Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh 9 - Unit 3: A trip to the countryside


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. lunch B. kitchen C. technology D. purchase

2. A. bike B. idea C. opinion D. library

3. A. fasten B. sense C. smell D. rest

Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others:

4. A. family B. disaster C. buffalo D. several

5. A. country B. cousin C. polite D. borrow

Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences.

6. Nam wishes he_________a new school bag.

 A. has B. have C. will have D. had

7. I wish I __________the exam.

 A. pass B. can pass C. will pass D. could pass

8. He met his friend at 11. 40 so he returned home __________ 11. 40.

 A. before B. at C. after D. till

9. He often does his homework __________ the morning.

 A. on B. at C. in D. for

10. They usually ride to their home village ________ the summer.

 A. in B. on C. at D. for

11. She has worked in this company __________seven days.

 A. in B. on C. at D. for

12. Lan invites us to go to her party ___________9. 30.

 A. in B. on C. at D. for

13. We will have a meeting ____________Sunday evening.

 A. in B. on C. at D. for

14. They wish they ____________my home village some days.

 A. visit B. visited C. will visit D. would visit


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/ since: 
	- for + 1 khoảng thời gian	
	- since + 1 mốc thời gian / S + V2 / ed 
5. From  to .. : 
6. Till / Until + điểm thời gian: đến luc, đến khi.
7. Between .and.:
1. Fill in prepositions of time “AT / IN / ON” as in the example:
. .. on  Saturday 
 .  9 o’clock  autumn
. . July 
.  Christmas .. half past two
. . 1984  September 28th  Monday morning
. . March 25th . 1991  Easter 
 . . Friday .. August 29th 10 o’clock
 . summer .. winter Thursday afternoon 
. . the morning .. the evening  noon
 ... December  February 8th  a quarter past six
. . midnight  noon  Saturday night
. . 1982  1964 ... Friday evening
. . April  spring .. Monday
. . April 2nd .. night .. June 26th 
2. Fill in the blanks with “AT / IN / ON” as in the example:
We always go on holiday .. . summer.
My mother usually goes shopping .. Friday morning.
I always do my homework  the evening.
The circus usually comes to our town . spring.
Sophia’s birthday is  May 16th .
I usually get up .. seven o’clock.
My favorite television program begins  6:30 . the evening.
Sometimes it snows .. winter.
My friend’s birthday is  June.
Some birds and animals come out  night.
3. Fill in the blank with the given prepositions to complete the following sentences:
 from , for , since , on , in , at
1. Class starts. 9 o’clock.
2. My brother always has lunch .1 o’clock to 2 o’clock.
3. I’m going to meet him at the airport Wednesday.
4. The exam lasts .three hours.
5. We ‘re going shopping the weekend.
6. My birthday is ..June.
7. We often go to the beach summer.
8. I have had a driving license 1997.
9. We are having a party.. March 12th
10. Computers were invented .the 20th century.
EXERCISE:Match the half- sentences
1.	The play was boring 
2.	Liz was tired after the trip 
3.	The bus was late 
4.	We didn’t like the food 
5.	The place was beautiful 
A. so she went to bed very early
B. so we got home after midnight
C. so Liz wanted to go there again
D. so we went home
E. so we walked out of the restaurant
EXERCISE:Choose the correct word: 
1. I love animals,  I often go to the zoo.	£ so	£ because
2. I’m flying home tomorrow  my mother is very ill.	£ so	£ because
3. The flood was very severe,  we had to move .	£ so	£ because
4. I didn’t want to be late,  I left early 	£ so	£ because
5. She went to the bank  she wanted to withdraw some money.
	£ so	£ because
6. The boy was sent to the orphan  he had no parents.	£ so	£ because
7. He’s lazy,  his parents are worried.	£ so	£ because
8. She’s very helpful,  we like her.	£ so	£ because
9. She never wants to go there  she is afraid of snakes	£ so	£ because
10. He was tired,  he stopped working	£ so	£ because
EXERCISE: Rewrite sentences by using SO and BECAUSE :
They could help you. They were not here.
→ ..........................
I can’t go out. It’s raining.
We haven’t got any food. We are going shopping
There was fog. Their flight was delayed
The film was boring. We decided to go home
I couldn’t do this exercise. I asked Tom for help
→ ...............................
→ ..........................
EXERCISE: Join each pair of sentences using SO .THAT
The holidays were very cheap. They booked one immediately
	→ ................................................................
