Tài liệu luyện thi vào lớp 10 THPT Môn Tiếng Anh

1. A. baggy B. casual C. label D. fashion 2. A. city B. recycle C. center D. collect

3. A. tea B. listen C. sent D. tend 4. A. books B. cats C. maps D. dogs 5. A. tidal B. gift C. bill D. public


I. Khoanh tròn một phương án đúng nhất

1. My brother usually listens to music ____________ the evening.A. on B. in C. at D. by

2. - “Would you like to go camping with me next Sunday?” - “______________________.”

A. Yes, please B. Yes, I’d love to C. No, thanks D. Yes, I would

3. ___________ Nam was tired, he helped his mother with her housework. A. Because B. However C. Despite D. Although

4. –“Do you collect stamps or other things? -“Yes, I’m a stamp __________.”A. collecting B. collector C. collect D. collection

5. Where are the photos ____________ were taken at the Christmas party? A. whom B. which C. who D. whose

6. My children are very ___________ about going to the zoo.A. excited B. interesting C. interested D. exciting

7. The ao dai has been mentioned in poems, novels and songs by poets, writers and _________ for many years.

A. music B. musical C. musician D. musicians

8. –“What does your father do?” -“He’s ____________ engineer. A. a B. the C. an D. x

9 Nam didn’t go to school yesterday, ____________?A. did he B. didn’t he C. did Nam D. didn’t Nam


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. I’m sorry that he won’t accept the job he’s been offered.I wish
16. I don’t have much time to read all of the books I like.I wish..
17. It’s a pity that she can’t speak English.She wishes
18. Mrs. Taylor doesn’t like living in her small house.Mrs. Taylor wishes
I. Put the verbs in the following sentences in the correct tenses:
1. If she has time this morning, she (finish)..this drawing.
2. We will stay at home if it (rain) ..
3. If I had enough money now, I (buy) ..a computer.
4. If he (be) ..a prime minister, he would spend more money on education.
5. If we win the lottery, we (give) ..them half of the money.
6. She will need new clothes if she (get) ..any fatter.
7. If he (play) ..foodball all day, he would get very tired.
8. If the young man wanted to see me, he (come) ..to my office.
9. If Henry is late, the train (not, wait) ..
10. I will go with him if he (go) ..
11. You will be ill if you (eat) ..too much.
12.If she were older, she (have) ..more sense.
13. If you (read) ..that book carefully, you would understand it.
14. If it (be) ..fine tomorrow, I (play) ..tennis.
15. My uncle (be) ..able to help us if he (be) ..here now.
16. Were I you, I (not do) ..that.
17. If you (go) ..away, please write to me.
II. Circle the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences:
1. If you work hard, you..in the final examination.
A. succeed	B. will succeed	C. would succeed	D. had succeed
2. We will be unhappy if you ..come. A. haven’t	B. don’t	C. have	D. didn’t
3. If you..somewhere else, where would you like to be? A. have been	 B. can be	C. are 	D. could be
4. Whatyou do if you have a lot of money.A. have	 B. will	C. would	D. did
5. What will you do if youthe final exam.A. pass	B. passed	C. will pass	D. passes
6. If I were you, I that camera.
A. haven’t bought	B. wouldn’t buy	C. won’t	D. didn’t buy
7. you work harder, you won’t be able to pass the exam.	A. Unless	B. If	C. When	D. As
8. If itrain, we’ll have the party outside.A. didn’t	B. doesn’t	C. won’t	D. wouldn’t
9. If Ia bird, I would be able to fly. A. were	B. am	C. is	D. are
10. Unless you understand, I.explain it to you again. A. am	B. would	C. will	D. was
11. Liz would come to see you, if she..your address. A. has	B. has had	C. have	D. had
12. If we..hard, we’ll make this beach a clean and beautiful place again.
A. will work	B. worked	C. have worked	D. work
13. “My boss made me work overtime again.”
