Phiếu bài tập – Câu lạc bộ tiếng Anh 8 năm học: 2014 - 2015

Ex1. Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1. a. planet b. character c. happy d. classmate

2. a.letter b. twelve c. person d. sentence

3. a. humor b. music c. cucumber d. sun

4. a. enough b. young c. country d. mountain

5. a. sociable b. ocean c. receive d. special

Ex2. Choose the best word.

1. I find Peter is not communicative. He’s rather _______ in public.

a. kind b. reserved c. sociable d. humorous

2. Nam is an _______because his parents died last year.

a. child b. orphanage c. orphan d. volunteer

3. I _______ a letter from my old friend last week.

a. sent b. gave c. received d. volunteer

4. What is your new classmate like? – She’s not very beautiful, but she’s ______.

a. ugly b. lucky c. my cousin d. a sociable girl

5. I have many friends, and all of them have different ___________.

a. moods b. feelings c. characters d. voices

6. Tom has a good sense of ___ a. humorous b. humor c. humored d. humourist

7. Lan is Hoa’s _______ friend. a. best b. better c. the best d. bestest

8. I enjoy ______ jokes. a. talking b. speaking c. saying d. telling

9. Don’s speak ___ him now. He is not feeling very well. a. at b. to c. with d. about

10. ‘Which girl is Celis?’ ‘She’s the one with______’