The plane was very late. They got to bed at three in the morning
	→ .......................................................................................
The way to the beach was very long. It took them an hour to walk there
	→ .....................................................................................
The beach was very crowded. There was hardly room to sit down
→ ......................................................................................
The film was boring. We decided to go home.
→ ......................................................................................
She is very hard – working. All of us like her.
→ ......................................................................................
EXERCISE: Join each pair of sentences using SUCH .THAT
1. New York was a very big city. Jane was lost in it.
2. My neighbors are very bad persons. They make noise all day.
3. He gave us very good advice. All of us are thankful to him.
4. She had a difficult exercise. She couldn’t do it.
5. It was a beautiful day. We decided to go to the seaside.
6. They had a good time on a farm. They didn’t want to come back home.
7. Mr Smith is a very strong man. He can lift up a heavy box easily.
8. It was a very warm evening. We had dinner outside in the garden.
9. It was a lovely evening. My grandmother wanted to have a walk in the park.
10. It is a large stadium. It can hold 60,000 people.
a/ Multiple choice 
1) Saturday afternoon we usually play basketball. 
 a/ In b/ On c/ At d/ With 
2) He was born December 2nd 1975. 
 a/ on b/ in c/ about d/ for 
3) The Second World War happened 1941. 
 a/ on b/ in c/ about d/ for 
4) I often play soccer ..weekends. 
 a/ on b/ in c/ about d/ at 
5) Hoa worked hard, she passed the exam. 
 a/ because b/ so c/ if d/ however 
6) Nam wishes his fatherhere to help him now. 
 a/ is b/ were c/ will be d/ was 
7) Lan can’t swim fast. She wishes she..faster. 
 a/ can swim b/ couldn’t swim c/ could swim d/ can’t swim 
8) Lan wishes she ..have to clean all the windows. 
 a/ don’t b/ doesn’t c/ wasn’t d/ didn’t 
9) I wish I get good marks for the coming exam. 
 a/ can b/ could c/ should d/ will 
10) I have studied Englishmore than three years. 
 a/ for b/ in c/ since d/ at 
b/ Supply the correct verb form 
1) .you. ( go )out last night? 
2) . youfrom George recently? ( hear ) 
3) It’s the first time he ..a car. ( drive ) 
4) Everything is going well. We.any problems so far.( not have ) 
5) I wish I someday. ( visit) 
a/ Multiple choice. 
 1. You can get fuel at the. 
 a/ mosque b/ airport c/ parking lot d/ gas station 
 2. A place where you can buy food or small things is a. 
 a/ bookstore b/ factory c/ grocery store d/ school 
 3. Yesterday we went on a Cu Chi tunnel. 
 a/ picnic b/ trip c/ sightsee d/ camping 
 4. The village lies near the of a mountain and by a river. 
 a/ feet b/ leg c/ shin d/ foot 
 5. There is a big old banyan.. at the entrance to the village. 
 a/ plant b/ field c. grass d/ tree 
 6. I have never had a chance to see a real green paddy. 
 a/ plant b/ field c. grass d/ meadow 
 7. It took us two hours tothe village by bus. 
 a/ come b/ reach c/ get d/ arrive 
 8. Remember to take the camera. We’ll taketo show the trip to our friends. 
 a/ copies b/ pictures c/ photos d/ paintings 
 9. We had a picnic on the river ..before going home late in the evening. 
 a/ side b/ bank c/ part d/ place 
 10. He is ..student in the USA, he will study in the USA for two years. 
 a/ a change b/ a learning c/ an exchange d/ a changing 
b/ Supply the correct word form. 
 1. Sapa is one of the..regions of Vietnam. ( mountain) 
 2. What do you think about her ..of rocks ? ( collect) 
 3. There is a lot near my house. ( park) 
 4. There is a big old banyan tree at theto the village. ( enter) 
 5. It was an..journey. ( interest) 
Rewrite the sentences beginning with the phrases given. 
 1. What a pity you can’t stay here with us. 
I wish ...
 2. I’m sorry he doesn’t win the first prize. 
I wish ...
 3. We don’t have time to help you. 
We wish
 4. They canceled the flight because there was a snow storm. 
There was a snow storm ...
 5. He didn’t study hard so he failed the exam. 
He failed the exam..
 6. It’s a pity my father can’t speak English 
I wish..
 7. I’m sorry I can’t speak English perfectly. 
I wish ...
 8. The test was very long. I couldn’t finish it in an hour 
The test was so ..
IV. Reading 
 Impressed, enough, animals, entrance, with, old, mountains, villagers, completely, covered 
