Tổng hợp 200 câu trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 9 - Có đáp án


Test 1:

I. Choose the best words:

1. She often goes .church to pray because her religion is Islam.

a. on b. at c. of d. to

2. What .they do yesterday? They played soccer with their friends.

a. do b. to do c. did d. were

3. I wish that Susan .harder for her examination.

a. will work b. worked c. has worked d. works

4. There used to . a movie theatre here, but it closed a long time ago.

a. be b. to be c. being d. been

5. The children are playing .in the schoolyard.

a. happy b. happiness c. happier d. happily

6. I wish they .here tomorrow.

a. will come b. would come c. came d. to come


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noi 	b. Paris 	c. Kuala Lumpur 	d. Seoul
10. What is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women? It’s .............
a. the suit 	b. the shirt 	c. the ao dai 	d. the blouse 
11. Rice is .............in tropical countries
a. to grow	b. grown 	c. grow 	d. grew
12. Two department stores ...............by them this year.
a. have been built 	b. have built 	c. has been built	d. has built
13. She asked me how I ........English in the future.
a. will use	b. would use	c. use 	d. to use 
14. Nga doesn’t go to school on Sunday, ........... she?
a. do	b. doesn’t 	c. does 	d. don’t
15. I look forward to .............. you. 
a. see	b. to see 	c. seeing 	d. saw
16. Nga is..............English for her work.
a. to study	b. studied 	c. studying 	d. study 
17. He arrived in England ............. Monday evening.
a. in	b. at 	c. of 	d. on
18. Hoa worked hard, ..........she passed the exam.
a. because 	b. so 	c. until 	d. before
19. An wishes that he..............his parents.
a. would visited	b. can visit	c. could visiting	d. could visit
20. Let’s ............... to the cinema.
a. going 	b. to go 	c. go 	d. goes
21. Nga ............ Math in Qui Nhon University for 4 years but now she teaches in her home village.
a. to learn 	b. learning 	c. learnt 	d. has learnt
22. She .............try to learn English for her job.
a is 	b. has 	c. must 	d. was
23. What .......you do last night? I.......a football match between Viet Nam selected team and Malaysia selected team.
a. do – watched 	b. did – watch	c. were – watched	d. did – watched
24. We come to USA .............English.
a. study 	b. learning 	c. to learn	d. studying
25. He ...........with his friends in an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City since last week.
a. living 	b. has lived 	c. lived 	d. live
26. I ........... English here since I graduated from Qui Nhon University.
a. teach 	b. taught 	c. have taught 	d. am teaching
27. Millions of Christmas cards ...............last month.
a. were sent 	b. sent 	c. send 	d. are sent
28. Are you a stamp ..............?
a. collecting	b. collector 	c. collect 	d. collection
29. Getting to the village is a very ........................ journey.
a. interesting	b. interested 	c. interest 	d. interests
30. We will go...............a picnic next week.
a. in 	b. at 	c. on 	d. to
31. My village is about 100 kilometers................Quy Nhon City 
a. from 	b. at 	c. on 	d. for
32. They will come here.............11:30 AM.
a. about 	b. at 	c. of 	d. for
33. We have lived in Ha Noi............4 years.
a. since 	b. for 	c. on d. till
34. There is a meeting...............9 AM and 2 PM.
a. a. since 	b. between 	c. with 	d. till
35. I wish you.............us someday.
a. visit 	b. will visit 	c. visited 	d. would visit
36. I wish you .............me with my work.
a. help 	b. will help 	c. is helped 	d. would help
37. They............in that house for several months.
a. live 	b. lived 	c. have lived 	d. are living
38. She said that she..............learning English with you.
a. like 	b. liked 	c. liking d. to like
39. She asked me where I.............from.
a. come 	b. came 	c. to come 	d. coming
40. What aspect of.................English do you find difficult?
a. study 	b. studied 	c. learnt 	d. learning
41. She..............me where I liked classical music or not.
a. asks 	b. asking 	c. asked 	d. to ask
42. Your teacher writes poems or stories, ................she?
a. don’t 	b. won’t 	c. didn’t 	d. doesn’t
43. I remember................her somewhere
a. see 	b. seeing 	c. saw 	d. to see
44. Excuse me. Can I ............in this a area?
a. smoke 	b. smoking 	c. smoked 	d. to smoke
45. If you know where she lives, please let me ............
a. know 	b. knew 	c. known 	d. to know
