Giáo án Tiếng Anh - Period 1 đến period 6


Lesson1 Getting started

 Listen &read

I. Aim: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to know more about some new structures and review simple present and simple past tense

II.Language contents

a.Grammar : She wasnt old enough to be in my class

b. Vocabulary: seem(v) a next door neighbor look like (v)

III. Techniques: Rub out and Remember ,Comprehention questions, gap- filling

IV. Teaching aids : stereo , pictures, textbook

 V. Procedures:


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Division of lessons :
 1.Getting started + Listen & read 
2. Speak
3. Read
4. Write 
5.Language focus 
Period: 2
Lesson1 Getting started 
 Listen &read
I. Aim: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to know more about some new structures and review simple present and simple past tense
II.Language contents
a.Grammar : She wasn’t old enough to be in my class
b. Vocabulary: seem(v) a next door neighbor look like (v)
III. Techniques: Rub out and Remember ,Comprehention questions, gap- filling
IV. Teaching aids : stereo , pictures, textbook
 V. Procedures:
Teacher and Students’ activities
T asks Ss to look at 4 pictures on page 10
and talk about the activities they want to do
after school or in their free time
T gives some questions
T presents the new words to Ss
Ss repeat and say the meaning 
Ss copy
T presents the model
T gives Ss some questions to lead Ss into 
the dialogue
Ss work in pairs
Ss listen to the stereo
Ss work in pairs to answer the questions
T corrects mistakes in pronunciation
T asks Ss to use the simple tense or past to
Complete paragraph a,b on page 16
T reviews the forms of simple present and simple past
T asks Ss to write a paragraph about Hoa and Lan
T gives Ss some cues and Ss write
Ss practice
Ss write the questions
T corrects and gives marks
 1.Warm up (5’) Marks
What are these Ss doing?
What time of the day do you think it is?
Do you like soccer ? 
Whom do you like playing with ?
2.Presentation (10’)
New words
A next door neighbor: A person who lives next to your house
Look like(v)
Rub out and Remember
Model sentence
She wasn’t old enough to be in my class
@Guidi ng questions
Is Nien Lan’s friend or Hoa’s friend ? 
How old is she ? 
Where does she live? 
Is she a beautiful girl ?
Practice (15’)
Answer keys
Nien lives in Hue
No, she doesn’t
The sentence is “ She wasn’t old 
enough to be in my class “
d.At Christmas
*Gap- filling ( focus 1)
Answer keys
(1) lived (2) lives (3) sent
(4) was (5) is (6) comes
4. Production (10’)
a.Lan/ Hoa’s best friend
b.They/ same/ Quang Trung school
c. Last year/ Hoa/to school / first time
d. Lan/ show/ around/ introduce/ to new friends
**Make questions for the underlined words
a/ My house is in the center of the city
b/ We always do our homework in the evening
c/ My best friends are Tan and Lien
d/ I have to get up early because I go to the airport
5.Homework (5’)
-Learn words, do exercises 1a, b in notebook
-Do exercise 1 page 5 in workbook
-Prepare: lesson2 Speak
Period: 3
 	 UNIT 1: 
Lesson 2 : Speak and Listen
I Aim: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to describe someone and complete the dialogue by listening
II Language contents
a. Grammar: S+ have/has+ adj+ hair
 	 S+ be+ adj
b .Vocabulary: blond(a) Straight(a) bold(a)
 slim (a) curly(a)
III Techniques: Brainstorming, Word cue drill, Prediction, What & Where
IV Teaching aids: pictures, textbook, tape, cards
V Procedures:
Teacher& Ss ‘s activities
T can asks Ss to think of the adj used to describe body build and hair
(T can give a picture of s.o and asks them to describe her/ his hair, her/his build)
T presents some adjectives
T can explain some words in English or use the pictures
Ss say the meaning
Ss copy
T shows Ss a pictures of Mary and asks them to describe her hair/her body build . T introduces the models
Ss give the form
T prepares 6 cards so that Ss can drill easily ( workgroup )
Note: The order of adjectives :number+ quality+ size+ age+ colour+origin/country+material+Noun
T shows the pictures of six people and asks Ss to describe
One student describe and the others have to guess who he/ she is
Ss practice in pairs
If there’s time ,T asks Ss to describe a famous person.T can give marks
T asks Ss”How do people greet one another?”
Ss answer –How are you? 