a. long curly black hair b. curly long black hair


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ing sentences.
1. We stayed at home because it rained hard.	(Why)	
2. They are going to buy a new car next year.(When)
3. She is quite pretty, with straght black hair.	(How)	
4. Mary goes to the zoo once a week.(How often)
5. I had to go to the hospital last Sunday. (Why)	
6. Children mustn’t stay up late.(Why)
7. My family will go to Ha Long Bay on holiday. (Where)	
8. My father has to go away for three days. (How long)
Ex9. *Write a description of Nam’s bedroom using the prompts.
This/ Nam/ bed room. It/ not/ large/ beautiful 2. .There / desk / left / room
3. On / desk / many books 4. And above / desk / bookshelf
5. The / bed / near / desk. 6. right / room / there / wardrobe.
7. Next/wardrobe/ window 8. window/ beneath/picture. 
Ex1.*Choose the word that has the undelined part pronounced differently from the others	b.upset	c.end
2.a.folk	b.hold	d.neighbor
3.a.fairy	b.train 	c.afraid	d.wait
4.a.tiger	c.stripe	d.prince
5.a.buffalo	b.rope	c.wisdom	d.clothes
6.a.door	b.foolish	c.choose	d.soon
7.a.graze	b.past	c.tale	b.chore	d.choose
Ex2. Choose the best answer.
1. When I was a child, I _______ follow my Mom to the market.
a. used to	b. like	c. get used to	d. usually
2. Cam’s mother was very ____.a. beautiful	b. ugly	c. cruel	d. happy
3. When did the prince fall in love ______ the princess?a. to b. at	c. with	d. for
4. Do you know John is marred ____ Ann? a. with	 b. at	c. on	d. to
5. We must be there ________ 7.30 and 8.00.a. from	b. between	c. before	d. at
6. I used to ______ my younger brothers and sisters.
a. see	b. have	c. look after	d. visit
7. Her grandfather used to be a ______ during the Revolutionary War.
a. nurse	b. doctor	c. soldier	d. firefighter
8. Little Pea had to do ______ all day. a. chores	b. homework	c. excercises	
9. I used to live ___ a farm. a. in	b. at	c. on	d. with
10. Don’t go_____. It’s too cold.	a. outside 	b. inside 	c. into 	d. away
Ex.3. “Used to” “didn’t use to” §Æt c©u víi c¸c tõ trªn nãi cuéc sèng con ngêi c¸ch ®©y 200 n¨m.
Ex: -travel/ donkey (lõa) -> Peole used to travel on donkey 200 years ago.
 - talk/ on the phone -> Peole didn’t use to talk on the phone 200 years ago.
1. believe in/ fairytales (chuyÖn thÇn tiªn) 2. think/ the earth was flat
3. have/ big families 4. go to work/ by car
5. travel/ by plane 6. have/ a computer
7. hurt/ for food 8. sing/ foreign songs
Ex.4. Write these sentences, putting one verb into the correct form of used to and the other into the past simple.
E.g: I (smoke), but I (give it up) last year.
/ used to smoke, but I gave it up last year.
He (live) in London before he (go) abroad.	
2. I (earn) a lot of money, but then I (lose) my job.
3. I'm surprised that they (join) the tennis club. They (not like) tennis.
4. You (travel) a lot before you (get) this job?
5. That old radio (work) before I (drop) it.
6. We (see) them every week, but then we (have) an argument.
7. She (play) tennis a lot before she (break) her leg.
8. She (drive) a lot before she (have) the accident.
9. We (have) a garden, but then we (move) to a different house.
Ex.5. Use the correct verb form 
He used to ( do ) _____________ research in this library 
My mother used this knife ( cut ) ______________ an orange 
This farmer is used to (cut ) ______________ grass with a knife 
When my grand father was young , he used to ( work ) ___________twelve hour a day 
Is your brother used to ( drive ) __________ a tractor ? 
She used a pencil ( write ) ______________ this letter 
Are they used to ( swim )_________________ in the sea ? 
John used to ( be punished ) _________________ by his teacher 
Is the wood pulp used to ( make ) _________________paper ? 
 I am getting used to ( stay ) ______________ up late 
Ex 6. *Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning.
1. I gave up smoking 10 years ago. (used)
2. John used to go on bare foot when he was a little boy. àJohn often went...
3. He doesn't play tennis as well as he used to. -> He used..
4.I walked to school in 20 minutes. à It took...
5. During dinner, the phone rang. à While I .
Ex.7. Read the text and answer the questions that follow.
	I remember the days when I was still a little girl. When the New Year came, my mother used to tell me not to cry, she used to take me to the market and buy new clothes for me, she used to make sticky rice square cakes and cook them all night. She used to go to the flower market to buy some fresh flowers. My father used to pain the walls and redecorate the house and he used to help my mom with housework. Now my parents are old and I am grown up so I do everything myself. But I still remember the days
What did your mother use to tell you when the New Year came?
Where did she use to take you and what did she buy you?
3. What did she use to make? 
4. Where did she use to go? 
5. What did your father use to do?
6. Do your parents do those things nowadays? Why or Why not?
Ex.8.* Write the sentences, using the cue words.
We/ not go/ school/ Saturdays.
They/ usually/ hold/ party/ New Year’s Eve.
I/ going/ see/ Jane/ lunchtime.
Last night/ she/ come home/ 10.30 and 11 o’clock.
Jazz/ become/ popular/ United States/ the 1920s.
I/ call/ you/ Friday afternoon/ about 2.30.
The first man/ walk/ moon/ 21 July 1969.
