. They have organized a (8) __________ meeting in order to discuss the situation. 
A. house	B. neighborhood	C. kitchen	D. playground
A. post	B. wall	C. window	D. roof
A. dry	B. wet	C. humid	D. burnt
A. changes	B. rain	C. wind	D. storm
A. business	B. work	C. study	D. duty
A. goods	B. products	C. tickets	D. prices
A. worried	B. interested	C. concerned	D. invested
A. local	B. community	C. private	D. secret
This American (1) ____________is the main business and cultural center of the Midwest. New York is famous (2) 
_________ its music, opera and theater. It also (3) _______________ excellent museums. When shopping (4) ____________ this city, you can (5) _____________ a long row of fashionable stores on North Michigan Avenue. This area (6) ____________ the Magnificent Mile. One of the world’s (7) _______________ buildings, the John Hancock Center, is (8) ____________ on this avenue.
A. city	B. capital	C. area	D. ground
A. about	B. with	C. on	D. for
A. have	B. has	C. there is	D. there are
A. in	B. at	C. on	D. of
A. visit	B. to visit	C. visiting	D. to visiting
A. call	B. calls	C. called	D. is called
A. tall	B. taller	C. more tall	D. tallest
A. either	B. neither	C. also	D. too
Read these following passages and decide if these following statements are TRUE or FALSE :
	Japan’s cities also have a mix of traditional and modern characteristics. There are tall office and apartment buildings as well as traditional wooden houses. Many people prefer to live near the center of cities, but because houses there are expensive, they often commute from suburbs. Traffic, pollution, and crowds are problems.
	However, there is a little crime, and even very crowded cities have many parks and gardens.
Japan’s cities are not only traditional but also modern.	
Many people live near the center of cities.	
The bad things about Japan’s cities are heavy traffic, pollution and crime.	
There are many parks and gardens in Japan’s cities.	
Since 1990s, there has been an important change in Ho Chi Minh City – the growth of shopping centers, or shopping 
malls. Today we find many shopping centers on the main streets of residential areas. A large shopping center, or mall, usually has about 50 to 100 stores of all kinds and a large parking lot for vehicles. Most malls have two or more department stores that sell everything you can imagine – clothes, toys, cameras, sport equipments, etc. These department stores also sell furniture and household appliances. Some shopping centers have supermarket that sell food and a lot of things for home. The other stores in a shopping center usually sell only one kind of thing : cosmetics, books, shoes, clothes, music cassettes and CDs, etc. A shopping center often has one or more special restaurant that serves fast food.
	People like malls for many reasons. They feel safe because malls have security guards. Parking is usually free, and the weather inside is always fine. They are offered a wide selection of products, so it’s easy for them to find anything they need. Sometimes they will be offered special discounts or get promotions.
More and more shopping centers have been built since 1990.	
It’s very difficult to find a parking lot at a shopping center.	
You cannot buy a washing machine or refrigerator in a shopping center.	
You can have hamburgers or fried chickens in a shopping center.	
It’s more comfortable and convenient to shop in the mall than in a market.	 
Fill in each blank of the passage with ONE suitable word :
	Old Mr. Langly (1) ___________ alone in a big house with a beautiful garden, However, she always (2) ____________ lonely as no one ever came to visit him. One day, a family of six (3) _____________ into the house next to Mr. Langly’s. He was very (4) ___________, so he went over to welcome them. He also told the children that they could play in his garden. His new neighbors were very glad and their children have continued to play in Mr. Langly’s garden ever since.
	Our next door neighbors are (5) _________ incons

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