 If I were you, I.my job”A. quit B. would quit C. will quit D. must quit
14. If Ithe day-off tomorrow, I would go on a trip to the mountains.A. can have B. will have C. have	 D. had
15. If it, we ‘ll buy warm clothes. A. get	B. got	C. will get D. would get
16. If you heat ice, it..into water.
A. will turn	B. would turn	C. is turning	D. turns
17. If I..a new car, I would take you to the movie.
A. had	had	B. have had	C. had	D. have
18. If my father.a doctor, he would be very rich now.
A. were	B. was	C. is	D. will be
19. If it.., I would not go to school.
A. rains	B. has rained	C. rained	D. had rained
20. If we had enough time, we to you.
A. will write	B. would write	C. can write	D. shall write
III. Each sentence has a mistake. Idetify it by choosing A, B, C or D:
1. We won’t get lost if we took a map.
 A B C D
2. If the little girl knew how to do it, her mother will be pleased.
 A B C D
3. If there will be too much exhaust fume in the air, our breathing will be badly affected.
 A B C D
4. If we would have a large garden, we would plant a lot of flowers in it.
 A B C D
5. If you won’t study hard, you’ll fail the exam.
 A B C D
6. If he would speak more slowly, I could understand him.
 A B C D
7. If you will stay in bed and take enough medicine, the flu will certainly disappear in three days.
 A B C D
8. Nam’ll get up early if he had an alarm clock.
 A B C D
9. If you went to his office after 10 am, you will see him.
 A B C D
1. She loves him, so she forgives him easily.
 If ..
2. It rains, so the children don’t go swimming.
 If .
3. They don’t behave themselves, so their parents are not happy about that.
4. If you didn’t speak quickly, I could understand you.
5. If you don’t have money, I can lend you some
6. Hurry up or we will miss the bus.
If we .
7. Do the test carefully or you may get bad mark.
If you
8. Come soon or you may not meet us.
If you 
9. If you don’t study hard, you may fail the exam.
10. I don’t have the key, so I can’t get into the house.
11. Unless Nga hurries, she will miss the last train.
If Nga 
12. Mary doesn’t buy this shirt because she doesn’t have enough money.
If Mary
13. Tom eats too much, so he gets fat.
If Tom 
14. She doesn’t work hard, so she doesn’t get good marks.
If ..
15. Unless he phones her immediately, he won’t get information.
16. Unless he apologizes, I’ll never invite him here again.
17. Speak slowly or he can’t understand what you mean.
If you
18. Keep our environment clean or we won’t enjoy a healthy life.
If we
19. I’m not a millionaire, so I can’t buy you a car.
If I 
20. He will get wet unless he puts the raincoat on.
If he
21. Today is not a holiday, so we can’t go for a picnic.
22. He won’t do that because you don’t permit him.
He would
23. Give him some advice or he won’t know what to do.
If you
24. Mary can’t go to the party because she has to look after her sister.
If Mary
25. It is rainy, so the children can’t go swimming.
The children could
26. She doesn’t know the answers, so she can’t tell you.
27. We don’t buy a lot of new books because we don’t have a lot of money.
We would
28. I can not take a photo of us because I can’t find my camera.
29. I am not free today, so we can’t go to the beach.
We could
30. My parents don’t live near me, so I can’t see them on weekends.
1. “Which class are you in?”.
I asked him
2. “Do these books belong to you, Lien?” Nam said.
Nam asked Lien
3. “ We are having a wonderful time here,” they said.
They said
4. “Which dress are you wearing to the party tonight, Jane?” I asked.
I asked Jane
5. “I am having a birthday party next Sunday,” Mary said.
Mary said
6. “Mary, please lend me your bicycle pump,” Paul said.
Paul asked
7. She said, Children, stay away from the water.”
She warned
8. “Don’t worry about your mistakes, Jane”her teacher said.
Jane’s teacher told