We/ often/ have/ short holiday/ Christmas. 
Ex.1. Change the adjectives in the box into the adverbs then put them into suitable sentences.
beautiful	 careful clear	 dangerous	 easy fast	fluent	 good	 hard	 slow
1. She ran very _____________ so I couldn’t catch up with her.
2. We lost the match because we didn’t play ______________.
3. He is a good driver. He drives very _______________.
4. She is a famous singer. She sings ______________.
5. He worked very _____________ and got tired.
6. Don’t walk so quickly. Can you walk more _____________?
7. She practices speaking English everyday, so she speaks it very ____________.
8. He cycled _____________ and had some accidents.
9. It is very simple question. You can _____________ answer it.
10. Can you speak more ______________, so I can understand what you mean?
Ex. 2. Odd one out.
1. a. cruel	b. unkind	c. greedy	d. generous
2. a. poor	b. lucky	c. happy	d. fortunate
3. a. wise	b. clever	c. foolish	d. magical
4. a. exciting	b. boring	c. interesting	d. fascinating
5. a. fit	b. tell	c. fall	d. feel
6. a. kill b. live	c . cook	d. choose
7. a. did b. had	c. see	d. brought
8. a. friendly b. magically	c. fortunately	d. immediately
9. a. aunt b. nephew	c. niece	d. grandmother
10.a. beside	b. behind	c. beneath	d. because
Ex.3.Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below . 
1. I went to shool today and your teacher ________ me your report card.
a. give	b. gave	c. gives
2. You did very __________ in your study. a. good	b. excellent	c. well
3. I am proud _________you, my darling. a. of	b. with	c. about
4. We have __ways of learning a foreign language. a. differentlyb. different	c. differents
5. You are seriously ill you____ stay in bed and take tablets. a. have b. should	c. are
6. He _____________ to me: “Why are you late?”. a. said	b. said to	c. told to
7. Students should work __to make their parents happy. a. hard b. hardly hard way d.better
8.You_____ take the baby to the doctor. a. should	b. ought c. need	d. has to
9.The doctor______ he should take a few days off. a. say 	b. said c. ask d. tell
10.He was more than a little proud _____ himself. a. about	 b. to	c. of	d.for
11.The Chinese team ______ in the competition. very hard	b.worked very hard very hardly	d. worked very hardly
12. James is very ill; he ___to the hospital. a. need to go b. needs to go c. need going d.needs going
Ex.4. Put the following commands and requests into reported speech :
1. The teacher said to Tim “ Come into my office”
2. Their mother said to them “ Don’t make so much noise”
3. Mrs Jackson said to Tim “ Could you give me a hand, please?”
4. Nam said to the taxi driver, “ Please turn left to the first traffic light”
5. She said his son , “ Go straight upstairs and get into bed”
6. Mary said to John, “ Can you carry my suitcase , please?”
Ex.5. Rewrite the following sentences:
1. Ba likes visiting his grandmother on this weekend. ->Ba enjoys. 
2.“ Please go home a lone, Lan.” Her father said. ->Lan’s father.......................................................
Bao is tall. He can reach the top of this tree. (enough) ->Bao is ..................................................
“ You should go to school by train.” My father said..->My father................................................
I often went fishing on the weekend when I lived on the farm . ->I used.....................................
“ Can you bring this case into my room, Hung?” Lan said.->Lan ...............................................
“ Help me to plan this tree, Nam.” Hong said .->Hong ...............................................................
“ Can you lend me some money, Binh?” Hoa said.-> Hoa...........................................................
Ex.6. Fill in the blank with the correct form of verbs:
1.Mai has enough money (buy).........................................a new bicycle.
2.Hoa often (do)............................................the homework after school.
3.Look! A baby (cross)...............................................the road.
4.I need (buy)................................................some notebook.
5.My teacher said I should (spend)...........................more time on my English.
6.Mr Hung told me (tell)............................................him the truth.
7.Nga likes ( play)............................................... badminton.
8.They asked their children ( stay) home.
9.Nam must (do)............................................the homework himself.
10.My mother (buy).............................................a house last week.
Ex.7. *Odd one out
1. a. pronunciation	b. lunar	c. Underline	d. upset
2. a. behavior	b. comment	c. festival	d. memory
3. a. traditional	b. satisfactory	c. magically	d. habit
4. a. participation	b. pronunciation	c. satisfactory	d. equipment
5. a. tie	b. underline	c. highlight	d.wisdom
Ex.8. Read the passage then answer the questions.
 Hello! My name is David. I work for a construction company. I have worked for this company for nearly 5 years. We build roads, dams, bridges and things like that. At the moment my company is producing a plan for a new motorway. I usually work in the roads department, but this month I am working in the department that builds bridges. So my whole working day is different just now. I normally spend a lot of time outdoors, because I have to go to the construction sites. But with this new project I spend a lot of time in the workshop. Now I am testing a model of one of the new bridges. I enjoy it a lot, because I have learned a lot of new things.