46. If you like that book, I will give it ...............you as my present.
a. for 	b. from 	c. at 	d. to
47. Can you turn..............the light? It is too dark.
a. on 	b. off 	c. down 	d. up
48. She won’t take all these suitcases ...............she likes to travel light.
a. so 	b. but 	c. because 	d. therefore 
49. Is he an actor...............a singer? An actor.
a. and	b. or	c. but	d. so
50. She studies well..............she is busy.
a. because 	b. since 	c. although 	d. and
51. The people..............live in Greece speak Greek.
a. which 	b. whom 	c. who 	d. when
52. Do you know the man...............you met yesterday?
a. when 	b. whom 	c. which 	d. whose
53. The car.............he has just bought is very expensive.
a. who 	b. whom 	c. which 	d. whose
54. I am preparing for the picnic...............my friends tomorrow.
a. at 	b. to 	c. in 	d. with
55. It snowed in Lang Son ............the winter.............2002. 
a. in / of 	b. in / in 	c. at / for 	d. for / at
56. Neil Armstrong, .............walked on the moon, lived in the USA.
a. which 	b. whom 	c. who 	d. that
57. UFOs mean...................... flying objects.
a. unknown 	b. unidentified	c. unable	d. unimaginary
58. My parents didn’t allow me ......................., so I had to stay at home.
a. go	b. to go 	c. going 	d. gone
59. I want everybody to listen ................
a. care 	b. careful 	c. careless 	d. carefully
60. If we became rich, we would travel ................ the world.
a. on 	b. in 	c. of 	d. around
II. Read the text carefully and choose the true (T ) or false ( F ) statements 
Hanoi is an interesting city. There are many things that a tourist can do there. There are many museums that tourists can visit. The History Museums is on Pham Ngu Lao Street and the War Museum is on Dien Bien Phu Street. Tourists can know the stories about Vietnam’s past in both museums. The War Museum is full of old weapons and tourists can take photos of them.
It is also possible to organize a tour by taking a bus or a taxi to a lot of villages nearby. There is a village where you can see people making noodles and another such as pho, banh canh and so on. Lastly there is a Snake Village, where tourists can see live snakes. You will feel happy when you come there. Why don’t you hurry up?
True – False statements:
61. There are many museums in Ha Noi.
62. Tourists don’t know about Vietnam’s past and present through stories.
63. Tourists taste pho, banh canh... when they come to the villages nearby Ha Noi.
64. Tourists can see old weapons in the museum on Pham Ngu Lao Street 
65. Tourists can see live snakes on the way to the village.
III. Read the text carefully and choose the true or false statements: 
Are you looking for a clean, cheap, effective source of power that doesn’t cause pollution or waste natural resources? Look no further than solar energy from our sun. At present, most of our electricity comes from the use of coal, gas, oil or nuclear power. This power could be provided by the sun. One percent of the solar energy that reaches the earth is enough to provide power for the total population.
Many countries are already using solar energy. Solar panels are placed on the roof of a house and the sun’ energy is used to heat water. The energy can be stored for a number of days. So on the cloudy days you can use solar energy, too.
Sweden has an advanced solar energy program. There, all buildings will be heated by solar energy and cars will use solar power instead of gas by the year 2015.
True – False statements:
66. Solar energy can be clean and cheap.
67. Most of our electricity comes from nuclear power.
68. The solar energy that gets to the earth can’t provide enough power for the world’s population
69. Solar energy can be used on cloudy days.
70. All buildings in Sweden will be heated by solar energy in 2050.
71. One percent of the solar energy that reaches the earth is not enough to provide power for the total population.
72. Solar energy comes from the moon.
73. Most of our electricity is from the use of coal, gas, oil, or nuclear power. 
74. Many countries are using solar energy and solar panels are placed on the ground in the garden.
75. Coal, gas, oil, and nuclear power don’t cause pollution for the environment.
IV. Match each half – sentence in column A with a suitable one in column B: 
76. If we pollute the water,...............
a) there will be big floods every year
77. The play was boring
b) so we walked out the restaurant
