Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh 8 (cả năm)


I. Definition:

1. Lời nói trực tiếp: là sự lặp lại chính xác những từ của người nói.

- Lời nói trực tiếp được đặt trong dấu ngoặc kép và sau động từ chính có dấu phẩy(,) hoặc dấu hai chấm(:).

- Đôi khi mệnh đề chính cũng có thể đặt sau lời nói trực tiếp.

Ex: “ I don’t like this party” Bill said.

2. Lời nói gián tiếp (indirect/reported speech) là lời tường thuật lại ý của người nói, đôi khi không cần phải dung đúng những từ của người nói.

Ex: Bill said that he didn’t like that party.


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t’s go to the theatre tonight? He said
 “Yes, let’s’ said one of his friends.
® He suggested going to the theatre that night and one of his friends agreed.
+ “No, Let’s not” ® object to the idea/ be against the idea
Eg’ “No, let’s not. It is hot” said another friend
® but another friend objected to that idea/ was against it because it was hot.
3. Let = allow
 Eg: “Let him go with me, mother” she said ® She asked her mother to let him go with her
 “Let her do it herself, teacher” he said to his teacher. ® He asked his teacher to let her do it herself. 
BÀI TẬP VẬN DỤNG: Change the following sentences into reported speech:
1. “Let’s give a party” said Ann
 “Let’s not” said her husband
2. “Let’s take a tent and camp out” said Bill
 “ Good idea” said Nina
3. “Let the children stay indoor tonight.” She said
4. “Let me go” he said to the policeman.
5. “Let’s go swimming in the lake” he said
 “No, it is against law” said his friend.
6. “Let’s prepare everything for the party” she said.
 “Yes, let’s” said her friend.
7. “Let’s stay here till the storm has passed” he said
8. “Don’t drive too close the car in front” said my mother (warn)
9. “Let’s go swimming. It is too hot to learn our lesson now.” He said
10. “You ought to wear a safety helmet when you drive motorbike” she said to her husband.
Rewrite the following sentences using given words or phrases:
1. ‘What’s your job?” Mary asked Tom.
Mary wanted to 
2. The factory inspector asked me where I kept the fine fighting equipment
3. She said “It’s good if you make your own decision” (advise)
4. “Why don’t you read that book, Peter” she said
She suggested 
5. “What a mischievous boy!” he said.
He exclaimed 
6. “How wonderful the play was!” said John
John exclaimed 
7. ‘Me? No, I didn’t break your glasses.’ Peter said.
4. Indirect speech with ‘must” ‘need” “have to”
 + I must do  = unchanged/ had to
 Eg: ‘I must be there at 6 a.m” he said ® He said he must/ had to be there at 6 a.m
 + Must I/ you/ he  do ? = had to
 Eg: “Must you get ready for the party” he said ® He asked if I/ she had to get ready for the party.
 + I must not do  = unchanged
 Eg: “I must not get up early tomorrow”, she said ® she said that she must not get up early the next day
 + You/ She/ He must not do  = unchanged/ weren’t to do/ wasn’t to do
 Eg: “He must not be present at the meeting today” she said
 ® She said that he must not be/ wasn’t to be present at the meeting that day.
 + I needn’t do = needn’t have to/ wouldn’t have to 
 Eg” “I needn’t do my homework” she said
 ® She said that she needn’t have to do her homework/ wouldn’t have to do her homework.
 + You he/ she needn’t do  = unchanged
 Eg: “You needn’t lock the door” she said
 ® She said that he needn’t lock the door.
 + Need I/ you/ he do ? = unchanged / had to
 Eg: “Need I prepare everything for the meal” she said
 ® She asked if she need/ had to prepare everything for the meal.
 5. Indirect speech with some expressions:
 + “Thanks” he said
 ® He thanked me
 + “Good luck” he said ® He wished me good luck
 “Happy Christmas” he said ® he wished me happy Christmas
 + “Congratulation” she said ® He congratulated me
 + The notice said ‘Welcome to Bacgiang”
 ®The notice welcomed visitors to Bac giang
 + “No/ Yes” ® Subject + Auxiliary verb
 Eg: “Did you have a good time” he said; “yes’ I said
 ® He asked me if I had had a good time and I said I had
 “Have you done your work” he said “ No’ I said
 ® He asked me if I had done my work and I said I hadn’t
 + Good morning/ evening/ hello ® Subject + greet 
Exercise : (HSG) Change into reported speech
1. “Don’t repeat the mistake” the instructor warned the sportsman.
2. “As soon as I hear from him, I will let you know” My neighbour said to me.