9. “I’ll see you in the morning, Helen.”
Jack told Helen
10. I’m taking the 5.30 train tomorrow in the moring.”
Peter said..
11. “I like this hotel very much.”
Anna told me
12. She said, “Please forgive me, Mom.”
She begged
13. “ You should see a lawyer,” the policeman said to Mark.
The policeman advised
14. “Go on, apply for a job,” Jim said to me.
Jim encouraged me..
15. He said:” I am going to Ha noi tomorrow.”
He said
16. She asked me:”How old are you?”
She asked me..
17. Mary said:”I am very happy on my birthday.”Mary said.
18. Mrs.Tuyet said to her son:”Give the book to me, please.”
Mrs. Tuyet told her son
19. His mother said to him:”Don’t forget to turn off the faucet after using.”His mother told him
20. She asked me:”Have you ever been to Da Lat.”She asked me
21. He said to me:”Can you help me?”He asked me
22. The tourist asked me:”Is there a post office near here?”The tourist asked me
1. The soccer match begins.4.30 pm. A. on	B. at	C. in	D. for
2. Family members often gather..the living room to enjoy special foods and exchange wishes together on the first day of the Lunar New Year.	A. on	B. in	C. at 	D. next to
3. In this program, we plant treesthe streets and in the park.
A. beside	B. under	C. along	D. on
4. Look both directions carefully before you walk.the streets. A. across	B. around	C. through D. beside
5. I met him.the bus stop yesterday.
A. in	B. on	C. at 	D. for
6. Mr. and Mrs. Hoang get up early.the morning to feed the animals and the poultry.
A. at	B. in	C. of 	D. till
7. Where is the national bank? – It’s..the post office.
A. between	B. in	C. into	D. opposite
8. Please wait for me. I will be there.ten minutes.
A. in	B. an	C. from	D. on
9. Dr Van’s clinic is..42 Le Loi Street.
A. on	B. in	C. outside	D. at
10. Nam and his friend often go to the countrysideweekends.
A. in	B. on	C. since	D. last
11. Children get a lot of “lucky money”New Year’s Day.
A. on	B. for	C. since	D. by
12. When did you start learning English?- I started learning English four years.
A. past	B. ago	C. since	D. for
13. Our school-year often starts.September.
A. to	B. in	C. on	D. between
14. Mr Bao is not...work today.
A. in	B. on	C. at 	D. for
15. Everyday, my father goes to work..motorbike.
A. on	B. with	C. for 	D. by
16. Lan’s birthday is..25th October.
A. for	B. in	C. on	D. since
17.Television became popularthe 1950s. A. ago	B. past	C. in	D. for
18. We have been pen pal..3 years.	A. in	B. on	C. since	D. for
19. They love watching starsnight.	A. in	B. at	C. on 	D. before
20. They will arrive here.Monday.	A. on	B. at	C. in	D. to
21. There are some pictures.the wall.A. above	B. over	C. in	D. on
22.The Earth goes.the Sun.	A. across	B. along	C. around	D. through
23. She is going to apply.a job in the international bank.A. in	B. for	C. to	D. with
24. He is very proudhis son who got a scjolarship to study abroad.A. at	B. with	C. on	D. of
25. She has just received a letterher friend in Malaysia.A. with	B. to	C. for	D. from
26. I am looking forwardhearing from you.A. for	B. at	C. in	D. to
27. We congratulated himhis success.A. to	B. at	C. on 	D. with
28. Is there anything good..TV this evening?
A. for	B. at	C. in	D. on
29. Where is the English-Vietnamese dictionary? – It’s.the table.A. on	B. in	C. at 	D. over
30. What did you do.Christmas? – Traveling abroad with my friends.
A. on	B. in	C. at 	D. from
II. 1. What do you do .the evening?
2. I told him that I was still a young boy that time but he didn’t believe me.
3. Can you imagine I have known himthree years now.
4. He used to have lunch..midday, but he doesn’t eat lunch now.
5. What did you do Christmas?- Travelling abroad with my friends.
6. All right. I will be back.a week. Wait for me, please!
7. Are you afraid .snakes?
8. They also like to wear ao dai..work.
9. The word jean comes a material made in Europe.
