Hệ thống câu hỏi “nhận biết” chương trình học kỳ I môn Tiếng Anh 9

A. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences

 1. She often goes to the ________________ to pray because her religion is Islam.

a. church b. pagoda c. temple d. Mosque

Answer: d. mosque

 2. Nguyen Du is considered a famous Vietnamese ________________

a. poetry b. poem c. poet d. Poetic

Answer: c. poet

 3. Vietnamese women prefer to wear modern clothing ________________ work

a. at b. in c. to d. With

Answer: a. at

4. Minh wishes he ________________ a new bike

a. would have b. had c. has d. will have

Answer: b. had

 5. He is considered one of the greatest ________________ of the country.


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A. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences
 1. She often goes to the ________________ to pray because her religion is Islam.
a. church 	b. pagoda 	c. temple 	d. Mosque
Answer: d. mosque
 2. Nguyen Du is considered a famous Vietnamese ________________
a. poetry 	b. poem 	c. poet 	d. Poetic
Answer: c. poet 
 3. Vietnamese women prefer to wear modern clothing ________________ work
a. at 	b. in 	c. to 	d. With
Answer: a. at 
4. Minh wishes he ________________ a new bike
a. would have	 b. had 	 c. has 	d. will have
Answer: b. had 
 5. He is considered one of the greatest ________________ of the country.
a. heroes 	b. heroin	 c. heroines 	d. Heroic
Answer: a. heroes 
6. Mary .................. staying with Lan last week. 
A. were B.is C. was
Answer: was
7. Hao ......................... Mai’s letter a week ago. 
A. receive B. received C. receives
Answer: received
8. Hoa ................. walk past the mosque on her way to primary school.
A. used to B. uses to C. use to
Answer: A. used to
9. ....................... is a compulsory second language.
A. Chinese B. Tamil C. English.
Answer: C. English
10. There are ............... religions in Malaysia.
A. three B. two C. four
Answer: B. two
11. What is the capital of Malaysia?
A. Kuala Lumpur. B. Vientiane C.Bangkok
Answer: A. Kuala Lumpur
12. What did you do at the weekend? - I  T.V at home
 A. watches B. watch C. watched 
Answer: C. watched 
13. Vietnamese women today prefer modern clothing.....................traditional clothing. A. to B. with C. from D. on
Answer : A. to
14. In the 1990s, the sale of jeans stopped................................
 A. to grow B. growing C. grow D. to be grown
 Answer: B. growing
15. Wearing casual clothes makes students......................self-confident.
 A. feel B. to feel C. feeling D. felt
 Answer : A. feel
16. I have seen her............................. 2003.
 A. for B. since C. ago D. in
 Answer : B. since
17. Rice ..............................in tropical countries.
A. grow B. grew C. is grown D. grows
Answer : C. is grown
18. The ao dai is the traditional.............................of Vietnamese women.
A. clothes 	B. shirt 	C. dress 	D. skirt
 Answer : C. dress
19. Now some fashion designers have printed lines of..................on the ao dai.
A. novel 	B. poetry C. song D.music
 Answer: B. poetry
20. The word jeans comes from a kind of material that was made in.......................
A. Asia B. America C. Africa D. Europe
Answer : D. Europe
21. Jeans at last became high fashion clothing in the..............................
A.1960s B. 1970s C. 1980s D.1990s
Answer: C. 1980s
22. Wearing uniforms encourages students to be proud....................their school because the uniforms bear their school’s name.
A. of B. at C. on D. in
 Answer: A. of
23. When I flew to Tokyo last week, there were 400 on plane.
A. flight attendants 	B. passengers	C. pedestrians	D. pilots
Answer: B. passengers
24. My kids often wish they .like Spiderman.
A. could fly	 B. can fly	 C. could flied	 D. can flying
Answer: A. could fly
25. Marry wishes she ..her parents this time.
A. can visit	 B. could visited	 C. could visit	 D. visits
Answer: C. could visit
26. When I was a student, I used to go to school.......................bus.
A. by	 B. on	 C. in	 D. with	
Answer: A. By
27. He’ll leave................. Ho Chi Minh city at the end of the week.
 A. to	 	B. at	 C. for	 D. In
Answer: C. For
28. Its very kindyou to say so!
 A. in B. To C. For D. Of
Answer: D
29. Mary was really  by the beauty of Hanoi.
 A.impress B. impression C. impressed D.impressive
Answer: C
30. We are having a good time together; I wish you ____________ here with us now.
	 A. are B. will C. were D. would be
Answer: C
31. It is the first time......................... Hanoi. It is so wonderful
 A. visit B. visited C. have visited D. has visit
Answer: C
32. It .................. continuously since last Friday.
 A. finish B. finished C. has been finishing D. have finished
Answer: D
33. This suit.............. specially for you
 A. designs B. is designed C. has designed D. to design
Answer: B
B. Circle the option whose underlined part is pronounced differently
from those of the others.
1. A. week B. least C. meeting D. busy
2. A. visit B. peaceful C. wish D. trip
3. A. impressed B. used C. enjoyed D. asked