3. “I will live in town till my husband returns from the expedition and when he returns, we will go to the seaside together,” she said
4. “I hope they will have taken a decision by the end of the meeting” she remarked
5. “This story happened long ago,’ he said, “ and few people remember anything about it”
6. My sister said to me “What about going to see Aunt Mary on Sunday?”
7. James said “Do you want me to type this letter for you?”
8. James said to Jill, “When do you expect to finish your assignment?”
9. ‘These old buildings might have already disappeared by the time I am back next year,” he said
10. Rose said, ‘I was just leaving the office when I came face to face with a stranger”
11. Richard asked Jane, “Is it true that your father fought in the last war?”
12. The inspector said to the woman, “What were you doing at 7 o’clock yesterday evening?”
13. The passenger said to the taxi driver “Hurry up!” and he added “I must be at the station on time.”
14. Father said, “The taxi is coming now. Is everyone ready?”
15. Helen said, ‘I think I’ll have to find a better job. I can’t make both ends meet”.
16. He said to her, “What are you so late? I’ve been waiting for half an hour already”
17. She said to him “Don’t let them down. I’ll be very embarrassed if you go back on your words.’ 
18. She said to her husband, “You’d better not drink too much. You may lose control of the car and have a bad accident”
19. The boy said to his mother “When shall we have lunch? I am very hungry.”
20. She said to him, ‘I am glad you’ve come. Sit down, please”
21. Mr Brown said to his wife, “I don’t feel like going out this evening. Let’s ask the Browns to come over for a chat”.
22. “Be careful. Don’t go near the edge of the cliff,” she said to the boy
23. “Please, please come to help me with the assignment,” my sister said to me
24. “I wouldn’t buy that sort of raincoat if I were you” my friend said to me.
25. “Would you mind moving your bicycle? Said the janitor ‘It’s in the way”
26. “Remember to leave the window open when you are using the gas stove” my mother said to me.
27. “Would you like to come over to my house for a slide show?” my friend said to me
28. “Show me your driver’s license, will you?” the policeman said to the drunken driver
29. “Do come again next weekend” the hosts said to the visitor
30. “Could you ring up the station and find out when the train comes in?” Said Tom to me.
Change into reported speech:
1. She said; “How beautiful they are”
2. I said; “How fast he is running!”
3. He said; “What a lovely house!”
4. She said; “What beautiful flowers!”
5. She said to him; “Shall we eat out tonight?” 
6. Why don’t you put a better lock on the door?
7. He said; “Cigarette”, I answer “No thanks”
8. She said to me; “Remember to lock the door before you go to bed”
9. She said; “Can I have some money; Mum?”
10. She said; “The earth moves around the sun”
11. Tom said; “I would rather you started today”
12. She said; “Could I have a cup of coffee”
13. “Would you mind waiting?” he said 
14. “Would you like to drink coffee?” he said 
15. Lan said; “You had better go to the doctor?”
16. Henry said; “Let’s not much fuss about it”
17. They said; “We will wait for if you are late”
18. Peter said; “I wish I had something to eat”
19. My mother said; “If I were you, I should do nothing about it”
20. The coach said to them; “It’s high time we began training for our next match”
21. I sai to her; “I wish you had seen it”
22. His mother said; “Don’t forget to thank Mrs Jones”
23. He said; “You might check these figures for me”
24. “Where shall we meet?” I said. “What about the hotel?” bill said 
25. “You needn’t come in tomorrow”, said my employer. “Take the day off”
 I- Questions - Exercise 1:Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns and tenses.
"Where is my umbrella?" she asked.→ She asked 
"How are you?" Martin asked us.→ Martin asked us 
He asked, "Do I have to do it?"→ He asked 
"Where have you been?" the mother asked her daughter.→ The mother asked her daughter 
"Which dress do you like best?" she asked her boyfriend.→ She asked her boyfriend 
"What are they doing?" she asked.→ She wanted to know 
"Are you going to the cinema?" he asked me.→ He wanted to know 
The teacher asked, "Who speaks English?"→ The teacher wanted to know 
"How do you know that?" she asked me.→ She asked me 
"Has Caron talked to Kevin?" my friend asked me.→ My friend asked me 
