Bộ đề trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 9

Unit 1 .

Test 1.

Multiple choice

 1.My friends to the museum last weekend .

a. goes b. went c . had gone

2. Thu and Lan close friends for years .

a. are b. were c . have been

3. Our Singaporean to visit our school last year.

a. come b. came c. have come

4. The tourists by the river of Phonng Nha cave .

 a. impressed b. were impressing c . were impressed .

 5. We . Malaysia last year .

 a. visited b. were visiting c. have visited

 6. The students used to football in that stadium .

 a. played b. play c. playing

 7. Her parents wanted him some goods books to read .

 a. to choose b. choose c. chose

 8. They used early but now they are used to early.

 a. get – get b. got – getting c. to get - getting

 9. Would you like and visit my country ?

 a. come b. to come c. coming

 10. I’d rather out than stay home .

 a. going b. go c. to go

 11. We watch a television program “ Little flowers “ last night .

 a. calling b. called c. call


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hip next school –year. 
 	a. would get 	b. will get 	 c. gets 
9. They get up quite late , . They missed the train . 
 	 a. and 	b. but 	 c. so 
10. The students in grade 9 worked extremely hard , . They passed the examination easily. 
 	 a. so 	b. but 	 c. and
11. They often go to that  to pray . 
 	 A. market 	b. hotel 	 c. shrine 
12. We have some . students for the program. 
 	a. exchange 	 b. exchanged 	 c. to exchange 
13. Are you a stamped  ? 
 	 a. collection 	 b. collector 	 c. collect 
14. Cattle and sheep are grazing in the .. 
 	 a. bridges 	b. rivers 	c. meadows 
15 . Getting to the village is a very .journey. 
 	 a. interesting 	b. interested 	c. interest 
16. The weather is nice. Shall we  mountains this morning ? 
 	 a. go 	b. travel 	 c. climb 
17. My village lies near theof the mountain and by the river.
 	a. foot 	b. leg	 c. feet 
18. He is considered one of the greatest  of the country.
 	 a. heroes	 b. heroin	 c. heroines 
19. What do you think about his  of coins?
 	 a. collect 	b. collector 	c. collection 
20.There is a small bamboo  at the entrance to the village.
 	 A. forest	 b. forestation c. forest range 
Unit 4: Learning a foreign language 
Test 1. 
1. Ba said he  some good marks last semester . 
A. gets 	 b. got 	c. getting 
2. They asked me how many children .. 
A. I had 	 	b. had I	 	c. I have 
3. Please let us know if the new teacher . 
a. will come 	b. comes 	c. coming 
 4. If you. to pass the exam , you should try harder. 
 	 a. want 	b. want 	 c. will 
 5. They have to ask for their parents’ permission if they .. out after school . 
A. went 	b. go 	 c. are going 
 6. If Lan  to lose some weight, she must do some exercise. 
 	 a. wanted 	b. wants 	c. want 
 7. Learn more vocabulary if you want  good a t English . 
 	 a. be 	b. to be	 c. being 
 8. Thu said she was  yesterday. 
 	 a. here 	b. there 	 c. in this place 
9. My mother has to learn English . her work. 
 	 a. for 	b. of	 c. from 
10. You should practice English in order to talk to your forign friends. 
 	 a. to speak 	b. speak 	 c. speaking 
11. Which aspects of learning English do you think the most difficult language. 
 	 a. write 	b. writing 	c. written
12. They told us that they had to try  and harder for the examination . 
 a. hard 	b. harder 	 c. hardest 
13.My friend practice  to the radio everyday. 
 	a. listen 	 b. listened 	 c. listening 
14. television is also a mean of learning English. 
 a. watch 	b. watching 	 c. watched 
15.You should  a lot of grammar exercises if you want to improve your writing. 
 	a. did 	 b. doing	 c. do 
16. In  language , people express meaning through a system of sounds and rules for combining those sounds. 
