Ôn tập thi tuyển học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh 8

ĐỀ 1:

I. Chọn một đáp án đúng nhất

1. The . of the poetry competition will be known today.

a. decision b. result c. effect d. choice

2. We take part . most youth activities of our school.

a. of b. on c. in d. at

3. Listen to what I am saying, ?

a. do you b. don’t you c. aren’t you d. will you

4. Milk bottles can be after being cleaned.

a. reused b. thrown away c. recycled d. used

5. This project . out next week.

a. is carried b. will carry c. will be carried d. is carrying

6. He told us to use our dictionaries to every word we didn’t understand.

a. look out b. look for c. look at d. look up

7. The children are getting . illnesses this winter than in the past.

a. few b. fewer c. less d. little

8. There aren’t many books in the library as there used to be.


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ntences as much as possible 
1, Practice English every day / not easy .
2, Go on a trip / interesting .
Exercise 8 : Use the correct form of the words in brackets 
1, Each of my friends has a character ( differ ) .
2, The tiger wanted to see the farmer’s ( wise ) .
3, Every was ..at the soccer match ( excite ) .
4, You shouldn’t talk about her character only through her .( appear ) .
Exercise 9 : Complete the passage with the words given : who , carry , coins , might , need , to , located , no , travels , less .
Nowaday , you don’t (1) to be at home or at the office to use the telephone anymore . Mobile phones have (2)  wires . You can (3) .one in your pocket or keep one in your car . A call from a mobile phone (4) ..along radio waves to stations (5) .. in different places . From there , the radio signal is connected (6) .. the regular phone system . With a mobile phone , any one (7) can drive and talk can also drive and phone . This means (8) wasted time : You don’t have to look for a phone booth or use (9) .to make a call . So remember , next time you are at the beach or riding your bike , there (10) be a call for you !
ĐỀ 3:
I. Choose the words that has the the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. stomach B. Match C. Catch D. Watch.
2. A. Naked. B. Sacred C. Needed D. Walked
3. A. Leaf B. OfC. DeafD. Wife
4. A. PromiseB. RealizeC. organizeD. Surprise
5. A. GreatB.SteakC. BreakfastD. Danger
6.A SonB. SixC. SuitD. Sugar
II. Use of English: Write A, B, C or D which best completes the sentences 
6. Promise that you’ll be on time. You.be late.
A. Don’t have toB. Have toC. MustD. Musn’t
7. They went awayholiday..the end of last week.
A. in/onB. on/inC. on/atD. at/on
9.. To remember the words you’ve learnt, you have to.them often
A. RepeatB. RewriteC. ReviseD. Replace
10. I’mthat you want to know more.
A. PleaseB. PleasingC. PleasedD. To please
11. Look! I can see a boy ..in the street now.
A. runB. runningC. to runD. Runing
12. The tiger succeeded in .from the farmer.
A. goingB. GettingC. running awayD. Freeing
13. A bird.to me this morningA. singsB. singC. sangD. is singing
14. One match can a fire
A. makeB. startC. causeD. All are correct
15. We saw an interesting film on TV last nightan interesting film we saw!
A. WhichB. WhatC.HowD. So
16. Living conditions are good in the city, and medical facilities can be.
A. readyB. Prepared.C. ArrangedD. Accessible
17. After his wife died, he married again. He
A. RearrangedB. RemarriedC. Reoccupied.D. Repeated.
18. is a science of elements that can change the world.
A. MathematicsB. ChemistryC. Physics.D. Biology
19.Photois one of the most popular hobbies.
A. takingB. makingC. catchingD. Doing
20. I’m sorry but I have to stopfor a while. I’ve got stomach.
A. workingB. to workC. to be workingD. what I worked
21. My dog as well as my cats..twice a day
A. eatB. eatsC. has eatenD. have eaten
22. She has changed so much thatanyone recognized her.
A. AlmostB. HardlyC. NeverD. No
23. Linda had ain her hair yesterday
A. nice bow yellowB. bow yellow niceC. Nice yellow bow.D. yellow bow nice
24. Next to the refrigerator therea stove and an oven.
A. isB. areC. HaveD. were
III. Reading Comprehension: 
A. Read the passage, then write True for True, F for False, for each of the sentences below, according to the information given. If the is not given, put a question mark (?).
Many people think that teachers give pupils too much homework. They say that it is unnecessary for children to work at home in their free time. Moreover, they are argue that most teachers don’t properly plan the homework tasks they give to pupils. The result is that pupils repeat tasks which they have already done at school