78. If we cut down the trees in the forests,............... 
c) a lot of sea creatures will be preserved
79. If there is too much exhaust fume in the air,........... 
d) more and more people will cope with respiratory problems 
80. The bus was late
e) so we went to bed early
81. If you can keep your neighborhood clean,................. 
f) You will have an ideal place to live.
82. If we stop using dynamite for fishing, ......................
g) we have no fresh water to use. 
83. We didn’t like the food 
h) so we got home after midnight.
V. Match the answers with the questions to make meaningful sentences:
84. What are you learning?
a) Yes, they are.
85. Why do you think most people study English?
b) Two years ago
86. Do you like learning English?
c) At Oxford University
87. When did you learn English?
d) Yes. I do
88. Where are you studying? 
e) English
89. Why did you choose that college?
f) I heard it is very good
90. Are most of your books in English? 
h) They need for their job.
VI. Read the text carefully and fill in the form.
Mary is twenty-five and comes from England. She can speak Chinese and Japanese very well and now she wants to learn Vietnamese for her work. She has never studied it before, so she would like to go on a course for beginners. She would like to learn Vietnamese three times a week in the morning.
 Name: ..........(91)...... 
 Which course? ......(92).......... 
 Which foreign language can she speak? ...........(93).................
 Which foreign language does she want to learn? ...........(94)..............
VII. Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks with a suitable word.
We (95) ............all destroying the earth. The seas and the rivers are too (96)................to swim in. There is so much smoke in the air that it is (97)...............to live in many of the world’s cities. We have cut down so many trees that there are now vast areas of wasteland all over the world. As a result, (98)...............in Africa can not grow enough to eat. In certain countries in Asia there is so little rice. In addition, wild animals are quickly disappearing. For example, tigers in India now are rare because we have killed so many for them to survive. We must act now (99)..............it is too late to do anything about it. Join us now. Save the earth. This is too (100)................to ignore.
Đáp án test 1
I. Choose the best words. (mỗi câu 0, 25 điểm)
1. d 2. c 3. b 4. d 5. d 
6. b 7. c 8. a 9. c 10. c 
11. b 12. a 13. b 14. c 15. c 
16. c 17. d 18. b 19. d 20. c 
21. c 22. c 23. d 24. c 25. b 
26. d 27. a 28. b 29. a 30. c 
31. a 32. b 33. b 34. b 35. d 
36. d 37. c 38. b 39. b 40. d
41. c 42. d 43. b 44. a 45. a 
46. d 47. a 48. c 49. b 50. c 
51. c 52. b 53. c 54. d 55. b 
56. b 57. b 58. b 59. d 60. d 
II. Read the text carefully and choose the true (T ) or false (F ) statements. (Mỗi câu 0.5 điểm)
61. T 62. F 63. T 64. F 65. F 
III. Read the text carefully and choose the true or false statements. (mỗi câu 0, 25 điểm)
66. T 67. F 68. F 69. T 70. F
71. F 72. F 73. T 74. F 75. F
IV. Match each half - sentence in column A with a suitable one in column B. (mỗi câu 0, 25 điểm)
76. g 77. e 78. a 79. d 80. h 81. f 82. c 83. b 
V. Match the answers with the questions to make meaningful sentences. (mỗi câu 0, 25 điểm)
84. e 85. h 86. d 87. b 88. c 89. f 90. a 
VI. Read the text carefully and fill in the form. (mỗi câu 0, 25 điểm)
91. Mary 92. for beginners 
93. Chinese and Japanese 94. Vietnamese 
VII. Read the text carefully and fill in each blank with a suitable word. (mỗi câu 0, 25 điểm)
95. are 96. dirty/polluted 
97. unhealthy 98. countries 
99. before 100. important
Test 2:
I. Multiple choice: 
1. Van is an student in the USA. 
a. bright	b. foreigner 	c. exchange	d. intelligent 
2. The weather was bad, .we didn’t go on a picnic .
a. however 	b. but 	c. because 	d. so 
3. My father a lot but he doesn’t anymore.
a. was traveling 	b. was used to travel	c. used to travel	d. has travel
4. Ann’s birthday is ..February 14th.
a. in 	b. on 	c. for 	d. at 
5. This isn’t my first visit to London .here before.
a. I’m 	b. I’m going to	c. I’ve been	d. I was 
6. There is a river across the village. 
a. flowing 	b. running 	c. flying 	d. reaching 
7. They put .the blanket and laid food. 
a. in/on 	b. down / over 	c. down /out 	d. on/ in 
8. It’s very crowded here. I wish .
a. there were a few people 	b. there weren’t so many people 	
c. there is no one 	d. there was somebody here 