My hometown is a small village deep in mountain. In the( 1 ) days, it was 
miserable poor and cut off from the outside world by the( 2 ) , which were very 
high. Only wild.(3) visited us at night. The.(4) had to work all year round, but they could never get(5 ) food to eat. 
After an absence of eight years, I find my hometown..( 6 ) changed. Along wide streets are brick houses. The mountains are(7) with pineapple bushes or timer tree. A reservoir provides us( 8 ) water, fish, electricity and protection from floods as well. Visitors are welcomed by an old banyan tree at the.( 9 ) to the village. A winding highway, radio, television and newspapers bring the world to us. The people have also changed. They are so happy. Visitors will be.( 10 ) by their friendliness
Choose the word having the underlined letters pronounced differently from the others
a. changed	b. learned	c. laughed	d. played
a. life	b. site	c. written	d. bite
a. break	b. please	c. sea	d. seat
a. ear	b. clear	c. dear	d. heard
a. shops 	b. notes	c. calls	d. walks
 Find the one choice that best completes the sentences.
6/ My brother colleets stamps. He is a stamp __________
 a. collect 	b. collective	c. collector	d. collection
7/ A Vietnamese boy __________ Tam is living with the Browns family in Ohio.
 a. call	b. name	c. calling 	d. named
8/ He is _______ student in the USA, he will study in the USA in two years
 a. a change	b. an exchange	c. a. learning	d. a changing
9/ Mr Brown does the farming work, while Mrs. Brown ______ part time in a grocery store.
 a. does	b. gets	c. takes	d. works
10/ Peter is as old as Tam. They are at the same________
 a. year	b. old	c. age	d. time
11/ In the afternoon, when Tam _______ his homework he helps Mr Brown on the farm.
 a. ends	b. completes	c. finishes 	d. both b and c
12/ He is giving food to the chickens. He is __________ the chickens
 a. fooding 	b.nursing	c. feeding	d. earing
13/ Tam also helps _________ the chickens. He is __________ the chickens.
 a. collect	b. gather	c. pick	d. take
14/ Tam doesn’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays. He doesn’t go to school on _____ a. weekdays	b. other days	c. weekends	d. any days
15/ The Brown are _________ so Tam likes them very much.
 a. welcomed	b. cold	c. friendship 	d. nice
16/ Tam likes the Brown, he enjoys being a ______ of their family.
 a. past	b. student	c. member	d. boy
 Grammar & structures 
17/ I was raining ___________ they cancelled the trip to the mountain.
 a. because	b. when 	c. so 	d. though
18/ I haven’t seen her ______ she moved to Mew York.
 a. when	b. as	c. while	d. since
19/ The test was ______ easy that all the students got a high score.
 a. such	b. so 	c. as	 	d. very
20/ It was was ______ a boring film that I felt asleep.
 a. very	b. very	c. such	d. so
21/ The school bus always comes ___________ 6 o’clock_______ the morning.
 a. on / in	b. in / in 	c. at / in	d. to / on
22/ ________ Saturday afternoons we usually play basket ball.
 a. On	b. In 	c. At	d. To
23/ He wishes he ________ younger.
 a. as 	b. was 	c. will be	d. were
24/ They first met __________ they were at high school.
 a. while 	b. since	c. when	d. where
25/ The fire took place ________ 8 o’clock___________ Sunday morning.
 a. in / in	b. at / at	c. at / on 	d. in / at
26/ Tony was a hard-working boy_________ he got the job easily
 a. so 	b. when 	c. because 	d. but
27/ Everybody _________ present in the meeting hall now.
 a. are 	b. is 	c. being 	d. is being
28/ My brother ________ playing basketball five years ago.
 a. starts	b. started	c. had started	d. starting 
29/ He wants to lose weight _______ he works out in the gym every day.
 a. but 	b. that 	c. so 	d. and 
30/ There is a shrine ________ the top of the mountain near the lake.
 a. in 	b. on 	c. at 	d. to 
31/ I _________ stamps for many years. Now I have ten beautiful collections.
 a. collect	b. colleced	c. have collected	d. had collected
32/ We wish we _________ back to the village next year
 a. come 	 b. could come 	c. came 	d. will come
33/ His name is William, but he is usually__________ Bill.
 a. call	b. calling	c. called	d. be called
34/ Most of the money today is made ________ metal and paper.
 a. from	b. of 	c. by 	d. in
35/ They ________ when we _________ dinner last night.
 a. come / are having 	b. come / were having 	c. came / were having 	d. came / had
36/ I _______ swim when I was eight and I still _______ now 
 a. can / can 	b. could / could 	c. can / could	d. could / can
37/ Bill isn’t at work today. He’s ________ holiday. 
 a. on	b. in	c. to 	d. at