 -How do you do?
 -Nice to meet you
 -It’s a pleasure to meet you
T reviews the expressions
T gets Ss guess and complete 4 dialogues
Ss listen to the tape
Get Ss to work in pairs to complete the dialogues and compare with their prediction
Ss practice speaking
Ss play roles of Nam-Hoa-Thu, Khai-Mrs Lien-Mr Vi, Ba-Bao - Grandmother, Mr Lam- Mrs Linh_ Mr Thanh
Ss practice in pairs
1.Warm up(5’)
 ? long short
tall thin 
Body build
2. fat ? ? ?
* Speak 
a/ Pre- speaking
.What & where
Model sentence
She has long blond hair
She is short and thin
S+ have/has+ adj + hair
 S+ be+ adj
.Word cue drill
a. he/tall/thin
b. she/short/slim
c .he/short/fat
d. long/black
e. curly/blond
f. straight/ brown
S1: This person is short and thin. She has long blond hair
S2: Is this Mary?
S1: Yes
a/ Pre- listening
b/While- listening
I guess
I listen
-How do you do?
-Nice to meet you
Answer keys
a. I’d like you tp meet
Nice to meet you
b. I’d like you to meet
It’s a pleasure to meet you
c .Come and meet
d. How do you do?
**Put these words in the correct order
1.short/ sister /hair/my/curly/has
2.gray/a/Mr Thanh/ beard/long/has
-Learn new model
-Do exercises 3,4 in workbook
-Prepare : Read
Period: 4
 	 UNIT 1: 
 Lesson 3: Read
I Aim: By the end of the lesson ,Ss will be able to know more about Ba’s friends
II.Language contents
 a/ Grammar: Simple tense
 b/Vocabulary: character(n) tell jokes orphanage(n) sense of humor
 reserved (a) sociable(a)
III.Techniques : What and Where,T/F statements prediction , comprehention questions
IV. Teaching aids: pictures , textbook, cards
V. Produres
Teacher & Students’ activities
I prepares twelve cards with numbers on one side and the verbs on the other
Make sure the verbs are mixed up. Stick the card on the board so students can only see the numbers.
Turn the cards over and see if they match. Eg:teach_taught( give them one mark. If not, turn the card over again and ask the next team)
I presents voca bulary by simple English
I can explain some words in Vietnamese
Ss say the meaning
Ss repeat and copy
T sets the scene: These statements are about Ba and his friends, read them and guess which statements are True, which are False
Ss work in pairs
T asks Ss to open their books and read the text on page 13
Let Ss check their prediction
T asks Ss to correct False statements
Ss do exercise 1 on page 14
Ss work in pairs to choose the best answer
Let Ss read the text again answer the questions
T asks all Ss to work in closed pairs and then asks Ss to work in pairs/ groups and talk to one another about their friends, using the adjectives they have learnt to describe
 1.Warm up (5’). Marks
New words:
Character(n) collective qualities or characteristics( that) distinguish a person orphanage(n) a place where children without parents live
Tell jokes(v) tell a story which makes people laugh
Sense of humor(n)
What and where
3.While – reading
T/F statements prediction
a.Ba only has three friends : Bao, Khai,Song
b.Ba and his friends have the same characters
c. Bao, Khai , Song are quite reserved in public
d.They all enjoy school and study hard
a. Ba has a lot of friends but he spends most of his time with Bao, Song and Khai
b.They have different characters
c.Only Song and Khai are quite reserved
 .Multiple choice
a/ A b/ C c/ B d/ D
Comprehention questions
Answer keys:
a/ Ba feels lucky having a lot of friends
b/ Bao is the most sociable
c/ Khai likes reading
d/ A bad thing about Ba’s jokes is sometimes his jokes annoy his friends
e/ Bao spends his free time doing volunteer work at a local orphanage
f/ I and my friends , of course, have different characters
4.Post –reading(5’)
5.Homework (5)
-Learn words, do exercises in workbook
- Write a paragraph about one closed friend
- Prepare : Lesson 3 Speak + Listen 
Period 5 
Unit 1: 
Lesson 4 : Write
I Aim: By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to write a paragraph about their close friends.
II Language contents:
Grammar : Simple tense
Vocabulary : humorous , elder , helpful 
III.Techniques : Kim’s game , T/F statements
IV.Teaching aids : picture , textbook
V. Procedures:
Teacher and students ‘activities
Teacher asks Ss to look at the picture on page 17 quickly ( for 20 seconds)
 Then let them keep their books closed.
T divides the class into four groups