 	 a. speaking 	b. spoken 	c. speak 
17. She learns our mother tongue quite  
 	 a. easy 	b. easily 	 c. ease 
18. In some countries school children  learn two languages at school . 
 	 a. have to 	b. had to 	c. should. 
19. Long ago, French .. in Vietnam 
 	a. is spoken 	b. was spoken 	c. has spoken 
20. Chinese is difficult language .. 
 	 a. to learn 	 b. to be learnt 	 c. to be learning 
1. She asked me if I  speak Chinese. 
 	 a. can 	 b. will 	c. could. 
2. The students said that the English test  the most difficult. 
 	 a. is 	b. was 	c.. will be 
3. She wishes she  a chance to go abroad . 
 a. has 	 b. have 	 c. had 
 4. If the librarian  to work today she can cook the meal, I can’t borrow any books for my report. 
 	 a. didn’t 	b. won’t go 	 c. doesn’t go 
5. If it  tomorrow , we won’t go on a camping trip. 
 	 a. will rain 	b. rains 	c. rain 
6. If the teacher .. us some homework, we have to stay home and do it. 
 	 a. gives 	b. give 	c. will give 
7. If her mother .. home early , she can cook the meal for the family. 
 a. return	 b. returns 	 c. will return 
 8. I  to Lan’s birthday party if she invites me . 
 	 a. go 	b. will go 	 c. went 
 9. They will pass the final exam if they  hard . 
 	 a. will study 	b. studied 	 c. study 
10. They told their parents that they their best to do the test . 
 	a. try 	b. would try 	 c. will try. 
11. This year the only award for the  student belongs to him . 
 	 a. good 	 b. well 	 c. best 
12. The restaurant has the  for serving some of the finest food. 
 	a. repute 	b. reputation 	 c. reputed 
13.. aspects of learning English do you find the most difficult. 
what 	b. where 	c. when 
14.We think that with our solidarity we can .. this difficult. 
A. overdo 	 b. over go	 c. overcome 
15. They couldn’t pass the final . 
a.exam 	 b. examine 	 c. examining 
16. We have many well . teachers here. 
a.quality 	 b. quality 	 c. qualified 
17. This shirt costs . 88,000 VND 
 	 a. approximative b. approximately. c. approximate. 
18. If you study at Brighton Language Center- UK , you can live in . on campus 
 a. dormitory 	b. mobile room 	 c. hotel 
19. I saw your school’s  in today’s edition of the Vietnam News. 
 	a. advertise 	b. advertisement 	c. advertise 
20. I can complete a  English test if you want. 
 a. speak 	 b. spoke	 c. spoken 
Unit 5: The media 
Test 1: 
1. Lan enjoys watching television after dinner, ? 
A. does she 	b. doesn’t she 	 c. did she . 
2. Tam didn’t go to school yesterday, ? 
 	a. did he 	b. didn’t he 	c. does he 
3. They will buy a new computer, ..? 
 	a. will they 	 b. don’t they	 c. won’t they. 
 4. She can drink a lot of tomato juice everyday, ? 
 	 a. doesn’t she 	 b. don’t they	 c. can’t they 
5. Your children don’t watch T.V three hours a day ... ?
 a. don’t they 	b. do they	 c. won’t they. 
6. That boy delvers newspapers in this block, ? 
 	 a. can’t he 	b. does he 	 c. doesn’t he
 7. Her father works for TUOI TRE newspaper, .? 
a. doesn’t he 	b. does he 	c. will he 
8. They don’t like foreign films,  ? 
 	a. don’t they 	b. do they 	c. will they. 
9.Briney Spears is the most famous singer this year,  ? 
 a. doesn’t she 	b. isn’t she 	 c. is she 
10. My classmates have seen that cartoon twice, ? 
 a. have they 	 b. do they 	c. haven’t they . 
11. She has learned English for four years , ? 
 Has she 	 b. hasn’t she 	 c . does she 
 12 . That house has been built since January,  ? 
 	a. doesn’t it	 b. hasn’t it 	c. isn’t it 
13. Shakespeare’s plays have been performed everywhere,? 
 	 a. don’t they 	 b. haven’t they c. have they . 
14. They are talking about their performance, ? 
 a. do they 	 b. aren’t they 	 c. don’t they . 
15. Thu was practicing her music lesson at four o’clock yesterday. 
A. did she 	b. was she 	c. wasn’t she 