Recently in Greece, many parents complained about the difficult homework which teachers gave to their children. The parents said that most of the homework was a waste of time, and they wanted to stop it. Spain and Turkey are two countries which stopped homework recently. In Denmark, West Germany and several other countries in Europe, teachers can’t set homework at weekends. In Holland, teachers allow pupils to stay at school to do their homework. The children are free to help one another. Similar arrangements also exist some British schools.
Most people agree that homework is unfair. A pupil who can do his homework in a quiet an comfortable room is in a much better position than a pupil who does in a small, noisy room with TV on. Some parents help their children with their homework. Other parents take no interest at all in their children’s homework.
It is important, however, that teachers talk to parents about homework. A teacher should suggest suitable tasks for parents to do with their children. Parents are often better at teaching their own children.
26. Many teachers think that pupils should have homework.
27. Greek parents thought their children’s homework is too easy
28. A lot of homework has not been planed properly, according to many parents
29. In some countries in Europe teachers are allowed to give their children homework only at weekends
30. According to the writer, many parents would like their children to have less homework
B. Write A, B,C, or D to complete the following passage.
For many young people sport is a popular part of school life and(31)in one of school teams and playing matches is very important(32)someone is in a team it means a lot of extra practice and often spending a Saturday or Sunday away(33).home, as many matches are played then.
It(34)also involve traveling to other towns to play against other school teams and then(35)..on after the match for a meal or a drink. Some parents, friends or other students will travel with the team to support(36)own side.
When a school team wins a match it is the whole school which feels proud,(37)only the player. It can also mean that a school(38)..well-known for being good at certain sports and pupils from that school may end up playing(39)..national teams so that the school has some really(40)names associated with it.
31. A. havingB. BeingC. TakingD. Putting
32. A. IfB. AsC. ThenD. So
33. A. atB. OnC. ForD. From
34. A. oughtB. isC. canD. has
35. A. BeingB. StayingC. leavingD. Spending
36. A. TheirB. itsC. ourD. whose
37. A. butB. HoweverC. AndD. not
38. A. turnsB. makesC. comesD. becomes
39. A. upB. toC. forD. beside
40. A. oldB. newC. CommonD. famous.
IV. Word form:
41. One of the ....... of English is its flexibility. (strong)
42. .......... facilities are more easily acessible here. (medicine)
43. The programs ......... in their aims and activities. (diferent)
44. He's a famous businessman. He ......... demonstrated his new products. (success)
45.Their products ảe díplayed in ............. exhibitions. They have become famous since then. (count)
46. They eased the victim's pain and .............. . (anxious).
V. Writing:
47. I intend to come over to pick you up.
---> I am .......................................................................................................................................
48. Going on a trip is more interesting than staying at home.
---> Staying at home ....................................................................................................................
49. He still smokes but he smoked a lot 2 years ago.
---> He used to .............................................................................................................................
50. Don't try to escape. It's no use.
---> It's no use ..............................................................................................................................
ĐỀ 4:
Trường	: ______________	 ĐỀ THI HỌC KỲ II – Môn: ANH VĂN 8
Ho, tên 	: ______________	Ngày kiểm tra : / 5 / 2009 - Thời gian: 
I. A. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others (0.75 mk)
1/ A. shock	B. chart	C. stretcher	D. teacher	
2/ A. corn	B. snorkel	C. wonder	D. import	
3/ A. institutes	B. laughs	C. towers	D. roofs	
	B. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others. (0.5 mk)