II- Questions - Exercise 2:Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns and tenses.
"What's the time?" he asked.→ He wanted to know 
"When will we meet again?" she asked me.→ She asked me 
"Are you crazy?" she asked him.→ She asked him 
"Where did they live?" he asked.→ He wanted to know 
"Will you be at the party?" he asked her.→ He asked her 
"Can you meet me at the station?" she asked me.→ She asked me 
"Who knows the answer?" the teacher asked.→ The teacher wanted to know 
"Why don't you help me?" she asked him.→ She wanted to know 
"Did you see that car?" he asked me.→ He asked me 
"Have you tidied up your room?" the mother asked the twins.→ The mother asked the twins 
III- Exercise 1 – Requests (positive): Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns in some sentences.
"Stop talking, Joe," the teacher said.→ The teacher told Joe 
"Be patient," she said to him.→ She told him 
"Go to your room," her father said to her.→ Her father told her 
"Hurry up," she said to us.→ She told us 
"Give me the key," he told her.→ He asked her 
"Play it again, Sam," she said.→ She asked Sam 
"Sit down, Caron" he said.→ He asked Caron 
"Fill in the form, Sir," the receptionist said.→ The receptionist asked the guest 
"Take off your shoes," she told us.→ She told us 
"Mind your own business," she told him.→ She told him 
IV- Exercise 2 – Requests (negative):Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns in some sentences.
"Don't touch it," she said to him.→ She told him 
"Don't do that again," he said to me.→ He told me 
"Don't talk to me like that," he said.→ He told her 
"Don't repair the computer yourself," she warned him.→ She warned him 
"Don't let him in," she said.→ She told me 
"Don't go out without me," he begged her.→ He begged her 
"Don't forget your bag," she told me.→ She told me 
"Don't eat in the lab," the chemistry teacher said.→ The chemistry teacher told his students 
"Don't give yourself up," he advised her.→ He advised her 
"Don't hurt yourselves, boys," she said.→ She told the boys 
EXERCISE: Change the following sentences into Indirect Reported Speech or vice-versa
1. The doctor told him that he worked too hard.
2. “I’m sorry I broke the glass”, said Peter.
 Peter apologized.
3. She asked John how he liked her new dress.
4. “Why don’t you put your luggage under the seat?”, he asked.
 He suggested..
5. “Keep away from this area”, said the security guard when we approached the fence.
 The security guard told
6. Isabel: “You can’t borrow my pen, Robert!”.
7. She asked John to repeat what he had said.
8. “I don’t want to be criticized by non-professionals”, said the film star.
 The film star objected..
9. “If I were you, I’d look for another job”, said one of my friends.
 One of my friends
10. She wanted to know if he had studied French.
 She asked him, “
11. “Bring your umbrella in case it rains”, he said to me.
 He told....
12. “Why don’t you ask her yourself?”, I said to my brother.
13. “You should take science appreciation courses at school”, she said.
14. “If I were you, I would take more exercise”, said his doctor.
 His doctor......
15. “Don’t forget to phone me when you get to London”, said my mom.
 My mom........
16. “You should have waited for us, Bill”, said the coach.
 The coach......
17. “I don’t want to be criticized by non-professionals”, said the film star.
 The film star objected..
18. “It’s true that I broke your old vase”, she said in tears.
 She admitted....
19. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot”, said the bank robber to the clerk.
 The bank robber threatened.
20. “Don’t forget to phone the police”, she told him.
 She reminded.....
21. “Don’t swim out too far, boys”, said the coach.
 The coach......
22. “It’s you that have parted my family”, she said angrily to him.
23. “How long has it been since you left this city, Bob?” asked Mary.
 Mary wanted to know..
24. “Shall we walk round for a change this evening?” she said.
 She suggested...
25. “I don’t think John will come”, said Bill.
 Bill doubted....
26. “Why don’t you put a better lock on the door, Barry?”, said George.
 George suggested.
27. “Why didn’t I get a computer before? , thought the officer manager.
 The officer manager wondered.
28. “Jack, why don’t we help Old Tom?”, said Jackie.
 Jackie suggested...
29. “Would you like to come to my house for a chat tonight?”, he said.