10. Many people think it’s necessarystudents to wear uniform.
11. Are you proud..your country and its tradition.
12. Students should be equalmany ways.
1. Nga and Maryam are pen pals, .they?
2. You can’t speak Chinese, ..you?
3. You like jeans,you?
4. Hoa has lived in Ha Noi for 3 years,.she?
5. Nam passed his exam,..he?
6. Jane loves the food and the beaches in Viet Nam,..she?
7. Pau will come to Viet Nam next summer,.he?
8. Mary was ill yesterday,.she?
9. Nam didn’t go to the English Speaking club,he?
10. The program is interesting,it?
11. Let’s go somewhere for a cold drink,?
12. Open the door,
13. You used to live in Hue,you?
14. I am not late,I?
15. You have to finish your homework before playing game,you?
16. You don’t like love films,..you?
17. He enjoyed his time here,.he?
18. Na does not know the neighborhood very well,..she?
19. She is practicing music lesson in her room,.she?
20. The natural resources will be short in a few decades,..they?
II. 1. Let’s help the old woman with the housework,?
2. The John family used to live in Liverpool,.?
3. Islam is her country’s official religion,.?
4. Some designers have made Ao dai modern and fashionable,.?
5. A huge tidal wave hit Anchorage, Alaska, in the 1960s,..?
6. Mai and Lan won’t come with us,.?
7. The weather isn’t very bad today,..?
8. Don’t forget,.?
I. 1. I use the internet only a few hours a day..it’s time-consuming and costly if we spend much time on it.
A. so	B. because of	C. because	D. even though
2. I live in the countryside,.I can not easily get access to the internet.
A. when	B. though	C. because	D. therefore
3. She was not satisfied with her English testshe got 9 marks for it.
A. even though	B. therefore	C. so	D. when
4. Our environment is becoming polluted now,..we have to do something to protect it.
A. because	B. while	C. so	D. even though
5. We should take showers instead of baths.baths use twice as much as showers.
A. because of	B. though	C. therefore	D. since
6. ..the weather is predicted not to be good today, they decide to go swimming.
A. In spite	B. Although	C. Because	D. When
7. People should save energythe shortage of the natural resources.
A. because	B. because of	C. in spite of	D. despite
8. they had had lunch, they went boating in the river.
A. Before	B. So	C. When	D. After
9. ..having a lot of homework to do, he usually helps his mom do the chores.
A. After	B. Though	C. Because of	D. Despite
10. The city of Kobe in Japan was destroyed heavilya huge earthquake in 1995.
A. because of	B. because	C. though	D. when
11. Tet is the most important holiday for Vietnamese people, .everyone who lives apart tries to return to their home at tet.
A. because	B. as	C. so	D. though
12. Nowadays, Vietnamese women like to wear Ao daiit is their traditional dress.
A. therefore	B. so	C. because	D. though
II. 1. After they have had meals, they played games..
 A B C D
2. The story which my teacher told yesterday was such funny that everyone laughed.
 A B C D
3. I had a chance to practice English with a foreigner while I visited the History Museum last Sunday. 
 A B C D
4. She is fifteen years old. I am , so
 A B C D
5. My hobbies are listening to pop music and read books.
 A B C D
6. I was writing an e-mail to my pen pal in Japan while the electricity went out.
 A B C D
7. Nam didn’t go to the soccer match last Sunday. I didn’t, too.
 A B C D
III. 	1. He couldn’t meet you because of being busy.
2. We can’t go for a walk because it rains heavily.
	Because of
3. Despite his hard life, he studied very well.
4. Tom will not pass the examination even though he studied well
5. My grandmother is very old. She can’t work now.
	My grandmother is too
	My grandmother is so
6. The children couldn’t go swimming because the sea was rough.
	The sea was too
7. The question was so difficult that noone could answer it.