4. A. wanted B. divided C. separated D. arrived
5. A. Islam B. comprise C. Buddhism D. compulsory
6. a. mountain b. found c. ground d. double
7. a. thing b. Hiking c. climbing d. sight
8. a chance b. reach c. exchange d. travel
9. a. village b. bridge c. age d. hamburger 
10. a. hour b. mountain c. journey d. town
Keys: 1-D 2- B 3- D 4- D 5- D
6. d 7. a 8. d 9. d 10. d
C. Choose the best preposition to complete the sentences below
1. They arrived at the village early...................... Monday morning
A. in B. on C. at D. Between
 Answer: B
2. Normally, work on a farm starts ............. 5 am every morning
A. in B. on C. at D. Of
Answer: C
3. We collected strawberries ........................ the lunch time, and then we had lunch right on the field.
A. in B. during C. until D. Thought
Answer: B
4. Countryside kids often collect chicken eggs........................ the night comes in
A. at B. before C. by D. During
Answer: B
 D. Match the words in column A with their explanations in column B
1. Paddy field
2. Exchange students
3. Maize 
4. Part – time 
5. Snack 
A. this is not full time or official
B. small quick meal
C. any kind of plants which are grown for grain like corn
D. those who are involved in an educational exchanging program between two universities.
E. areas where rice is grown
Answer: 1-E	2-D	3-C	4-A	5-B
E. Match the half – sentences: 
1, The play was boring,
2, Liz was tired after the trip,
3, The bus was late,
4, We didn’t like the food,
5, The place was beautiful,
A) so she went to bed very early.
B) so we got home after midnight.
C) so Liz wanted to go there again.
D) so we went home.
E) so we walked out of the restaurant.
Answer key;
1 – D: The play was boring, so we went home.
2 – A: Liz was tired after the trip, so she went to bed very early.
3 – B: The bus was late, so we got home after midnight
4 – E: We didn’t like the food, so we walked out of the restaurant
5 – C: The place was beautiful, so Liz wanted to go there again.
 A. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences
 1. We have many well ________________teachers here
a. qualify	 b. quality 	c. qualified	 d. Qualification
Answer: c. qualified
 2. I can complete a ________________ English test if you want
a. speak 	 b. spoke 	c. spoken 	d. Speaking
Answer: c. spoken 	
 3. They couldn't pass the final ________________
a. exam 	b. examination 	c. examining 	d. Examine
Answer: b. examination 
4. What aspect of ________________ English do you find difficult
a. study 	b. studied 	c. learnt 	d. Learning
Answer: d. learning
 5. If you want to attend the course, you ________________ pass the examination.
a. have to 	a. has to 	c. had to 	d. could
Answer: a. have to 
6. This year the only award for the .student belongs to him
a.good	b.well	c.better	d.best
Answer: d.best
7. We must be there ..7.30 and 9.30.
A. at B. after C. before D. Between
Answer: D. Between
8. Lan is  than her sister.
A. as beautiful B. beautifuller C. more beautiful D. the most beautiful
Answer: C. more beautiful 
9. What time .? About an hour ago.
A. he phones B. he phoned C. did he phone D. has he phoned
Answer: C. did he phone 
10. My Dad .for this company since 2001.
A. work B. works C. worked D. has worked
Answer: D. has worked
11. We have many well teachers here.	
	a.qualify	b.quality	c.qualified	d.qualification
Answer: c. qualified
12. They couldn’t pass the final .
	a.exam	b.examine	c.examining	d.examination
Answer: d. examination
13. She aked me where I from
	a.come	b.came	c.to come	d.coming
Answer: b. came
14. I look forward .hearing ..my mother in Singapore.
	a.to / with	b.to / about	c.to / from	d. to / for
Answer: c. to/from
15. He asked me ..
 A. what my name is B. what was my name C. what my name was 	D. what is my name
Answer: C. What my name was
16. She wanted to know ..the youngest child in my family.
A. if I was	B. if I were C. if was I 	D. if were I
Answer : A. if I was
17. My mother 	 she would come home late tonight.
 A. said me B. told me C. asked me	D. told to me
Answer: B. told me
18. She asked him where he ..from. ( was/ are/is )
Answer: was .
19. They said that they .their house. ( sell /sold/sells)
Answer: sold . 
20. I asked him if he help me. ( can/can’t/could )
Answer: could . 
21. He asked me where I .the previous day. ( go/went/gone )
Answer: went . 
22. The teacher asked her why she the test. (didn’t do/ not do/ don’t do)
Answer: didn’t 
B. Match each if clause in the column A with its appropriate main clause in the column B
1. If he wants to get well soon, 
2. If I would like to get good marks,
3. If I do not like to be punished,
4. If he hasn’t come to class yet,
5. If I had money now,
A. I must follow the traffic law
B. Something bad might happen to him
C. I could take a taxi home
D. I have to study harder
E. He should take this medicine
Keys: 1- E 2- D 3- A 4- B 5 - C
C. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest :
1. A. union B. unit C. until D. university
2. A. pass B exam C. language D. passage 
3. A. hard B. ask C. aspect D. are