16. Tam and Nga are playing sports now , . ? 
a. do they 	b. are they 	c. aren’t they . 
17. Phong and Kien were doing their research when we came ,? 
 a. were they 	b. weren’t they 	 c. didn’t they . 
18. Your mother has read these fairy tales for many times , ? 
 a. hasn’t she 	b. has she 	 c. doesn’t she . 
 19. The children haven’t watched that cartoon before, .? 
 	a. haven’t they 	 b . have they 	c. do they. 
20. Let’s go somewhere for a drink , .. ? 
 a. shall we 	b . shan’t we 	c. aren’t we. 
Test 2
1. I am late for the appointment, ? 
a. am I 	b. am not I	 	 c. aren’t I 
2. She may not come to class today, . 
 a. may she 	b. does she 	 c. is she . 
3. we should follow the traffic c rules strictly, . ? 
a. shouldn’t we 	b. don’t we 	c. should we . 
4. Den drove his car so fast, .. ? 
a. did he	 b. didn’t he	 c. could he. 
5 . Your father bought you a new books , . 
a. didn’t he 	b. did he 	 c. does he 
6. Don’t forget  your dictionary with you to class. 
a. to bring 	b. bring 	c. bringing 
7. I really hate people  at me . 
a. to look	 b. look 	c. looking 
8. Her classmates started  when she won the race. 
a. to shout 	 b. shouting 	 c. shout 
9. You should remember  your warm clothes when it’s cold . 
 a. to wear 	 b. wearing 	c. wear 
10. The students stopped  when their teacher entered the class room. 
a. to talk 	 b. talking 	c. talk. 
11. Who told you of the news ? The  may not be correct. 
a. inform 	b. information 	 c. in formational 
12. I have sent you a lot of letters but you have ever been. 
a. responsively 	 b. response 	c. responsive. 
13. She thinks chatting on the internet is time . 
a. consume 	b. consumer 	 c. consumption 
14. The cost of  is very high in bi g city. 
a. live 	b. living 	c. lived 
15. We believe the new program will be  to everyone. 
a. beneficially 	b. benefic 	 c. beneficial 
16. By learning English , you can get access to the world.. 
 a. develop 	b. developing 	 c. development 
17. You can see a lot of commerce going  in this commercial city in 	b. on 	 c. to 
18. Can you tell me who  this kind of machine ? 
 	a. invented 	 b. invention 	c. in
19. The next stage in the development of television is TV. 
a. interact 	 b. interaction 	 c. interactive 
20. Remote controls are used to .. with TV. 
 a. interact 	b. interaction 	 c. interactive 
Unit 6 : The environment. 
Test 1. 
1.The girls decided to collect money for the plan. 
a. final	 b. finally 	 c. daily 
2. The country side got  dirty after the student’s camping trip. 
a. awful 	 b. awfully 	c. real 
3. I felt  disappointed because of their bad behavior. 
 a. real 	b. reality 	c. really. 
4. Hoa’s parents . supported our competition. 
a. kind 	b. kindly 	c. kindness. 
5. People talk about the pollution in the city more. 
 a. frequent 	 b. frequently	c. frequency. 
6. The air in the countryside is fresher and purer than in the city. 
 a. actually 	 b. actual 	c. inactual 
 7. The students in our school participated  in the “Green Sunday” 
 project to keep the city clean and green. 
a. immediate 	b. immediately	c. quick. 
8. You have to listen to your teacher 
a. attentive 	b. attendance 	c. attentively. 
9. If people drive their cars , they won’t get hurt themselves and others. 
a. careful 	 b. carefully 	c. careless. 
10. She  won the scholarship to study abroad. 
 a. success 	b. successful 	c. successfully. 
11. If the weather gets worse , the children school for some days
 a. don’t have 	b. won’t have 	c. wouldn’t have . 
12. If she  enough money, she will buy her son a motor bike. 
a. earn 	b. will earn 	c. earns . 
13. If everybody.. all the trash in the trash can , the beach will not be so dirty like this . 
a. put 	b. puts 	c. will put. 
14. If she ..the airport, I’ll let you know. 
a. arrives 	 b. arrive 	 c. will arrive . 