How long has David worked for his construction company?
What is his company doing at the moment?
Where does he usually work?
Is he working in the roads department this month?
Why does he normally spend a lot of time outdoors?
What is he testing now?
Ex.9. *Choose the correct word to complete the passage
 In the first year of lower secondary (1)  . I had some difficulties in learning English. My (2)  English words was really bad and my English grammar was worse. I did not know how to (3) . them. One afternoon (4).. the lesson, my teacher of English told me to wait for her outside the classroom. She (5) . me to the school library and showed me cassettes of pronunciation drills kept in a glass (6) She also told me how to use an English - English (7) . to improve my English grammar. “Now I think you know what you (8) ... do”, said she. I did not know that only one (9) . later. I would win the first prize in the English speaking contest (10) for secondary school students in my home town.
I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1. a. vacation	 b. festival	c. grade	 d. celebrate
2. a. highlight	 b. meaning	c. stick	 d. habit
3. a. memory	 b. try	 c. directory 	 d. necessary
4. a. pronounce	b. cousin	c. enough	 d. country
5. a. highlight 	b. although	c. neighbor	 d. laugh
II. Use Gerund or Infinitive
1. I can’t help (feel )--------------------anxious about her study 
2. She likes ---------------------(begin) knitting but hates-----------------(finish ) it 
3. He loves ------------------------(swim) in the morning 
4. Why do you watch the milk ( boil ) ---------------------over ?
5. Most people prefer ------------------(ride) to ------------------(walk)
6. She has stopped ----------------------(drink) wine before breakfast
7. Before (go) to bed, my brother often reads a newspaper.
8. They are thinking of  (move) to America. 
9. My sister hates (do) the ironing.
10. We should ( get) up early.	11. Ask Nam ( come) in.
12. Steve used ..(be) a soccer player.	13. Let me ( help) you.
III. Choose the correct answer:
1. Can you fill  this form for me? ( in / ot / at )
2. A. May I help you?B ( What can I do for you? / Yes. That’s very kind of you. / How can I help?)
3. Ten countries participated in the discussions. ( took part / told / said )
4. I got  when I tried to find the station. ( lose / lost / loose )
5. I like  activities such as camping and walking. ( indoor / inside / outdoor)
6. Lan is going to  the community. ( plant / collect / help)
7. A  is a person who cannot see. ( deaf / blind / scout)
8.  is the people who live in a place. ( Community / Environment / Organization)
IV. Change in to reported speech
1. “ Would you like to have dinner with me ? “ Miss Hoa said to me
2. “You should stay in bed” I said to him
3. My mother told me” You should visit your grandmother tomorrow”
4.“ Send me a postcard when you arrive in Paris !” I said to Lan .
5. “ Can you show me the way to the Sydney Opera House ?” , he asked the policeman . 
6. “ Do not go out alone at night !” , the household said to me. 
7. “ Do not throw that bottle away . We can reuse it,” said Mr.Cuong . 
8. Minh said:” Please buy me a new book, Mom.”
V. Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces. 
Kenji and Ykari are new students in Peter’s class. They are from Japan. They said they (1) ____ together, (2) ____ a week. They studied their textbook (3) ______ it has the grammar at the back. They learned the rules (4) _____ heart and then they wrote (5) _____ of sentences and examples, and practiced with conversations.
1. a. revised 	 b. revision	 c. learned 	d. learning
2. a. once 	b. one 	 c. two 	d. a & b
3. a. so 	b. so that	 c. because 	 d. in order to
4. a. with 	b. by 	 c. on 	d. in
5. a. lot	 	 b. lots	 	 c. many 	d. much
VI. Read the passage and then choose the correct answer:
 “Activation” is a chariry. Its main aim is to provide activity breaks for teenagers from poor families in LonDon. We choose children who would never have a holiday unless we helped. Every year, we organize activity events to raise money and bring small groups of children here to the seaside, where they can learn to swim and to sail. Host families provide accommodation and look after the teenagers during their stay. 
* charity : tæ chøc tõ thiÖn	* unless : nÕu kh«ng	* accommodation : chç ë
 * break : kú nghØ	* host: chñ nhµ
1. What is “activation”?	A. An organization	B. A charity	C. A volunteer D. A & B
2. The children who take part in the program areA. rich	B. poor	 C. sociable	D. hard-working
3. How can they raise money?	A. By organizing charity events.
	B. By bringing small groups of children here to the seaside.
	C. By teaching children to swim	D. no information
4. What does the word “ they” in line 4 refer to ? A. families	B. events	C. children	D. activities
5. Which of the following is true?
	A. Teenagers from rich families in London can join the program.
	B. The children must learn to swim and to sail.
	C. “Activation” provides accommodation for the children.
	D. Host families take care of the children during their stay. 