4. A. name B. came C. able D. grammar
5. A. what B. call C. want D. program 
6. A. easy B. question C. exactly D. examination 
7. A. interested B. Fighting C. library D. find
8. A. hard B. ask C. aspect D. are
9. A. name B. came C. able D. grammar
10. A. what B. call C. want D. program 
Keys: 1.C 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. D 6. B
7.A 8. C 9. D 10. D 
 A. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences
 1. Who told you of the news ? The ____ ____________ may not be correct
a. inform 	b. information	 	c. informational 	d. Informative
Answer: b. information
 2. Let's dance together, ________________? The party is so wonderful.
a. shall we 	b. shan't we 	c. will you 	d. won't you
Answer: a. shall we 
3. The next stage in the development of television is ________________TV
a. interact 	b. interaction 	c. interactive 	 d. Interactively
Answer: c. interactive 
4. She thinks that chatting on the Internet is time ________________
a. consume 	b. consumer 	c. consuming 	 d. Consumption
Answer: c. consuming 
 5. People usually ________________ with relatives or friends by email or chatting on the Internet. 
a. communicate 	b. communication 	c. communicating d. Communicated
Answer: a. communicate 
6. It took us an hour ..........................to Nha Trang.
A. drive	B. Driving	C. to drive	D. Drove
Answer: C. to drive
7. A.............programme is seen on the TV at the same time as it is happened.
A. direct 	B. Favourite	C. Good	D. live
Answer: D. live
8. What about ...................to dinner with me?
A. come	B. Coming	C. to come	D. Comes
Answer: B. Coming
9. We are ................ to know that you can do it successfully.
A.bored	B. Sastified	 C. Delighted	 D. Popular
Answer: C. Delighted
10. They are amused ...................the TV programme last night.
A. at B. In	C. With	D. About
Answer: A. at 
11. I wonder why he _________________ his family.
A. doesn’t love B. didn’t love C. don’t love D. haven’t loved
Answer: A. doesn’t love 
12. You don’t use the Internet very often,_______________?
A. are you B. haven’t you C. don’t you D. do you
Answer: D. do you
13. He told me he________________ leave the city the following day.
A. will have to B. would have to C. has to D. has to
Answer: B. would have to 
14. You have to pass the examination_____________ you want to attend the course.
A. if B. or C. in order to D. So
Answer: A. if 
15. Remote controls are used to________________ with TV.
A. interact B. interaction C. interactive D. Interactively
Answer: A. interact 
16. He thinks that_____________ on the Internet is a waste of time.
A. chat B. chatting C. chatter D. to chat
Answer: B. chatting 
17. By learning English, you can get access______________ the world’s development.
A. with B. for C. to D. Into
Answer: C. to 
18. Nobody has seen him since yesterday morning, ______________?
A. has nobody B. have they C. haven’t they D. hasn’t nobody
Answer: B. have they 
19. This restaurant has reputation _______________ serving some of the finest food.
A. in B. by C. for D. With
Answer: C. for 
20. He is a strict_______________.
A. exam B. examine C. examinee D. Examiner
Answer: D. Examiner
B. Circle the best answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences. ( Tag – Questions)
1. Both men won't surf the Internet for a chat any more, _______? 
A. will they 	B. won't they 	C. will he 	D. won't he 
Answer: A
 2. This newspaper was printed in the United States ___? 
A. wasn't this newspaper 	B. was this newspaper 
C. wasn't it 	D. was it 
Answer: C
 3. 	You have read this information in a prestigious magazine, _ you? 
A. do 	B. don't 	C. have 	D. haven't 
Answer: D
 4. Your parents are going on holiday in Nha Trang now, ____? 
A. don't your parents 	B. don't they 
C. are your parents 	D. aren't they 
Answer: D
 5. You'd rather watch TV this evening, ______? 
A. isn't it 	B. hadn't you C. wouldn't you 	D. won't you 
Answer: C
 6. If you go away, you _______ write to me, _____you? 
Answer: B
A. will ; won't 	B. can ; can't 
C. would ; wouldn't 	D. do ; don't 
7. Computers were invented by an American scientist, ____? 
A. wasn't it 	B. was it 
C. were they 	D. weren't they 
Answer: D
C. Circle the best answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences ( Gerund)
1. My sister doesn't like _______ soccer matches on TV. 
A. watch 	B. watched 
C. to watch 	D. watching 
Answer: D
2. Daisy prefers _______ television to _______ to the radio. 
A. watch ; listen 	B. watching ; listen 
C. watch ; listening 	D. watching ; listening 
Answer: D
3. My father often gets up early and loves _______ some newspapers 
before going to work. 
A. read 	B. to read 
C. reading 	D. reads 
Answer: C
4. My mother doesn't like me _______ football with him because she 
thinks that he is a naughty boy. 
A. play 	B. playing 
C. to play 	D. played 
Answer: C
5. I don't like _______ because I have ever suffered from personal 
information leaking. 
A. email 	B. emailing 
C. to email 	D. to emailing 
Answer: B

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