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) book store :

temple :


factory :




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 Wed , November 18th 2009Presented by Bui phuong Lien Welcome to our classWhat are these?Answer these questionsThey are flowers. Is this a lake? Yes, it is.What is this?It’s a rice paddy.What is this?It’s a river.What are these? They are trees.Is this a house?No, it isn’t. It’s a hotel. What is this?It’s a park.Period 35UNIT 6: PLACES Wed , November 18th 2009B 1,2,3Unit 6 : PLACES Period 35 : B1,2,3I. Vocabulary1.(a)Restaurant : Nhµ hµng 2.(a) book store :Cöa hµng s¸ch3.(a) temple :®Òn , miÕu 4.(a) hospital : BÖnh viÖn5.(a) factory :Nhµ m¸y6.(a) museum:ViÖn b¶o tµng7.(a) stadium:s©n vËn ®éng8.neighborhood:(n)Hµng xãmbookstore factorymuseum temple hospitalstadium period 35:Unit 6 : B1,2,3II. Read1. Minh lives in the country True / false statement2. There are four people in his family3. Their house is next to a bookstore4. There is a museum near their house 5. Minh’s mother works in a factory	6. Minh’s father works in a hospitalMinh lives in the city FFTFFTTheir house is next to a store Minh’s mother works in the hospitalMinh’s father works in the factory * Answer the questions Where does Minh live? How many people are there in his family? Where does Minh’s father work? Where does Minh’s mother work?1. Where does Minh live?* Answer the questionsHe lives in the city. How many people are there in his family?There are four people in his family. Where does Minh’s father work?He works in the factory. Where does Minh’s mother work?She works in the hospital.a) museumstadiumtemplehospital b) restaurant storebookstorefactoryc) parkriverlakeyardd) hotelhousestreettreestreetmuseumbookstoreriverIII. Listen: write the words you hear IV. Write My family lives in..There my familyIn my neighborhood , there is a .,a.My house is next to a. My father is a .My mother is a.. * Home work:Learn the words by heart.Write 5 sentences to describe your neighborhood.Prepare Part C1,2.Thank you

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