	It was such
8. The weather was bad yesterday, so we canceled a trip to the beach yesterday.
	We canceled
9. The house is very expensive. He can not buy it
	The house is so
1. I finally finishedat 7.00 pm and served dinner.A. cooking B. being cooked C. to cook	D. to be cooked
2. Quang continuedto the city center.	A. drive	B. to drive	C. to driving	D. to have been driving
3 Vietnamese women today often prefermodern clothing at work because it is more convenient.	A. wear	B. being worn	C. worn	D. to wear
4. Would you mind.me a push?	A. being given B. giving C. give	D. to give
5. They went boating in the river and had a picnic on the river bank beforehome late in the evening.	A. go	B. being going	C. going	D. to go
6. They make their living by..fish in the river.A. catch	B. to catch	C. catching	D. caught
7. The children enjoy. in the river. A. swim	B. swimming	C. to swim	D. swam
8. Thank you for..me.
A. invite	B. invited	C. inviting	D. being invited
9. Maryam and I enjoy to the park on summer evenings.
A. to go 	B. going	C. being gone	D. go
10. Maryam loves.people.A. meet	B. met	C. meeting	D. being met
11. Her telephone number is easy.
A. remembering	B. remembered	C. remember	D. to remember
12. You can not make....if they don’t want to.A. people learn B. people to learn C. people learning D. people to have learnt
13. He hates cooking meals and .clothes.A. to wash	B. wash	C. washed	D. washing
14. I heard themA. to cry	B. cried	C. cry	D. to crying
15. You must learn to work hard and money.A. saving	B. save	C. saved	D. to save
16. My teacher had to ask them ..
A. stopping to play	B. to stop playing	C. stop to playing	D. stop to play
II. 1. I’d love to have an opportunity to meeting you again.
 A B C D
2. A bulldozer is used for pushing earth and to grade it.
 A B C D
3. The mother allowed her children yelling and scream at the birthday.
 A B C D
4. I had to content myself with watch the little moving lights.
 A B C D
5. Love is a smile to share, an ear listening, and a heart to love.
 A B C D
III. 	1. When don’t we go to Ba’s village this weekend?What about...
2. Walking in the rain gives him pleasure.He enjoys .
3. Why don’t we go for a walk..I suggest..
4. It is interesting to go out with friends on weekends.Going..
5. It is necessary to protect our environment from pollution.Protecting.
6. It is dangerous to go swimming in the river.Going.
7. Having access to the internet is exciting.It
8. Doing charity work is your happiness.It
9. Maryam walks to the mosque every Sunday.Maryam is used to
10. Let’s have a party.What about..?
11. It took me half an hour to write this letter.I spent
12. She rides to school in thirty minutes.It takes
I. Write the correct form of the word in brackets:
1. The book does not say much about prices, but is very.. about everything else. (inform)
2. I’m looking for a..gift for an old lady. (suit)
3. Hong Son’s second goal in the match against Thailand was most.. (impress)
4. They got..yesterday. ( marry)
5. They announced their.. (engage)
6. He felt strongly..to her. (attract)
7. I’d love to see you next week, but.., it won’t be possible. ( fortunate)
8. Their..has lasted a lifetime. ( friend)
9. You can’t help admiring him for his kindness and .. (honest)
10. What is your..? (nation)
11. The teacher gave the children a detailed..of the story. (explain)
12. The children are playing..in the schoolyard. (happy)
13. Music and painting are..subjects. ( option)
14. It’s..to wear short skirts and faded jeans again. (fashion)
15. She sings very.. (beauty)
II. Circle the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences:
1. English, chinese and tamil are also..spoken in Malaysia.A. primarily B. wide	 C. primary D. widely
2. The sow was dull. It was
A. interested	B. interestingly	C. interesting	D. uninteresting