15. If people solve the problems of the smoke from vehicles and factories, the air  pure and fresh. 
a. is 	b. will be 	c. would . 
16. There is more pollution in the city  there is more traffic in the streets. 
a. and 	b. because 	 c. but 
17. The kids didn’t go to the movie last night  it rain so heavily
a. and 	 b. but 	c. as 
18. The bus didn’t stop .. it was full of passengers.
 a. since 	b. but 	 c. and 
19. He hit the wall .he rode carelessly. 
 a. because 	b. but 	 c. and 
20. Children should drink milk  it’s good for their health . 
a. and 	 b. as 	c. but 
1. People find the water dirty there are some water waste chemicals in it. 
 	 a. and 	b. but 	 c. as 
2. The air is polluted  the factories produce a lot of smoke. 
 	a. and 	b. since 	c. but. 
 3 The children stopped fighting  their parents came back home. 
 a. and 	b. when 	 c. but 
4. it got dark, the students couldn’t find the ways out of the forest. 
 	a. And 	b.As	 c. But. 
5. The building was completely collapsed . the firefighter came. 
 	 a. and 	 b. when 	 c. but 
6. Waster chemicals and smoke from vehicles and factories pollute not only the air  the land and water as well. 
 	 a. and 	b. with 	c. but . 
7. If she  hard , she’ll break past records and set new one. 
 	a. try 	 b. tries 	c. will try . 
8. . it’s rainy, I walk home with umbrella. 
 	a. When	 b. Though 	c. As 
9. .you smoke too much, you’ll get respiratory problems. 
 	a. If 	 b. though 	c. as 
 10. If her father doesn’t drink too much wine , he . so sick . 
 	 a. won’t be 	b. doesn’t get 	c. isn’t. 
 11. This newspaper is . everyday. It’s a daily newspaper. 
 	a. publishing 	 b. published 	. c. to publish 
 12. He shouted and looked . At me and angry when I broke the vase. 
 	 a. angry 	b. angrier 	 c. angrily 
 13. He is tired  he stay up late watching TV. 
 	 a. so 	b. because 	c. but 
14. we are talking about the preservation of . resources. 
 	 a. natural 	b. naturally. 	 C. nature 
15. Is he really  that you can’t come there. 
 	 a. disappoint 	b. disappointed 	 c. disappointing 
16. I think most children are creative enough to write poems. 
 	a. beauty 	b. beautiful 	 c. beautifully 
17. It is your policy to  forest and increase forestation. 
 	a. protect 	b. protecting 	c. to protect 
18 Everyone must take part in . deforestation
 	a. prevent 	 b. preventing 	c. to prevent 
19. I suggest  to the movies . 
 	a. go 	b. to go 	c. going 
20. They made their living by  fish in the ocean everyday. 
 	 a. catch 	 b. catching 	 c. to catch 
Unit 7. Saving energy. 
Test 1. 
Lan suggested .. to the zoo at weekend . 
to go b. going c. went 
Shall we clean up the kitchen, Mum ?  
 a. Yes, we do b. O.K c. No, we don’t. 
 3. It ‘s so hot . Why don’t we go swimming ? . 
 a. Yes, we do b. No, we don’t c. That’s a good idea. 
 4. Let’s go somewhere for a drink.. 
 a. All right b. Yes, we do c. No, we don’t . 
 5. This movie is not interesting . How about  to the concert. 
 a. to go b. going c. go 
 6. My classmates suggested playing chess but I prefer  hike and seek. 
 a. playing b. to play c. play. 
 7. You don’t like English food . What about Chinese food? 
 a. to eat b. eat c. eating . 
 8. I think we should  up our neighborhood. 
 a. to clean b. clean c. cleaning 
 9. Our teacher suggests  a meeting to discuss about the solution 
 to keep our environment clean. 
 a. to hold b. hold c. holding. 
 10. Her former leader suggests that she should  harder to break 
 her past records. 
to train b. train c. training. 
 11. The children volunteer to clean up the local park  there are lot of used cans and trash there. 
 a. but b. because c. and 
 12. Her mother took her to the zoo  she owed her some rare animals. 
 a. but b. because c. and .