30. She asked me what I had been doing at three the previous afternoon.
31. “I wasn’t there at that time”, he said.
 He denied.....
32. The policeman charged him with stealing that bicycle.
33. “Where has he been?”, she doesn’t know that.
 She doesn’t......
34. “Can I have a new bicycle?”, said Anna to her mother.
 Anna asked......
35. “Let’s go for a walk in the park”, said Andrew.
36. He said, “I wish I knew the answer”.
 He said that.........
37. “Please don’t drive so fast”, Ann begged her boyfriend.
 Ann pleaded.....
38. “I don’t think John will come”, said Bill.
 Bill doubted.......
39. “John, please don’t tell anyone my new address”, said Mary.
 Mary asked.......
40. “Where is the station car-park?”, Mrs. Smith asked.
 Mrs. wanted.....
41. His English is not good, and he got a bad mark in his test last week
42. “I don’t love you any more”, said Eric to his girlfriend.
 Eric told......
43. “I must see the manager”, she cried.
 She insisted.....
44. “You stole my best cassette, Amanda”, said William.
45. “How old is your little boy?”, said the nurse to Mrs. Bingley.
 The nurse........
46. “Do you want to insure your luggage or not?”, said the travel agent.
 The travel.......
47. “You are cheating me”, said Carol to June.
48. “Where is the nearest tube?”, she asked.
 She enquired.......
49. “It wasn’t me who took your car”, said Bob.
50. “If you don’t take it easy, you’ll have another heart attack”, he said.
 He advised.......
51. “When it stops snowing, we must start digging ourselves out”, he said.
 He said.....
52. “You’d better not go out with Peter any more, Elizabeth”, said John.
53. “Less noise”, the teacher told the boys.
 The teacher........
54. “You caused the accident”, said the other driver.
 The other driver....
55. Helen wanted to know the name of Shirley’s hairdresser’s.
 Helen said, “Shirley, where do..
56. Paul said he was going to China the following year.
57. The porter told us that the train had left five minutes before.
 “I’m sorry but....
58. “I never used bad language”, she said.
 She denied......
59. She asked John to repeat what he had said.
60. “Must you go so soon?”, I said.
 Put the sentences into reported speech.
1. “If the weather is fine, I will go on a picnic with my friends,” she said.
2. “What would you do if you had three days off ?” I asked him.
3. “I would have come to see you if I had known your address, Jim” she said.
4. “I’m sure she will help you if you ask her.” , he told me.
5. “If Today were Sunday, we wouldn’t go to school.” They said to me.
6.She said to me, “If I were you, I wouldn’t tell her about this.”
7. “There would not be enough seats if a lot of guests came.”
8. “You will be surprised if you meet him.” , Peter said to Linda.
9.The boy said : “I won’t be strong if I don’t swim everyday.”
10. “What would you do if you saw a snake ?” Nam asked Nga.
11. “We’ll have lunch outside in the garden if it’s not cold.” ,Mr John said.
12. “Tom would win more races if he trained hard.” , The man said.
13. “If you feel like a chat, phone me tonight.” David said to me.
14. “If you isn’t so much junk food, you would be a lot fitter.” Mother said.
15. “I will be surprised if Mary doesn’t pass the exam.” , our teacher said.
16. “If I knew her hobbies, I could let you know.” He said to me.
17. “If I won the lottery, I would buy a new car.” , the man said.
18. “If you had listened to my advice, you wouldn’t have made such a big mistakes.”
Julia said to LiLi.
Exercise: Choïn phöông aùn toát nhaát ñeå hoaøn thaønh caùc caâu sau:
Jack asked me _____.
	A.where do you come from? 	B.where I came from 
	C.where I came from	D.where did I come from?
She asked me _____ I liked pop music.
	A.when	B.what	C.if	D.x
The doctor ____ him to take more exercise.
	A.told	B.tell	C. have told	D. are telling
I wanted to know_____ return home.
	A. when would she	B. when will she	C. when she will 	D. when she would
Claire told me that her father____ a race horse.
	A. owns	B. owned	C. owning	D. A and B
What did that man say ______?
	A. at you	B. for you	C. to you	D. you
I rang my friend in Australia yesterday, and she said it _______ raining there.
	A. is	B. were	C. has been	D. was
The builders have ______ that everything will be ready on time.
	A. promised	B. promise	C. promises	D. promising
The doctor _______ him to take more exercise.
	A. told	B. tell	C. have told	D. are telling
The last time I saw Linda, she looked very relaxed. She explained she’d been on holiday the ______ week.