 T gives Ss two questions ,the group which answers correctly, the fastest wins the game.
Teacher asks Ss to read the information about Tam
Ss read silently
T asks Ss to compare the information in the paragraph with the information in the box and choose T/F statement
 Ss work in groups
T checks again
Then T asks Ss to answer the questions 
Ss work in pairs
Then teacher asks Ss to discuss the answer and give out their remarks .
Next, teacher introduce information about asks Ss to write the similar paragraph.
Stuaent work in groups and discuss their writing .
Then they write their paragraph on the board . Teacher corrects
Teacher asks pairs of Ss to ask and answer about Bao . Ss do the request .
Teacher remarks 
Teacher sets the homework
Warm up
Kim’ game
a.How many people are there in the picture ? (4)
b.What is each person wearing ?
The woman is wearing a red shirt and a green skirt
The man who is standing beside the car is wearing brown trousers and a yellow shirt
The man who is standing on the pavement is wearing a pink shirt and blue trousers
The boy is wearing blue shorts and a white shirt
Pre- writing
*Choose T/F statement
a.Tam is very fat and short
b.His hair is short and black
c.There are four people in his family
d.His friends are Bao and An
.What is his name ?
. How old is he ?
. What does he look like ?
. What is he like ?
. Where does he live ?
. Who does he live with ? 
. Who are his close friends ?
III . While Writing :
Name : Nguyen Van Bao
Appearance :short, fat , brown hair 
Character : kind , sociable 
Address : 15 Tran Phu street Ha Noi 
Family : grand father , parents , younger sister . 
Friends : Nam , Lan , Mi 
IV Post Writing :
Speaking activity 
 Ex : What’s his name ?
 Where does he live ?
 How old is he ?
Mark :
V Homework :
Learn new lesson 
Write a short paragraph about your sister’s friend
Comments :.
Period 6
 	 UNIT 1: 
 Lesson 5 Language focus 2,4
 I.Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use simple present tense to talk about general truths and write some sentences using the structures”(not) + Adj+ enough + to- infinitive”
II.Language contents
Grammar: Simple tense
 S + V+(not) +Adj /Adv +enough +to-infinitive
 planet (n) Mercury Mars silly (a)
III.Techniques:Categories, Slap the board ,Word cue drill
IV.Teaching aids: Textbook,cards, pictures
Teacher and Ss’s activities
T asks Ss to find out the adjectives beginning with the letters that the T gives
T divides the class into two groups. T gives 4 letters at the same time. Ss have to find out four adjectives beginning with the four letters given
T uses cards of letters
The team which finishes first gets one mark
T presents new words to Ss
T reviews simple present tense : formation and usage
( Focus on one of the usage of simple present tense.It is used to express an action which is always true)
Ss complete the dialogue 
Ss work in pairs
T sets the scene to introduce the structure”enough’
T asks Ss to hang the picture “How do I say and how do you answer?”
Ss answer
Ss give the form
Ss work in pairs
Ss do exercise 4
Ss work in pairs.
Ss rewrite the sentences, be sure to keep the meaning unchanged.
1.Warm up
.Categories /Marks
T writes: a b c d
S writes:awful big clever dirty
T writes: g h i j
S writes: great heavy intelligent jealous
T writes: k l m n
S writes: kind lovely mean new
T writes: o p q r
S writes: old poor quiet rich 
a planet (Ex: the sun ,the moon, the earth.)
Mars (n)
*Slap the board
+Revision of Simple Present tense
S +V + -be ( am, is ,are)
 -ordinary verb (Inf/V(s,es))
3/While ( language focus 2)
Answer keys
(1) sets
(4) (5) (6) is
Language focus 4
T:Can you 1this 2 over there?
S:No, I..3 not ..4 5 to..6 the ..7. over there.
S+V+ Adj/ adv +enough +to -inf
Work cue drill
read English books/ good a car /old x
c.carry this bag/ strong
d. solve this problem /clever x
4/ Post
Answer keys:
not big enough
not old enough
 strong enough
 good enough
** Sentence transformation
I am interested in telling jokes
->I enjoy.
2.The weather was beautiful .We can go camping ( enough)
-> The weather was
3.He can touch the light because he is very tall.
-> He is..
4.The question is difficult .We can answer it.
->The question is not.
5. Homework
-Do exercises 5,6 in workbook.
-Prepare Unit 2: Listen and read
Comments : 

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