 13. The “ Green Sunday” was short : , the students enjoyed it very much. 
 a. but b. because c. however 
 14. Hoa missed the bus this morning ,  she went to school late. 
 a. but b. so c. however. 
 15. Dioxins are dangerous chemicals they can cause cancer and birth defects. 
 a. but b. however c. because . 
 16. The children at too much sweet  they get toothache easily. 
 a. so b. and c. but. 
 17. Organically grown fruits and vegetables may not look as perfect ,  it’s good for your health. 
 a. so b. and c. however. 
 18. Thousand s of gallons of water were polluted .. some body spilled the motor oil and it swept into the ground. 
 a. because b. so c. and 
 19. We use less electricity ,  power plants will burn less fuel. 
 a. so b. because c. and. 
 20. Old newspapers can be used to make newspapers ,  you can collect them and bring them to the recycling center. 
 a. so b. because c. and 
1. Don’t use Styrofoam or aerosol spray  they both contain chlorofluorocarbons. 
 a. so b. because c. and . 
 2. Pesticides are chemicals poisons used by farmers to kill weeds and insect pests,  some pesticides are still in the food when it gets to the market. 
 a. so b. because c. and 
 3. We use paper whenever we can,  the backs of envelopes or the clean backs of notebook sheets are great for scrap paper.
 a. so b. because c. but 
 4. He didn’t go to school yesterday, .he had to ask his friends 
 what they learned then. 
but b. therefore c. and 
 5. The countryside is very peaceful  the air is so fresh. 
 a. but b. and c. therefore. 
6.Ba missed the Math test yesterday. .., he will have to do it next week. 
 a. therefore b. but c. and 
 7. My sister is very tired: ., she still has to cook dinner for the family. 
 a. so b. however c. and. 
 8. She doesn’t look so pretty . She has soft voice. 
 a. and b. but c. so. 
 9. They don’t like the opera  it doesn’t look sound interesting. 
 a. and b. but c. because 
 10. Daisy is very nice: , all her friends love her very much. 
 a. and b. so c. therefore. 
 11.Can you turn .. the lights ? it’s too dark. 
 a. on b. off c. in d. for. 
 12. What are you looking . ? My picture book . I’ve lost it. 
 a. on b. off c. for. 
 13. There are  saving methods and inventions to use solar energy. 
 a. energetic b. energize c. energy 
14. I had to pay much money this month for the international.. .
 a. calls b. calling c. to call 
 15. A new – conditioner will be  this morning. 
 a. to install b. installed c. installing d. to install. 
 16. Scientists are looking for an . way to educe energy consumption. 
 a. effect b. effection c. effective 
 17. We can  easily in the daylight. 
 A. to read b. reading c. read 
 18. She won’t take all these suitcases  she likes to travel lightly
 a. so b. but c. because 
 19. They are completely short of water now. A number of people have died because of this  
 a. shortage b. short c. shorten 
 20. What can we do to spend less  lighting ? 
 a. in b. on c. about 
Unit 8 : Celebrations. 
Test 1. 
 1. The man  your mother is talking to is my English teacher. 
 a. which b. whom c. when 
 2. Tet is a Vietnamese festival  takes place in late January and February. 
 a. which b. who c. when 
 3. The little girl  is wearing the red dress sings beautifully. 
 a. which b. who c. when 
 4. Thu enjoyed her trip to Dalat  her grandparent lived long ago. 
 a. which b. where c. when 
 5. Lan’s parents came back to Hanoi  they visited last year. 
 a. Which b. where c. when 
 6. They like Asian food  is sold in that market. 
 a. Who b. which c. where. 
 7. Their aunt is the old lady . You met in front of her house. 
 a. whom b. which c. when 
 8. The beach  the students are cleaning up the trash is a beautiful one . 
 a. where b. which c. who 
 9. The parrot  can speak some words belongs to my close 