9. Working in a country is not easy for those who do not know its language. 
a. capitalist 	b. foreign 	c. industrial 	d. developing 
10. Quiet, please. The headmaster would like to a few words. 
a. talk 	b. say 	c. tell 	d. mention 
11. I’ve known him I left school.
a. when 	b. before 	c. until 	d. since 
12. She has two children to look after, so she’s looking for a.job in her neighborhood 
a. part-time 	b. full time 	c. skilled 	d. low-paid 
13. we miss the train; we can get the next one 
a. when 	b. while 	c. if 	d. unless 
14. Maria’s English is excellent. She speaks English ........
a. very perfect 	b. perfective 	c. perfectively 	d. perfectly 
15. .is a large building in the college or university where students live. 
a. campus 	b. hall 	c. institute 	d. dormitory 
16. Many tourists visit the historic shrine on the mountains 
a. a special holy place b. an impressive tomb 	
c. an impressive mosque d. a large temple 
17. Dickens is my ..English novelist
a. preferable 	b. favorable 	c. favorite 	d. likeable 
18. I’m looking to hearing from you.
a. at 	b. after 	c. over 	d. forward
19. You more exercise if you ..to keep fit.
a. can make / want 	b. ought to do /wanted 	c. should take /want 	d. might to /want 
20. Please let Tim . with you 
a. go 	b. going 	c. to go 	d. goes 
21. The children are force to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in the factories 
a. to 	b. up to 	c. till 	d. during 
22. Someone ..the tickets are free. 
a. said me 	b. said me that 	c. told to me 	d. told me 
23. Last week, Justin said I’ll do it tomorrow .He said he would do it ..
a. the following day 	b. the previous day 	c. the day before 	d. tomorrow 
24. There’s going to be a big art exhibition ..
a. a lot of visitors will be attracted to it 	b. it will attract a lot of visitors 
c. it will be attracted by a lot of visitors 	d. a lot of visitors will attract it 
25. The police officer stopped us and asked us where .
a. were you going 	b. are you going 	c. we are going 	d. we are going 
26. I in heavy traffic everyday.
a. used to drive	b. I am used to driving 	c. get used to drive 	d. used to driving 
27. ..a car when they living in London? 
a. had they 	b. did they have 	c. were they having d. have they had 
28. A: What are they going to do next year? 	B: I wish .I..the answer to the question.
a. knew 	b. know 	c. could know 	d. would know 
29. air is one of many problems we have to solve.
a. pure 	b. polluted 	c. dust 	d. pleasant 
30. I’ll be in trouble if I . .. my passport.
a. lose 	b. will lose 	c. lost 	d. would lose 
31. we can eat at home or .you prefer, we can go to the restaurant. 
a. when 	b. whether 	c. if 	d. which 
32. If it is raining this evening, I 
a. will go out 	b. don’t go out 	c. go out 	d. won’t go out 
33. Minh’s English is excellent. He speaks .....
a. perfectly English b. English perfectly 	c. perfect English 	d. English perfect 
34. I’m disappointedpeople have spoiled this area. 
a. that 	b. when 	c. if 	d. how 
35. He ..... to find a job but he had no luck. 
 a. hardly tried 	b. tried hardly 	c. hard tried 	d. tried hard 
36. We couldn’t go on a picnic as planed ...........it was raining hard 
a. however 	b. but 	c. because 	d. as 
37. Kien Thuc Ngay Nay is one of the most popular magazines.
a. liked 	b. disliked 	 	c. daily 	d. known 
38. You should clear .all the trash on ground before living. 
a. over 	b. out 	c. off 	d. up 
39. Most of the villagers rely on farming for ..........
a. production 	b. income 	c. payment 	d. spending 
40. What about using public buses .......... motorbikes?
a. replacing for 	b. in spite of 	c. instead of 	d. instead for 
41. The sale of alcohol to young people is ...........by law. 
a. forced	b. discussed 	c. prohibited 	d. fined 
42. Because plastic bags are very hard to....they will cause pollution.
A. dissolve 	b. wrap 	c. tear 	d. collect 
 43. Crops are sprayed with  to kill insects 
a. fertilizer 	b. manure 	 	c. dung 	d. pesticide 
44. I think people should use tree leaves for ..food. 
a. wrapping 	b. rolling 	c. making 	d. recycling 
45. We have to make our spoiled food to the 
a. butcher’s 	b. garbage dump 	c. beach 	d. picnic 
46. Industry, vehicles and garbage disposal account for .
a. water pollution b. pollution of oil 	
c. air pollution 	d. pollution of river 
47. If you . Joanna, ask her to come and see me 
a. meet 	b. will meet 	c. met 	d. can meet 
48. He asked me .. I believed the ghosts.
a. when 	b. if 	c. whether 	d. both a and b 