4/ A. participate	B. competition	C. itinerary	D. emergency	
5/ A. emergency 	B. deposit	C. injection	D. conscious	
II. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence. (2.25 mks)
6/ We do all that we can to ________________ the air pollution in our city. 
	A. maximize 	B. increase C. less 	D. minimize	
7/ You should ask your parents ________________- some advice. 
	A. off 	B. for 	C. of 	D. with	
8/ We must learn to preserve our ________________. 
	A. money	B. thing	C. heritage	D. time	
9/ Let’s sing the Christmas ______________ now. 
	A. anthem	B. music	C. words	D. carol
10/ We get up early ___________________ go to school on time. 
	A. as	B. so	C. so that	D. in order to
11/ They were watching TV ______________ the telephone rang. 
	A. when	B. while	C. if	D. until
12/ She’s ______________________ singer I’ve ever known. 
	A. less famous	B. more famous	C. the famous	D. the most famous
13/ What time should we pick you _____________ at the airport? 
	A. up	B. down	C. over	D. again
14/ Do you mind if I leave my bike here? _____________________. 
	A. Of course 	B. Fine thanks 	C. Go ahead 	D. No thanks
III/ Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage. (1.5 mks)	
	Hoa, Nga and her cousin Nhi were (15) ________________, so Nga suggested that they play a game called 20 questions. She (16) ________________ the rules and then the girls started to play. Nga thought of a place and she gave the others a (17) ________________ by saying that it wasn’t in Viet Nam. Nhi found (18) ________________ the place was in America. Hoa thought it was the Golden Gate Bridge, but that is in San Francisco. Nhi was (19) ________________ when she said it (20) ________________ the Statue of Liberty.
15/ A. careful 	B. hard 	C. bored 	D. boring
16/ A. told 	B. explained 	C. spoke 	D. said
17/ A. clue	B. answer 	C. result 	D. key
18/ A. in 	B. on 	C. out 	D. of
19/ A. right	B. wrong 	C. sad 	D. incorrect
20/ A. is 	B. are 	C. was	D. were
IV/ Choose the underline words or phrases A, B, C or D that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. (1mk)	
21/ Would you like playing football with us now?	________	
	A	B	C	D	
22/ Peter found the match was exciting.	________	
	A	B	C	D
23/ The letter posted by Bosch last week.	________
 A	 B	 C	 D
24/ He’s been in France for January.	________
 A B	 C	 D
V/ Use the correct form of the word in parentheses to fill in each blank. (1.5 mks)
25/ It is__________ in Britain to eat turkeys at Christmas.(tradition)
26/ That engine is __________ of fuel. (waste)
27/ The journey took __________ seven hours. (approximate)
28/ Good hygiene helps to __________ the risk of infection. (minimum)
29/ All __________ finishing the race will receive a medal. (participate)
30/ The __________ from New York to Heathrow took about 5 hours. (fly)
VI/ Read the passage. Then write True or False for each of the sentences below. (1mk)
	Every day of the year throughout the world, about twenty million paper bags and newspapers are screwed and thrown away.
	Making paper requires a lot of wood pulp and the work of millions of workers. Many countries have had plans to recycle waste to save money and labor. In countries where there is the cooperation of the public, paper mills recycle as much as sixty percent of waste paper. For every ton of recycled newsprint, twelve trees can be saved. We can insist that the more paper people save, the more trees are preserved.
31/ Most people use paper economically.	___________
32/	 Making paper requires a lot of labor.	___________
33/	 One ton of recycled paper saves twelve trees.	___________
34/ People plant more trees in order to make more paper.	___________	
VII/ Complete the unfinished sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed above it. (1.5 mks)
35/ Nam gets up early every morning. He doesn’t want to be late for school.
à Nam gets up early every morning so	
36/ My brother started to study English 3 years ago.
à My brother has 	
37/ “Is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco?” Hoa said to Tim.
à Hoa asked Tim 	
ĐỀ 5:
I – Pronunciation (1 mark)
A. Choose the one word in which the underline part is not pronounced the same as those in the other words of the group. 
1. Christmas 	chemistry 	challenging 	architect 	
2. Document	adjust 	sunbathe 	just 	
B. Choose the one word whose stress pattern is not the same as that in the rest. 
3. Connection 	restriction 	fixation 	installation	 