VII*. Use the correct word form 
1. My grandmother can read ------------------- without glasses GOOD 
2.she actively ----------------------- in social work PATICIPATION
3. Last year we had an----------------------summer holiday ENJOY
4. He was -------------------- of his achievements in the field of politics PRIDE
5. You ‘d better do some ---------------------for the final exams REVISE
6.The ------------------------ of the project made me tense IMPORTANT
7. The child should be punished because of his bad ----------------- BEHAVE 
8. This form must have the ---------------------- of the writer SIGN
9. What is the correct ------------------------of this word ? PRONOUNCE
10. My grandmother can read ------------------- without glasses GOOD 
VIII*. Rewrite sentences 
 He made a mistake . He was surprised
He was surprised at making a mistake 
1. I am reading . I’m intereted=> Iam intereted -------------------------------------------------------------------
2. He likes going swimming . He always thinks about it => He always thinks about-------------------------
3. The children want to go to the circus . they insist on it => they insist on -----------------------------------
4. I do a lot of house work to help Mom . I don’t mind it => I don’t mind ------------------------------------
5. She has to do that awful work . She dislikes it => she dislikes -----------------------------------------------
6. She has to do that awful work . She dislikes it => she dislikes -----------------------------------------------
7. My children read books . They enjoy it => they enjoy --------------------------------------------------------
8. She is cooking . She is busy with it => she is busy with ------------------------------------------------------
9. I want to see you . I look forward to it => I look forward to--------------------------------------------------
IX*. Complete the letter, using the words given. 
 Dear Thuy An ,
Thank you / lovely letter / tell me / your holiday 
2. I / be / glad / hear/ you / good time / family / Tam Dao Mountain Resort 
3. I / just / have / wonderful holiday / cousins / Hanoi 
4. We drive / Ha noi / Quang Ninh / and / visit / lots / interesting places . We / stay / holtel / which / five minute- walk / sea .
5. We/ hire/ boat / sail / Ha long Bay / visit / beautiful caves . We/ a lot / photograps 
6. Now I / Be ready / new school year 
7. Look forward / see/ you / and / classmates 
I*. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1.a.enroll	b.both	c.lost	d.program
2.a.shout	b.loud	d.scout
3.a.character	b.act	d.similar
4.a.volunteer	 b.along	d.organization
5.a.resources	 b.your	 c.course	d.encourage
6.a.nation	b.paper	 d.application
7.a.used	b.voluntary	c.unite	 d.usually
8.a.enroll	b.hobby	c.program	d.over
II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
1.____away on holiday next week. Can we meet the week after? a. am b. going to be c. will d. was
2.The sun_____ at 5.16 tomorrow. a. rise 	b. rises c. is rising 	 d. is going to rise
3. I actually enjoy _____ shoes. It’s relaxing! a. clean 	b. cleans 	c. to clean 	d. cleaning
4. The news ____ as a shock to many of the people present. a. come b. may come c. are coming d. will comes
5. This charity aims to help people _____ themselves. a. help b. helping c. on helping 	d. for helping
6. We got _____ in the woods. a. lot 	b. lost 	c. loss 	d. lose
7. The _____ is to increase sales in Europe. a. . aim 	b. aid 	c. arm 	d. ace
8. I like _____ activities such as walking and camping. a. outdoor b. indoor c. outside d. inside
9. She gave me a form and told me to _____ .a. fill it b. fill it out 	c. fill out it 	d. fill in it
10. Two years_____ , an American businessman got lost in London. a. lately b. later c. latter d. late
11.I’m enrolling.............the activities for this summer.	b.for
12.Let me ... you an apllication form. get	b.getting	c.get
13.Could you.... me a favor, please? a.get	c.make
14.What.... I do for you? a.can	b.need	c.may
15.They are having a plan to help us by.... people to join in. a.encouraging encourage	c.encourage
III. Put the following commands, requests and advices into reported speech.
Their mother said to them, “Don’t make so much noise.”
2. The traffic policeman said, “Show me your driving license, please.”
3. Mrs. Jackson said to Tim, “Could you give me a hand, please?”
4. The lifeguard said, “Don’t swim out too far, boys.”
5. Nam said to the taxi driver, “Please turn left at the first traffic light.”
6. She said to her son, “Go straight upstairs and get into bed.”
7. The policeman said, “Don’t touch anything in the room.”
8. Mary said to John, “Can you carry my suitcase, please?”
9. The doctor said to him, “You should give up smoking.”
10. The dentist said to me, “You shouldn’t eat too much sugar.”
IV*. Fill in the gap with the given words: in, fill, get, take part, for a favor, for, assistance, raise.
1.What do they.......... fund for?
2.Will you offer............ when someone carries a heavy box?
3.Normally she will ask......... if she had difficulties.
4.Did you.......lost when you were a child?
5.Will you participate........... that meeting?
6.Alot of people.............. in that marathon.
7. Are you enrolling................. the course?
8.You have to ............out this form.

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