38/ The children ________ tired today because they _________ to the party last night.
 a. were / went	b. are / went	c. were / go 	d. are / go 
39/ __________ winter they go skiing ________ weekends.
 a. On / on 	b. On / in 	c. In / on 	d. In / to 
40/ Since Van arrived, he ___________ a lot about life on a farm.
 a. was learning 	b. had learned	c. has been learning 	d. learned
 Identifying mistakes
 Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.
41/ In the past, jeans wore mostly by working people.
 A	 B C D	
42/ Most of the money today is made from paper and metal.
	A	 B C	D
43/ Some doctors advise me to go bicycling because it is one from the safest forms of exercise 
 A	 B	 C D
44/ He left for London last year. Nobody saw him since.
	 A	 B	 C	 D
45/ Nowadays a lot of dangerous work are carried out by robots.
	 A	 B C	 D	
46/ I was watching an international football match by the TV when he came. 
	A	B	 C D	
47/ The police are looking at two missing pupils. They were last seen yesterday morning.
 A	 B 	 C	 D	
48/ Do you finish with the book I lent you last week?	 
 A	 B	 C	 D
49/ Because the heavy rain, many people arrived at the meeting late.
 	A	 B	 C	 D
50/ Nobody can find the key. The key couldn’t be found. 	
	A	B	 C	 D
 Reading comprehension
Traveling By Plane
	For many people, traveling by plane is an exciting experience. Others, however, find the whole idea quite terrifying, (51) _____ flying is no more dangerous (52) _____ any other form of travel and some experts occurs (53) __________ take off and landing when the (54) ______ decisions are vitally important.
	The people (55) ________ job is to look (56) ________ the passengers the stewards and stewardesses play an important part in helping passengers to (57) _________ safe and comfortable. Indeed for many passengers being (58) _________ such care of is all part of the total experience. (59) _________ other form of travel involves waiting on people in quite the same (60) ______ with food, drink, news, papers, magazines, music and even video films.
 51/ a. although	b. too	c. and 	d. because
52/ a. than 	b. as 	c. then 	d. with
53/ a. while	b. during 	c. for 	d. through
54/ a. leader’s 	b. chief ‘s	c. driver ‘s	d. pilot’s
55/ a. whose	b. which 	c. their	d. that 
56/ a. a. for 	b. up	c. after 	d. round
57/ a. feel	 	c. shown	d. taken
58/ a. given	b. kept	c. shown	d. taken
59/ a. Any 	b. No	c. All	d. Not
60/ a. way 	b. kind 	c. sort 	d. part
A. Write sentences with “ wish”:
1. It rains so often here.
I wish .
2. I cannot go fishing with my friends.
I wish 
3. I don’t know how to swim
I wish ..
4. I cannot see the film “ Spider man”.
I wish .
5. Mai vill not go to Huong’s birthday tomorrow.
She wishes .
6. They don’t have a key to open the lab.
They wish .
7. I don’t have a computer.
I wish .
8. We live in the country but we don’t like it.
We wish .
9. He doesn’t remember Hoa’s phone number.
He wishes .
10. Nam doesn’t know a lot of students in his class.
He wishes .
B. Choose the correct preposotions of time:
1. My exam is .2 o’clock .Monday.
2. We’ve been waiting here ten minutes.
3. Are you leaving Saturday morning?
4. My father worked in a bank .five years.
5. My uncle and aunt are on holiday..August.
6. I always visit my parents Christmas.
7. Mike usually plays football the weekend.
8. You’v known me .ten years. 
9. I was born .January 3rd 1986.
10. I haven’t seen John he got married.
11. I waited half an hour, and .last she came.
12. I’d like to book a table 6.30 this evening.
C. Combine the sentences below with “ so” :
1. Linh was out when we came. We left a message.
2. It is raining heavily. We take our umbrellas.
3. They didn’t want to get home late. They hired a minibus.
4. Everyone was tired after the visit. They slept on the bus on the way home.
5. The place was bueatiful. Liz wanted to go there again.
6. We didn’t like the food. We walked out of the restaurant.
7. There was fog. Their flight was delayed.
8. The hotel was very noisy. They couldn’t sleep.
9. The beach was very crowded. There was hadly room to sit down.
10. The play was boring. We went home early.
D. Choose and underline the correct words or phrases in the brackets:
0. He is a famous stamp .(collect/collection/collector/collective)
1. It is an .journey. (interest/interesting/interstingly/interested)
2. We will go a picnic tomorrow. (in/at/on/of)
3. My village is about 120 kilometers .the west of HCMC. (in/at/to/for)
4. There’s a shrine .to top of the mountain. (on/in/at/to)
5. Let’s ..somewhere for a drink. (go/ do/ going/ doing)