3. It was an day.A. enjoyment	B. enjoyable	C. enjoy	D. enjoyed
4. I want everybody to listen to me..A. careful	B. care	C. careless	D. carefully
5. The Kien Thuc Ngay Nay is..read by both teenagers and adults. A. wide	B. widely C. width D. widened
6. Vietnamese women today prefer to wear modern clothing at work because it is more.
A. convenience	B. inconvenience	C. convenient	D. inconvenient
7. Nowadys, we can watch a..of interesting programs on TV.A. vary	B. various C. variously D. variety
8. We usually watch the news on TV because it’s veryA. information B. informal	C. informative	D. informed
9. Do you find the internet., Peter?A. useful	B. using	C. used	D. usefully
10. Music is an..subject in my school.A. optionally	B. optioning	C. optional	D. option
11. Liz is an .student.A. imagination	B. image	C. imagine	D. imaginative
12. We should fine heavily anyone using..to catch fish.A. electric	B. electricity	C. electrical	D. electronic
13. We were really.by the beauty of your country. A. impress	B. impressive	C. impressed	D. impressing
14. His..made us happy.A. unfriendliness	B. friendliness	C. unfriendly	D. friendly
15. Ha noi is not very..from Kuala Lumpur.A. differ	B. diference	C. different	D. differently
16. We went to see many..places in Ha Noi last year.A. famous	B. fame	C. famously	D. famousness
17. The .language in Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia.	A. nation	B. national	C. nationality	D. nationally
18. The Smiths enjoyed theatmostphere in Viet Nam.A. peace B. peacetime C. peacefully D. peaceful
19. In Malaysia, is free.A. educate	B. educational	C. educationally	D. education
20. Some designers have.the Ao Dai by printing lines of poetry on it.
A. modern	B. modernize	C. modernized	D. modernly
I. Rewrite the adjectives between the brackets in their correct form:
1. Nguyen Du is (famous).of all the Vietnamese poets.
2. This is (high) .building in city.
3. Steel is (useful) .than diamond.
4. She is (pretty) .than I am.
5. This lesson is (difficult) .than that one.
6. The waether today is (nice) .than it was yesterday.
7. An elephant is (heavy) .than a cat.
8. The Mekong River is (long) .than the Red River.
9. February is (short) .month of the year.
10. A rabbit is (big) .than a tiger.
II. Circle the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences:
1. Tom is.than John. A. well	B. good	C. better	D. best
2. Mary is the ..student in the class, based on her high grades A. Smartest B. more smarter C. smarter D. smart
3. Of the three girls, Helen, Susan and Maria, Susan is theA. funny	B. funnier	C. so funny	D. funniest
4. This building isthan that one.A. beautiful	B. so beautiful	C. more beautiful	D. beautiful as
5. In my opinion, Ha Noi is the city in the world.
A. peaceful	B. more peaceful	C. less peaceful	D. most peaceful
6. My mother is than my father.A. less fat	B. so fat	C. fattest	D. least fat
7. A textbook isn’t.as a novel.
A. less interesting	B. as interesting
C. interesting	D. interesting than
8. Canada is . than Saudi Arabia.A. coldest	B. cold	C. colder	D. so cold
9. He is the man in the world.A. happy	B. hapier	C. less happy	D. happiest
10. Can Tho city isn’tas Ho Chi Minh city. A. so big	B. big	C. bigger	D. biggest
1. I thanked the woman.helped me.
2. The book..is on the table is mime.
3. The man.I saw was Mr. Jones.
4. The movie we saw last night wasn’t very good.
5. I know the man.bicycle was stolen.
6. She is the woman aboutI told you.
7. I apologized to the womancoffee I spilled.
8. The book.I read was good.
9. Professor Wilson,.teaches chemistry, is an excellent lecturer.
10. Mr. Brown,..son won the spelling contest, is very proud of his son’s achievement.
11. The music to.we listened last night was good.
12. The profess

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