	A. ago	B. following	C. next	D. previous
Yesterday, Laura ______ him to put some shelves up.
	A. asked	B. is asking	C. ask	D. was asked
Tom has ______ this story wasn’t completely true.
	A. admitting that	B. was admitted that	C. admitted that	D. admit that
When I rang Tessa some time last week, she said she was busy ______ that day.
	A. that 	B. the 	C. then 	D. this
I wonder _____ the tickets are on sale yet.
	A. what 	B. when 	C. where 	D. whether
Mathew _____ Emma that her train was about to leave.
	A. has reminded	B. has reminded that	C. reminded	D. reminded that
Hello, Jim. I didn’t expect to see you today. Sophie said you _____ ill.
	A. are	B. were	C. was	D. should be
Ann ______ and left.
	A. said goodbye to me	B. says goodbye to me	C. tell me goodbye	D. told me goodbye
I told you ______ to switch off the computer, didn’t I ?
	A. don’t 	B. not	C. not to	D. to not
Bill was slow, so I ________ hurry up.
	A. tell him	B. told him for	C. told to 	D. told him to
Sarah was driving to fast, so I ______ to slow down.
	A. asked her 	B. asked	C. ask	D.have asked her
Someone ______ me there’s been an accident on the motorway.
 	A. asked	B. said 	C. spoke 	D. told
Sue was very pessimistic about the situation. I advised her _____.
	A. no worry	B. not worry	C. no to worry	D. not to worry
I couldn’t move the piano alone, so I asked Tom_______.
	A. giving a hand	B. gave a hand	C. to give a hand	D. give a hand
Tom said that New York _______ more lively than London.
	A. is 	B. be	C. was	D. were
When he was at Oliver’s plat yesterday, Martin asked if he ______ use the phone.
	A. can	B. could	C. may	D. must
George couldn’t help me. He ______ me to ask Kate.
	A. tell 	B. said	C. told 	D. say
Judy ______ going for a walk, but no one else wanted to.
	A.admitted	B. offered	C. promised 	D. suggested
I said that I had met her ______ .
	A. yesterday	B. the previous day	C. the day	D. the before day.
The man asked the boys ______ .
	A. why did they fight	B. why they were fighting 	
	C. why they fight	D.why were they fighting
“______the door”, he said.
	A. please open	B. open pleased 	C. please to open 	D. please, opening
I wanted to know ______ return home.
	A. when would she 	B. when will she	C. when she will	D. when she would
The woman wonders _______ doing well at school.
	A. whether her children are	B. if her children were
	C. whether her children were 	D. her children are if
Peter said he was leaving for Paris ______.
	A. next week	B. the week previous	C. following week D. the following week
“I don’t usually drink milk when ______ ” Mrs. Pike said.
	A. she was hungry	B. I was hungry	C. I am hungry	D. I will be
They said that their house had been broken into ______.
	A. the two days before 	B. two days ago	C. two days before	D. since two days
She advised me _______ an apple everyday to stay healthy.
	A. eating	B. I should eat	C. to eat 	D. please, eat
“I’ll come with you as soon as _______” she replied.
	A. I was ready	B. I am ready	C. I ready ready	D. am I ready
“_____ today as it was yesterday.” She remarked.
	A. it wasn’t so foggy	B. it isn’t so foggy
	C. it hadn’t been so foggy	D. it isn’t such foggy
“I wish _____ eat vegetables”, he said.
	A. my children will 	B. my children would
	C. whether my children would	D. my children must
“I _____ late again”, she promised.
	A. I am not	B. I won’t be	C. I wouldn’t	D. I was not late
“How long _____ here ?”, asked Jane.
	A. you have been	B. you had been	C. had you been	D. have you been
She wanted to know ______.
	A. what was happening	B. was happening
 	C. it was happening	D. was happening what 
“Do you know ______ ?” asked the man.
	A. where is the ticket office	B. where the ticket office is
	C. the ticket office is	D. where was the ticket office
The teacher asked Mary ______ the previous match.
	A. who wins	B. who is winning	C. who won	D. that won
My father asked me _____ of the film.
	A. what do you think	B. what I think	C. what did you think	D. what I thought
Choose the best option to complete the following sentences
The doctor ____ him to take more exercise.
	A.told	B.tell	C. have told	D. are telling
I wanted to know_____ return home.
	A.when would she	B. when will she	C. when she will 	D. when she would
Claire told me that her father____ a race horse.
	A.owns	B.owned	C. owning	D. A an

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