	4. Manual 	document 	library 	concern 	
II – Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to fill in each blank. (4 marks)
5. If you want to print something, just use the _________________________. 
	computer 	printer 	facsimile	telephone 
6. Nowadays, students can get a ___________________ without being on campus. 
	water 	test 	mark 	degree 
7. After the car accident, he had to use a pair of ___________________. 
	trousers 	scissors 	jeans 	crutches 
8. __________________ are convenient to travel in small rivers. 
	Cars 	Ships 	Canoes 	Planes 
9. Please handle with great care the __________________ in the kitchen. 
	cookers 	saucepans 	spoons 	glassware 
10. Do you mind if I _____________ here? – No, I don’t mind. 
	to sit 	sit 	sitting 	sat 
11. You don’t have _______________ early tomorrow. It’s Sunday. 
	to get 	get 	getting 	got 
12. Have you ever _______________ to America? 
	to be 	be 	been 	were 
13. I don’t know where ______________ on my holiday. 
 	to go 	go 	went 	going 
14. Laura always ___________________ to school late. 
 	to go 	go 	went 	goes
15. When __________ you ______________ back? - Yesterday morning. 
	do/ came 	does/ come 	did/ come 	did/ came 
16. Our teacher said we _________________ hard. 
	will work 	have to work 	must work 	had to work 
17. Mary asked Tom if he _______________ their new teacher. 
	to see 	saw 	see 	seeing 
18. 	 I don’t know what _________________ for my sister’s birthday. 
	buy 	bought 	buying 	to buy 
19. The principal came in when we ________________________ noise. 
	to make 	made 	are making 	were making 
20. The festival ________________________ next week. 
	has been held 	is held 	was held 	will be held 
III – Read the passage. Then decide which option (A, B, C, D) best fits each space. (1 mark)
 Computer bulletin boards are used in the same way as (21) ________________ ones in schools and colleges. The (22) ___________________ is that over 20 millions people may have access to them. If students want (23) _________________ math at 3 am, it’s not a problem. They (24) _________________ messages on the bulletin board and find other people who want to talk about the same topic. 
21. 	tradition 	traditional 	traditionally 	trade 
22. 	differ 	difference 	different 	differently 
23. 	to discuss 	discuss 	discussing 	discussed 
24. 	post 	sell 	receive 	buy 
IV – Choose the underlined words or phrases A, B, C, or D that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. (1 mark)
25. I have bought a new house five years ago. 	 
 A B C D
26. How long did you done that work? 	 
 A B C D
 I don’t know how connecting the printer. 	
 A B C D
Tom asked Jerry if he knows how far it is from his house to super market. 	
 A B C D
V – Fill in the blank with the correct from of the word in parentheses. (1m)
___________________, dark clouds soon appeared and it began to rain. (fortunate)
Sally’s husband is always complaining about the ____________ of her suitcase. (heavy)
I like this film because it’s very ____________________. (excite)
The parents are always _________________about their children. (worry)
VI – Complete the unfinished sentences in such away that they mean the same as those printed above them. (2 marks) 
“Do you get good mark?” My mother asked me. 
 My mother asked me 	
“What should I do for you?” Tom asked Mary. 
 Tom asked Mary 	
He has learned English for two years. 
 He learned 	
Mary made this cake yesterday. 
 This cake 	
ĐỀ 6:
I. Pronunciation: (1.25pts)
A. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words: (0.75pt) 
A. representative
B. departure
C. institute
D. limestone
A. separate
B. marine
C. wonder
D. compile
A. teammate
B. claim
C. participate
D. pomegranate
B. Choose the word whose stress pattern is not the same as that of the rest: (1pt) 
A. memorial
B. include
C. brochure
D. competition
A. surround
B. marine
C. snorkel
D. award
II. Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to fill in each blank: (2.25pts)
I take part .. most youth activities of my school .
 A. of
B. on
C. to
D. in
2. Jane saw her old friend while she .... the street .
 A. crossed
B. is crossing
C. was crossing
D. crosses
He had his father ....his watch .
 A. fixed
B. fixing
C. to fix
D. fix
4. I saw him ....the flowers in the garden .
 A. watering
B. watered
C. be watered
D. be watering
5. Paul is said .. the brightest student in the class .
 A. was
B. to be
C. being
D. he was