49. I’m late, ..? 
a. I am 	b. are I 	c. am I not 	d. aren’t I 
50. Sue likes the kitchen as often as possible.
a. to cleaning 	b. cleaning 	c. that I clean 	d. clean 
51. Jim doesn’t speak clearly, .
a. so it is difficult to understand him. 	b. because it’s difficult to understand him. 
c. but it’s difficult to understand him.	d. as difficult to understand him. 
52. Children have to come back before dark, ? 
a. do they 	b. have they 	c. don’t they 	d. haven’t they 
53. Rachel if she .her driving test. 
a. will pleased / passes b. pleases / will pass 	
c. will be pleased/passes 	d. is pleased /passes 
54. Jane wishes she ..a Miss World 
a. is 	b. was 	c. be 	d. will be 
55. She asked me .in my spare time.
a. what I did 	 b. what do I do 	
c. what did I do 	 d. what I have done 
56. The baby ..as she plays with her toys.
a. laughed happy b. happily laughs 	c. laugh happily 	d. happy laughed 
57. You should have a(n) ..check your motorbike regularly . 
a. electrician 	b. carpenter 	c. mechanic 	d. plumber 
58. Sorry, I’m late. The car .. on the way here. 
a. put up 	b. broke down 	c. drove off 	d. get on 
59. She’s very kind. She is always.towards her employees.
a. distinguished 	b. proud 	c. considerate 	d happy 
60. Mary decided to continue with her studies for another two years.
a. get on 	b. go on 	c. carry out 	d. turn off 
II. Chọn câu đúng - sai:
1. a. My father wishes he has a modern car.	 
 b. My father wishes he could have a modern car.
2. a. We wish we don’t live in the city. 	 
 b. We wish we didn’t live in the city. 
3. a. Rice is grown in the tropical countries. 	 
 b. Rice are grown in the tropical countries. 
4. a. The problem can be solved 	 
 b. The problem can be solve. 
5. a. When did you began learning English? 	 
 b. When did you begin learning English?
6. a. If you want to get good grade, you must study hard.
 b. If you want get good grade, you must study hard.
7. a. In Vietnam people love reading newspapers and magazines.
 b. In Vietnam people love read newspapers and magazines. 
8. a. You didn’t like playing computer games, do you? 
 b. You like playing computer games, do you? 
9. a. If the rice paddies are polluted, the rice plants die. 
 b. If the rice paddies are polluted the rice plants will die. 
10. a. If we pollute the water, we have no fresh water to use. 
 b. If we pollute the water, we will have no fresh water to use. 
11. a. A solar energy can be used on cloudy days. 	 
 b. A solar energy can’t be used on the cloudy days. 
12. a. Tam, that is my teacher’s son, won this year auditory contest. 
 b. Tam, who is my teacher’s son, won this year auditory contest. 
13. a. Do you know a little boy, who is talking to Na over there? 
 b. Do you know a little boy who is talking to Na over there? 
14. a. We could go traveling across France if we buy a tent.
 b. We could go traveling across France if we bought a tent. 
15. a. You’ll be really tired tomorrow if you don’t go to bed soon. 
 b. You’ll be really tired tomorrow if you won’t go to bed soon. 
III. Câu hỏi ghép đôi: 
Match a phrase in the column A with one in column B to make a complete sentence:
1. food prices 
2. the old building 
3. the furniture
4. the other candidates 
5. the new restaurant
a. is being rebuilt 
b. was open by a pop star 
c. must have been interviewed in the morning 
d. have been increased 
e. is all made in Singapore 
B. Match the answer in column B with the questions in column A:
1. What are you study? 
2. Do you like learning English? 
3. Where are you studying? 
4. Are you going to visit Dalat? 
5. Are most of your books in English? 
a. Yes, all of them are. 
b. Yes, I am. Probably next year 
c. English 
d. Yes, I do. 
e. At youth center. 
C. Choose words or phrases in column B to fill in the blanks in column A:
1. Fred might .. in the library tonight 
2. Tom may  at maxi mart tomorrow 
3. David may .. because it’s cold outside.
4. Because he finished his homework, Carlos might ..
5. Kenton might . around the park.
a. start a fine 
b. watch television 
c. go shopping 
d. walk the dog
e. study 
IV. Câu điền khuyết: 
Fill each gap in the sentences with a suitable word from the box:
 conversation dictionary language notebook test 
 pencil mistake word essays homework 
1. If you aren’t sure what a word means, look it up in your ..
2. Please write the new words in your ..
3. Don’t worry about making a .try to communicate.
4. Write the 

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