Giáo án Tiếng Anh 8 - Units 7: My neighborhood

Who is new to the neighborhood?

Does Nam live in the neighborhood?

Yes, he does

What is around the corner in the neighborhood?

A restaurant


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WELCOME TO OUR CLASS Places in our neighborhoodDrugstore marketrestaurantbookstorePost officehospitalUnit 7: MY NEIGHBORHOODPeriod 39: - Getting started - Listen and readI. GETTING STARTEDMatch the names of the places with the pictures:grocery storehairdresser’sdrugstoreswimming-poolstadiumwet marketgrocery store stadium drugstore swimming- pool wet market hairdresser’sNamNa1. Vocabulary:close by (adv)  nearbyServe (v)Pancake(n)delicious (a) tasty (a) II/ LISTEN AND READ* CHECK VOCABULARY: Matching1.tasty (a) delicious (a) 2.Pancake (n)3.Serve (v)4.close by (adv)  nearbya. Phục vụb. ngonc. Bánh trứngd. Gần cạnh 1. Who is new to the neighborhood?*Guiding questions 2. Does Nam live in the neighborhood? 3. What is around the corner in the neighborhood? 4. Is the food good? Na Yes, he does  A restaurant Yes, it isYes. We have been here since last week.This is my friend. Her name’s Na.Are you new here?How long have you studied English?I have studied English for 3 years.2/ Structure:Form: S + have / has + P.P  + since/for*Since + a point of time (moác thôøi gian) *For + a period of time (khoaûng thôøi gian) Usage: Diễn tả hành động bắt đầu xảy ra trong quá khứ và còn tiếp tục ở hiện tại hoặc kéo dài đến tương laiThe present perfect tense with “since/ for”Ex: We have been here since last week. She has studied English for 3 years. P.P = past participle (V-ed or V3 )Nam: Hi. My name’s Nam.Na: Hello. Nice to meet you, Nam. I’m Na.Nam: Are you new around here?Na: Yes. We’ve been here since last week.Nam: I’m sure you’ll like this neighborhood.Na: I hope so. How long have you lived here?Nam: Oh, we’ve lived here for about 10 years.Na: You must know the area very well.Nam: I do. Na: Is there a restaurant close by? My mother is too tired to cook dinner tonight.Nam: There is one just around the corner.Na: What is the food like?Nam: It’s very good. We like to eat there. It serves Hue food and the pancakes are delicious. You should try them.Na: I willWe’ve been here since last week We’ve lived here for about ten years2.Complete the sentences. Use the words from the dialogue:a. Na is ...... to the neighborhood.b. She and her family arrived ...................c. Na’s mother is very .....d. There is a ..................... in the area. e. The restaurant serves food from .........f. Nam thinks the. ................. are tasty. new restaurant pancakestired.Hue.last week Summary of the dialogue “ Na/ a newcomer/ this neighborhood/ but/ Nam/ live/ here/ for ten years/. He/ show/ Na/ restaurant/ close by/. She/ can/ buy/ delicious food, / pancake, / there/.” * Guiding questions:1, How long have you lived in your neighborhood?2, Do you like it? Why or why not? (people are friendly/ unfriendly; The environment is good/ bad..)3, What are there in your neighborhood? (a restaurant/ post office/ market/ bank/ shop .) -Do exercise: 1 & 2 on P. 44, 45 in workbook-Prepare Unit 7: Speak-listen-Learn by heart all new words and the grammar note.THANK FOR YOUR LISTENING

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