6. A contest in which participants have to fetch water from the river is called  .
 A. water-fetch contest
B. fetching-water contest
C. water-fetching contest
D. fetch-water contest
7. Tom ... his hand when he was cooking the dinner .
 A. burnt 
B. was burning
C. has burnt
D. burn
8. She asked me .. a daughter 
 A. if I have
B. whether I have 
C. if I had
D. whether I have had 
9. I like going to the museum of. life .
 A. simple
B. merry
C. marine
D. marry
III. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A,B,C,D) that must be changed for the sentence to be correct: (1pt)
He said if he liked sugar in his coffee. 
 A B C D
She was meeting him when she was walking in the park..  
 A B C D
lan asked his father if he would go to Hue tomorrow. 
 A B C D
My friend said he could to speak English well 
 A B C D
IV.	Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence: (1.5pts)
. The local people showed me great(hospitable) .
. It’s.....(help) to have a calculator for this exam .
. He has been..(award) a scholarship to do research .
. He always gives his opinions...(clear) .
. I am not really..(suit) dressed for a party . 
. The bride wore a dress that she.(design) herself 
V. Read the passage, then write TRUE or FALSE for each sentence: (1pt)
 In 1823, the patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas appeared in a poem called A Visit From Saint Nicholas. The character in the poem was a fat jolly man who wore a red suit and gave children presents on Christmas Eve. The poem, which was written by Clement Clarke Moore, an American professor, became popular in the USA. Santa Claus is based on the description of Saint Nicholas in this poem.
Saint Nicholas appeared in a poem in 1820.
Saint Nicholas was a thin jolly man who wore a red suit .
 3. Clement Clarke Moore wrote the poem “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” .
 4. Santa Claus is based on the description of Saint Nicholas in this poem .
VI. Read the passage. Then decide which word in the box best fits each blank: (1.5pts) 
 built - God - really - largest - biggest - royal - religious
 Angkor Wat should ..be known as a wonder because it is the .temple in the world. The temple was ........around the year 1100 to honor a Hindu...., but over the next three centuries it became a Buddhist ..center. The area surrounding the temple, Angkor Thom, used to be the ...capital city.
VII.	Write the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence (1 .5pts)	
May I take a photo?
@ 	Do you 
Mary asked me, “Do you see Peter around here?”
@ 	Mary asked me 
We began to learn English 3 years ago.
@	We‘ve .
ĐỀ 7:
 Tröôøng: 	 Kieåm tra Hoïc kyø II - ANH VAÊN LÔÙP 8 Chöõ kyù Giaùm thò: 
 Lôùp :	 Ngaøy kieåm tra: _____/ 05 / 2009	 Soá thöù töï: 
 Hoï teân : ..	 (Hoïc sinh laøm baøi treân ñeàthi naøy.)	 Soá maät maõ: 
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Soá thöù töï: 
 Soá maät maõ: 
Choose the word whose underlined part is not pronounced differently from that of the others 
	1/ compete	 yell	separate	fetch 
	2/ compile	snorkel compete memorize 
	3/ prison	 design itinerary institute 
II.	Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence. 
 4/ We call an area of low land between hills and mountains a ______________. 
 carven highland valley waterfall 
 	5/ Spending holidays in the mountains is always more_____________________.
 relax to relax relaxing relaxed 
 6/ My roommate came home late last night. I was sleeping when she ________ home.
 getting was getting gets got 
 7/ My father usually read newspapers ____________________ get information.
 because	 in order so as so as to
	8/ My friend Lan Anh is very keen ________ traveling.
	 in at on up 
	9/ It is ___________________ in Britain to eat turkey at Christmas.
 suitable traditional exciting competitive 
	10/ That English Club ___________________ in 2005.
	 has built was built builds was building
	11/ Laura said she _______________ a lot of souvenirs of her trip.
	 buy buys bought buying
	12/ Ha Long Bay is one of natural _______________. 
	 wonders religions royalists description
	13/ We can breathe air through a _______________ when we are swimming under the 
 surface of the water .
	 pipe nose nostril snorkel
	14/ My family is going to take _________________ tour Phong Nha Cave this summer. 
 seven-days seven -day a seven -day the seven -days
III. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage. Dear Hoa,

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