6. She sings very  (beuty/ beaytiful/ beautify/ beautifully)
7. He used to ..full time, but now he is a part-time worker. (work/ working/ worked/ to work)
8. The accident happens because of driving..(careful/ carefully/ careless/ carelesslt)
9. I wish you someday.(visit/ will visit/ visited/ would visit)
10. They often go to that .to pray. (market/ hotel/ hostel/ shrine)
11. Getting to the village is a very interesting (walk/ journey/ shopping/ fishing)
12. There is a meeting ..9AM and 2PM.(on/ between/ till/ at)
13. He was born 15th, January.( in/ at/ of/ on)
14. I wish they tomorrow. (are/ were/ will be/ would be)
15. She since yesterday. (comes/ came/ has come/ will come)
16. We have lived in Hanoi ..4 years. (in/ since/ for/ at)
17. This test must be done .. (carefully/ careful/ careless/ care)
18. Does he have a stamp ..of coins? (collecting/ collector/ colect/ collection)
19. The weather is nice. Shall we ..up the mountains this morning? (go/ travel/ come/ climb)
20. My village lies near the ..of the mountain and by the river. (foot/ leg/ feet/ arm)
21. He is considered one of greatest.of the country. (heroes/ heroin/ heroines/ heroic)
22. There is a small bamboo the entance to the village. (forest/ forestation/ forest ranger/ forestry)
23. It rains heavily, .. I cannot go to the movie with you. (and/ but/ because/ so)
24. They have lived in that house several months. (in/ at/ for/ since)
25. Minh wishes he ..a new bike. (would have/ has/ had/ will have)
26. I wish you .it again. (don’t do/ won’t do/ didn’t do/ wouldn’t do)
27. Mr Parker grows corn on his farm. (maize/ fruit tree/ rice)
E. Reading comprehension: 
1. Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box. There is one extra word that you do not need to use:
feel – peaceful – villagers- from – scenes – grow – fresh – colors – at
My village is about 50 km (1) to the city center. It is a very beautyful and (2)place where people (3) flowers and vegetables only. It’s very famous for its pretty roses and picturesque (4) The air is quite (5); however, the smell of the roses make people (6).
Cool. In spring my village looks like a carpet with plenty of (7). Tourist come to visit it so often. Nowadays, with electicity, it doesn’t take the (8). much time to water the roses. And even at night, peole can walk along the path and enjoy the freah smell of the flowers. 
Asleep – stations – through – looking – journey – while – in – of – relax
Although I have a car, I prefer to travel by train, especially if I have to make a long (1).. As the train travels at speed (2)..the countryside. I can (3) drink a cup of coffee, read a book or just gaze out (4)..the window. Sometimes, the movement of the train makes me fall (5)
Something you couldn’t do (6).driving a car. The troubles is that I hate waiting on cold (7)..
And I get angry when I have to waste time (8)for a taxi or a bus at the beginning or end of my journey. 
Useful – bad – busiest – cut- farm – for – badly – from – quickly – with
Dick went to his friend’s (1)last August to help him. August is the (2)..time of the year for farmaers because it is then that they have to (3).the corn. It is also the time he chose for his holiday, so he decided to do something that was (4)..and at the same time quite different (5).
His work at the office in London. Luckily, the weather was fine during his two weeks on the farm. One cannot cut corn when it is wet because then it will go (6)when one piles it up. The farmers have to wait (7).sunshine and then cut and dry the corn (8).before rain comes. 
2. Reading the passage carefully:Traveling is fun because you can see how people in other parts of the world live.  One thing travelers don't often think about before traveling is how other cultures bathe.  And bathrooms in many countries may be different from the kind you are used to.In the United States, most people take a shower once a day in the morning.  The showerhead is usually mounted on the wall and cannot be moved.  The bather simply stands under the water, gets wet, scrubs with soap and often a washcloth, and then rinses off.Children often take a bath each night and enjoy playing with small toys such as boats and rubber ducks.  Many adults, especially women, enjoy a soothing bath to get rid of stress at the end of the day.It is important to remember that when you take a shower or bath in the United States, you should be careful to keep the water inside the bathtub or shower.  Unlike bathrooms in m

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