who b. which c. whom 
 10. This is the best movie . I have seen . 
 a. that b. which c. who 
 11. He enjoys reading books.. are on computer science. 
 a. who b. which c. whom 
 12. Mother’s day is the day  the children n show their love to their mothers. 
 a. when b. which c. that . 
 13. Ha Long Bay is a beautiful spot  thousands of tourists visit every year 
 a. where b. which c. that 
 14. The students  are standing in front of the library is my classmates . 
 a. who b. which c. whom 
 15. Hoa’s parents  are farmers work very hard to earn their living 
 a. who b.whom c. which 
 16. The children like play football is very popular in our country. 
 a. who b. which c. whom 
 17. these are the latest news .. you might want to know. 
 a.that b. which c. whom 
 18. Ba and his friends are fond of the performing animals  have just come to town. 
 a. which b. who c. whom 
 19. Independence Day is a great holiday  people hang up the national flag outside every household. 
 a. which b. when c. where . 
 20. These kids kept talking about the show .. they saw on television last night. 
 a. which b. whom c. who 
1. They decided to go out  it rained heavily. 
 a. but b. and c. although 
 2. they stayed up late for a new television movie  they had to go to school in the morning the next day. 
 a. even though b. but c. and 
 3.  Lan practices speaking English everyday , she felt shy and timid when meeting the foreigners. 
 a. And b. But c. Althought
 4 . . The teacher remind her not to talk so much in class , she kept on doing that . 
 a. Although b. But c. and 
 5.  the weather was so bad , they set off for their trip. 
 a. Although . b. But c. And 
 6. Her father enjoys films  her mother fond of plays. 
 a. although b. but c. and. 
 7. Lan wanted to watch the parade in Hanoi on the Independence Day.. she wasn’t there then. 
 a. but b. therefore c. though 
 8. The students wanted to continue their work  it got darker and darker . 
 a. although b. but c. and 
 9. His mother is short .. his sister is tall . 
 a. although b. but c. and . 
 10. .. their parents allowed them to go on a camping trip , they don’t want to join it. 
 a. Even though b. But c. And
 11. Can you tell me the reasons for  the Mother’s day.? 
 a. celebrating b. celebration c. celebrate 
 12. We think that Mother’s day should be celebrated . 
 a. nationhood b. nation wide c. nationally . 
 13. We are going  the anniversary of our 50th wedding. 
 a. to celebrate b. celebrated c. celebrating 
14. She cried with  when she heard the news. It was her  time. 
 a. joy / joyful b. joyful / joy c. joyfully / joy d. joy / joyfully. 
 15. There used to be a military  in Red Square on 1st May. 
 a. parade b. festival c. party 
 16. What activities do you want to  in that school and at the club? 
 a. taking part in b. taken part in c. take part . 
 17. The  lady gave her new friend a huge before they said goodbye. 
 a. gentleness b. gently c gentle. 
 18. He is generous man . He is  known for his generosity. 
 a. well b. good c. better 
 19. It ‘s very nice  you to say so. 
 a. in b. on c. of 
 20. Passover is celebrated in Israel and by all . people . 
 a. English b. Vietnamese c Jewish 
Unit 9: Natural disasters. 
Test 1.
1. The students are reading some books are disasters. 
 a. who b. whom c. which 
 2. The lion – tamer and his lion  we saw on the stage came from Moscow. 
 a. who b. which c. that 
 3. The children  are playing in the back yard are Mr. Ba’s nephews. 
 a. whom b. that c. which 
 4. Vietnam  is in the Southeast Asian is considered the pearl of the region . 
 a. which b. who c. where 
 5. We are going to visit Ha Long Bay  is one of the most interesting places of the North . 
 a. who b

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