Giáo án Tiếng Anh 8 - Units 13. Festival - Trần Quốc Tuấn

 I/ Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

+ Knowledge about some traditional festivals in our country & the others.

 + Develop: speaking and listening skills.

 II/ Preparations: textbook, pictures, tape

 III/ Procedure:


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Trường:CĐSP Đà Lạt
Đoàn thực tập năm 3 trường THCS Phan Chu Trinh
Tên: Trần Quốc Tuấn
Khoa : Xã Hội
Lớp: SP Anh KN36B
GVHD: Vũ Thị Hồng Hạnh
Ngày dạy : 3/2014
Lớp: 8A12
Unit 13: Festivals
Lesson 3: Listen 
Unit 13: Festivals
Lesson 3: Listen 
 I/ Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: 
+ Knowledge about some traditional festivals in our country & the others.
 + Develop: speaking and listening skills.
 II/ Preparations: textbook, pictures, tape
 III/ Procedure:
Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities
Warm- up: (5’)
Using some picture and asks some student to answer the questions about Lunar New Year festival.
 Do you know the Lunar New Year?
 When was it began every year?
What are you doing in this time?
What are you going to have to do before Lunar New Year?
Do you know what the purpose of Tet holiday is?
Now let’s begin the new lesson, the text talk about the Robinson family are making preparations for Tet.
1. Pre- listening: ( 7’)
Task 1: Vocabulary
- Use techniques to elicit new words. Using pictures.
- Give the meanings, then ask students to copy the words.
1. Peach blossom.
2. Marigolds.
3. Spring roll.
4. Dried watermelon seed.
- Read out new words once, then ask students to repeat the new words chorally & individually.
2. While- listening: (20’)
Task 1: guessing (3’)
Ask students to guess something that the Robinson family are making preparation for Tet.
Call some students to give guessing, write down on the board.
Task 2: Gap- fill (10’)
* We are going to listen to a conversation among Mr. & Mrs. Robinson about their making preparations for Tet.
- Ask students to listen to the conversation & fill in the gaps.
- Give students handout.
- Play the tape for students (2 or 3 times)
The Robinsson family are making preparations for Tet.
A. Mrs Robinson wants.. to go to the..
B. Mrs Robinson wants some marigolds because they are at Tet. 
C. Mrs Robinson wants Liz to buy a packet of
D. Mrs Rosbinson is asking Mrs. Nga how to .. Spring rolls.
- Call on students to read the sentences. 
- Ask students to talk about what thing that Robinsons have to do if they remember 
- Call students to give feedback 
Task 3: Complete the table (7’)
- Ask students to listen to the tape again & answer questions:
What is Mr. Robinson/ Mrs. Robinson/ Liz/ going to have to do?
- Give students handout.
- Ask students to work in groups and show their answers.
- Check students’ answers.
3. Post- listening: (10’)
- Ask students to give a list festivals they know.
- Ask students to make up their own dialogue, talk about preparations for another festival in pairs like the dialogue in lesson Speak.
Give examples:
- Call on some pairs.
- Give feedback.
Homework : (2’)
- Learn by heart new words
- Make a similar dialogue.
- Prepare: Read
- Whole class
Possible answers: 
1. Yes. I do
2. Lunar New Year Festival often falls between late January and early February.
3. Visited relatives, have a picnic with friends 
4. Decorate the house/ clean the house/ pain the house/ clean the yard/ buy cakes, candies, drinks, food, and fruits /cook or make cakes/ buy new dress / write and send New Year cards to friends/ relatives. 
5. Traditionally, the purpose of Tet holiday is that Vietnamese would like to thank Gods for the arrival of spring with a variety of blooming trees and flowers after a cold and harsh winter
Guess the meaning of new words.
- Copy new words.
Repeat the new words chorally & individually
- Work in pairs.
- Give answers.
Possible answers:
+ Decorate the house
+ Buy cakes
+ Cook or make cakes.
+ Cook Chung cake.
- Listen three times. 
- Work in pairs, comparing the answers with a partner and give the answers.
- Listen again & check the answers with the teacher.
 a. Mr. Robinson / Flower market.
 b. Traditional.
 c. Dried watermelon seeds.
 d. Make 
Pair work:
Things to do
Mr. Robinson
Go to the flower market & buy some flowers
Mrs. Robinson
go to Mrs. Nga & asking her how to make spring roll
Go to the market & buy candies & dried watermelon seed
- Work in pairs.
- Practice before the class.
- Copy homework.

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